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What We Learned as Rancho Quieto (EMF Quiet Ranch) Completes Its First Summer offering EMF Quiet Camping

All camping spaces were fully reserved right from the first day our gates opened, and a very busy summer followed as we set out to provide an opportunity for an EMF Quiet get-away  for some of the (literally) thousands of electro-hypersensitive (EHS) and EMF-concerned people who populate our growing mailing list over the years of providing EMF training at www.EMF-Experts.com

Of course we couldn’t accommodate thousands!   But receiving that kind of interest  has given us all, county officials especially, a very good feel for the magnitude of the demand and the growing public need out there for EMF Quiet areas.

Rancho Quieto’s county permit for an EMF Quiet campground was approved for 12 self contained RVs (at any one time) on the 20 acre property from May to Sept. This gave each camper over an acre and a half of Nature-made peace and EMF quiet all to themselves, but only during the summer months, and only if their campers could handle their own sewage and black water.

Naturally, we were hoping for something more permanent and open to all, including the “EHS Refugees” – people living on the road in their cars or in tents — but we had to start somewhere. After all, the permitting process had already taken 2 months, so we agreed to limit our EMF Quiet campground to 12 self-contained travel trailers.  And of course the county had conditions upon granting the permit for 12, but admittedly they were common sense ones like the Health Department’s need for self-contained sanitation facilities and the Recreation Departments need to prohibit camp fires. 

Given the many overarching Arizona state laws that govern counties, Apache County officials worked with us the best they could to provide a respite for the environmental illness burgeoning in our electrosmog inundated world. And, from our perspective, the whole process-long experience gave us the real-world learning experience we needed.

Rancho Quieto closed its gates at the end of September just as the cool Fall weather was approaching. And since then we’ve been mulling over what we learned, how to do it better, and what would be the best next steps.

At the same time, we’ve also been constructing our off-grid, self-sustaining, non-toxic, EMF-free home down the road from Rancho Quieto. During the building process we’ve been recording and photographing each step so that we can create a documentary showing how a healthy home can indeed be built!  The documentary demonstrates how to “build a home the way it should be built” as healthfully, inexpensively and efficiently as possible, based on the invaluable lessons we’ve learned along the way. Watch for more on that “adventure story” in a future EMF Experts News article. 

So, between the Rancho Quieto campground experience and the construction of our new home , it has been a monster learning experience all round and we needed the time to sit and “noodle” it all.


What did we learn from our Rancho Quieto hosting experience? Well, to begin with we learned an immense amount from the EMF-quiet seeking campers who shared their stories and their feedback with us. Here are the highlights:

  • Public interest in EMF-Free get-aways is growing unbelievably fast. As 5G spreads it is self-evident that not just EHS people are seeking refuge, but mainstream tech users too are realizing that escape from the growing electrosmog is necessary on a regular basis for many reasons, many of them unknowable until an EMF-free respite is actually experienced.

  • The absence of EMF provides a uniquely insightful, instructive experience of what health (body, mind and spirit) feels like!  Bodies respond immediately and soon begin to function at the nature made EMF  level they evolved in.  In other words, people start to feel like they did before they had to deal with today’s heavy exposure to radio/microwave exposure that  cellphones, WiFi, Smart Meters, and all other wireless technology we experience today. Some may feel this for the first time in their lives..

  • Freedom from EMF enables people an exceedingly rare opportunity to compare how they feel in high EMF environments and out of them.   This helps them to get a clear idea of which of their ailments are likely related to the high man-made EMF exposure they habitually experience in their individual situation. It allows people to assess their EMF exposure, and evaluate what health issues it causes or exacerbates. That insight helps some people determine which issues they were willing to put up with, and for others it gives them to motivation necessary to make changes.

  • The EMF-free time in Nature also provided an ideal, if unexpected, opportunity for a tech-detox. Spending time away from personal tech devices allowed for a spontaneous withdrawal from the incessant demands of constant connectedness, offering each individual mental health and emotional wellness benefits that were unforeseen.

  •  A major reduction in stress topped the list of unforeseen tech-detox benefits, with the worst three stress offenders identified as:  the insatiable appetite of social media, anxiety provoking news coverage, and impulse gratifying online shopping.

  • Getting to know EHS sufferers in person was an enlightening and enriching experience. These canaries in the coalmine have much to teach us and they are happy to do so, and to be part of a community where they can function and feel well, and contribute to society.


From our perspective, the main thing we learned from our experience hosting an EMF-free campground was that the undeniable public need exists for many more campgrounds like it!  Demand far exceeds availability!

If you are interested in becoming an EMF–free property owner, with a mind to offering an EMF-quiet campground, we hope you will join in, either in this area of the White Mountains or some other suitable area.

There are many good reasons for starting a campground, not the least of which is financial.

The “noble endeavor” of helping  others find relief from EMF, can also offer EMF-free property owners a respectable income charging a modest fee of $20/per day, per camper vehicle. On the other side of the ledger we learned that a campground of self-contained campers require very little outlay for facilities and very little overhead to operate. For example, we offered 12 camping spots, which represented a potential income of $240 a day if each spot was filled. Multiply that by the days in a given month and you have a potential income of $7,200/per month.

Although we were aware that this kind of income was a real possibility, since even for regular (non-EMF-free) camping if you look on AirBnB you will see land owners in various counties offering “primitive camping” on their bare land for this price, for our first year we were more interested in learning what our campground had to offer us not as a side hustle but in terms of providing information about an enriching EMF-Quiet camping experience for EMF-aware people. In particular we hoped from this experience to inspire others to confidently launch their own EMF-free campgrounds that were successful right from the start.


Although we rather expected that some people would not do well with the required no-wireless-devices agreement, or the  simplicity (lack of facilities) of the camping experience, what surprised us most about everything we learned was not that at all!  Rather, it was the frequent requests from campers expressing the need for a more permanent community and the desire not to have to schedule camp time. Or worse, wait for availability. 

People concerned about their EMF exposure expressed the need for long term leases where they could stake out their spot, then leave their RVs in place in a safe environment under a watchful eye.

People simply want to just get up and go, and have a “bug out” place they can escape to, so they can get out of the electronic soup whenever they want.

After visiting Chris’ simple but classy summer cabin, pictured here, the majority of campers loved the idea of owning a cabin of their own on their own land where they could ‘retreat’ anytime they wanted, in a fenced EMF-free community, with neighbors they knew. Even better if they could rent it out when they were not there.

And so that is what we will be offering next. 

In coming  months we will be dividing some of our loveliest treed acreage into 5 acre private parcels for sale, and this Pueblo Quieto (Key-et-oh) “EMF Quiet Neighborhood” will include a walking common area and a community gathering place.

So, if you are interested in a cabin of your own EMF-quiet land in the White Mountains of Arizona (prospectively planned for spring of 2022), please let us know so we can add you to the info-waiting-list, or watch EMF Experts News for more details and information as it develops.


Contact Us to be put on the Pueblo Quieto (EMF Quiet Neighborhood), info mailing list:

Request advance announcements and you will be the first to know as more info and details become available.

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