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EMF Detector Pendant

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  1. This is a great article; I didn’t know about NextDoor.com. I just joined and made a poll for myself. It will be interesting to see what results I get. Thank you!

  2. My husband was F-4 backseat pilot for 22 yrs, his flight helmet had wires in both ear pieces. He came out service deaf in on ear and half deaf in other ear. He never complained. He worked at Edwards Air force Base in CA for 10 yrs Testing RF radiation signals and he told me that in the cold war the Russians would jam their F-4 Phantom with Radar. He was a Lt Col retired and a good looking man when I met him in 2004, and he was having panic attacks and mental break downs. Later he was diagnosed with Schizoid Effective Bi-Polar Disorder, and told he had 3 tumor masses in one ear.

    I still cry every day for this kind man. He was a genius, a Ghost writer for the Pentagon, and in storage after his passing I found a Letter from Bill Clinton and so many awards. He was a loved man by every culture in the military. Thank you for letting me share. A grieving wife for ever.

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