The Many Advantages of Becoming an EMF Experts News Member

Our goal is to help everyone to live more safely with our technology and use it more wisely.

We publish the newsletter written by EMF professionals and experts that offers you genuinely-informed information and authentically-educated education on the wide ranging topics, issues and concerns about the growing levels of man-made EMF in today’s world.


You’ve seen that EMF Experts News offers great free news articles to the general public, delivering only professional articles (NO-Ad, No-Spam, No Data Mining, No Hassle), via a  no cost subscription, in order to provide the much requested and greatly needed information on a wide range topics pertaining to EMF protection, concerned citizen action, EMF current events locally and worldwide, EMF Professional advice, editorial articles, and much more.


EMF Experts also offers the additional advantages of a low cost Membership Subscription designed to deliver (along with the free news) educational information created specifically for EMF detection and protection training, continuing education and professional development, providing trustworthy actionable knowledge and tried-and-true experience, from authentic EMF consultants, professionals and licensed engineers.

For those readers who want expert EMF detection and protection training articles, including how-to videos, designed to provide much needed information that will help you grow your ever increasing level of EMF Expertise, we offer EMF Experts News Member priority content for less than the cost of Big Mac each month. You simply cannot buy better EMF training anywhere at any price.

The membership training articles and videos are delivered in the form of a members-only section of this newsletter that is accessed via a member login that requires a monthly subscription of $4.50.

Articles, that are not available to the general public in the free subscription, arrive in your inbox offering practical training articles to help you learn what you need to know about such things as: using your EMF meter correctly, reading your meter accurately, evaluating your EMF exposure levels, assessing tricky EMF situations, EMF resources locally and worldwide, book reviews, meter reviews, professional EMF Consultant insights, and much more. 

Take your EMF detection and protection skills to the next level, and also have the master key to the entire EMF Experts news training-article archive (dating back to 2018) and leading edge professional EMF articles regularly from now on, for only $4.50/month. No long-term commitment, no obligation. Just trustworthy engineer-authorized content — No hype.

Display this official Member Badge on your website or blog to assure your readers that you are EMF-knowledgeable because you get your EMF Detection and Protection training directly from EMF Engineers and experts. You will be emailed this badge when you subscribe and it will be authorized for  your use as long as your member subscription is kept up to date.

EMF Experts News Membership Offers You More than a Newsletter!

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Your Membership also Enables You to Add On EMF Experts Professional Business Development training articles for even more informational value and increased income potential. We call it the EMF Experts Professional Membership.


EMF Expert Professional Membership (Subscription Add-On)

This EMF Experts Professional Membership is an add-on available to you as a Member and designed to give you the “full meal deal”:

All the FREE News,
AND EMF Experts Member’s training for EMF Detection & Protection,
PLUS the EMF Experts Professional and Business Development training.

This content is designed for those members who see the financial opportunity in attaining quality EMF Expert training and offering their assistance to others. This additional training is delivered in newsletter article format for easy, convenient self-guided learning, at the lowest price offered anywhere online for high quality EMF training. Add on  EMF Expert Business Development news for an additional $4.50 per month (not available separately).

This EMF Experts professional business development training enables you to offer others EMF knowledge and information that you and they can trust, and in the process add value to whatever business, occupation or endeavor you currently active, whether it be as a health care provider, or an IT technician, or a Feng Shui practitioner, or a parent. Or anything and everything, since offering valuable, credible EMF services is a rewarding enterprise that is much in-demand because of the benefits it brings to everyone’s life in today’s modern world. We call it doing well while you do good.

Interested in more Substantial, Credentialed Professional Training that will qualify you to become a Certified EMF Expert Consultant?
Then, you’ll want to learn more about our highly respected
EMF Expert Consultant Certification Training.

Request our training info packet to find out more.

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