Which of our 3 Subscriptions to EMF Experts News is Right for You?

Looking for a knowledgeable source of EMF news and training you can trust? Thousands of people a day browse through our highly respected EMF professional website at www.EMF-Experts.com looking for quality EMF Consultant Certification Training and other reliable, professional advice EMF-wise.

Now, we’ve made it even easier for the public to obtain trustworthy FREE EMF information, and our EMF certified graduates to maintain their credentials with quality continuing education, by creating this e-newsletter for all. Simply select the right subscription for you (all 3 are described below), you can begin having EMF Expert News delivered to your inbox and stay in the know on key EMF issues.

We are dedicated to bringing you useful, actionable news (NO-Ad, No-Spam, No Data Mining, No Hype, No Hassle), and we offer you three subscription levels.

We Offer Three Different Types of eNews Subscription to Meet Your Needs and Level of Interest:


FREE EMF News and Concerned Citizen Resources

EMF Experts News, offer a FREE version of its online EMF Newsletter published by experts to keep you current with news you can trust, designed to authentically support growing public awareness of EMF issues with trustworthy resources. No Hype. And all of this is FREE, delivered by e-Subscription twice a month (or as news warrants).

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 EMF Experts Membership

EMF Expert News Membership Provides EMF Detection and Protection Training Articles and Tutorial Videos in addition to your EMF News and Resources.

EMF Expert Newsletter

For those readers who want more advanced EMF information and trustworthy solutions regarding expert EMF detection and protection, our training articles and how-to videos, are designed to provide much needed information that will help you grow your ever increasing level of EMF Expertise, we offer EMF Experts News Member priority content for less than the cost of Big Mac each month. You simply cannot buy better, more up-to-date, genuine EMF training anywhere at any price.

Regular articles, that are not available to the general public in the free subscription subscription, arrive in your inbox with practical, actionable information to help you learn what you need to know about using your EMF meter correctly, reading your meter accurately, evaluating your EMF exposure levels, assessing tricky EMF situations, EMF resources locally and worldwide, book reviews, meter reviews, professional EMF Consultant insights, and much more. 

Take your EMF detection and protection skills to the next level, and also have the master key to the entire EMF Experts news training-article archive (dating back to 2018) and leading edge professional EMF articles written by professionals in the electrical engineering, technology and health fields, for only $4.50/month. No long-term commitment, no obligation.

Display this official Member Badge on your website or blog to assure your readers that you are EMF-knowledgeable and get your EMF Detection and Protection training directly from EMF Engineers and experts (for your use as long as your member subscription is current).

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EMF Experts Professional Development

This membership add-on is designed to give you the “full meal deal” (All 3 subscriptions in one) …

1. ALL the FREE news, AND
2. the EMF Expert Member training for EMF Detection and Protection, PLUS
3. EMF Professional Development training articles designed to help you build a successful EMF business.

EMF Expert Training

Designed for those who see the financial opportunity in sharing their EMF Expert knowledge and tried-and-true experience they have gained by becoming more professional and offering their assistance to the public – we offer our EMF Expert Professional Member Subscription

This additional training is delivered in newsletter article format for easy, convenient self-guided learning, at the lowest price offered anywhere online for the highest quality EMF training by an professional Electrical Engineer.   Add on  EMF Expert Professional news for an additional $4.50 per month (only available to Members, not available separately).

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