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Amplifying Your Car Key Fob using Your Brain’s EMF Conductivity?

EMF Cannot Play Tricks on You When You Understand It

While EMF can definitely impress and fascinate us with its theater tricks we need to understand how EMF behaves so as  not to be taken in by the temptation to give EMF properties and characteristics it does not actually have.

One of the key things our EMF Detection and Protection training emphasizes is to give students a solid understanding of EMF behavior so as to make EMF psuedo science and bogus EMf info readily self evident. Take a look at this video and then read on for the explanation of how the EMF is actually behaving, which is different from how it is being presented here.

Let me explain the various points this video makes that are not presented accurately, even though the source of the information (cited here as the University of Nottingham) seems credible:

The Suggestion that the Molecules in the Brain are Moving Up and Down, Creating some kind of Signal-

The up-and-down (or any other motion) is not how EMF works – there is no “up” and “down” motion of a waveform. Waveforms are merely a mathematical representation, or a depiction, of EMF transmission – they are not how EMF would look if we could see it. Rather, the waveform depiction is intended to mathematically illustrate fluctuations in voltage – more accurately stated as oscillations of voltage (electrical charge). His statement regarding how EMF is being created by the up and down of his brain molecules receiving the signal from the key fob is simply incorrect.

The Implication that Holding a Wireless Key Fob to Your Head Increases Its Power

There is no “amplification”, this man has merely created a larger antennae by holding the key fob near his head. It does not actually have to touch his head, which he inadvertently demonstrates by touching the key fob to the plastic (non-conductive) water bottle. His implication is that when you put a key fob to you head it is transmitting more energy. In actual fact, He is not adding any more energy – if you held the key fob beside any ungrounded conductive material it would likely act in a similar way. No brain-amplification here.

The Orientation of his key fob is also a Factor in Changing the EMF behavior

The orientation (position) of sending and receiving antennas will effect the EMF behavior. He first demonstrates that he is too far away from the car to make the lights come on with his key, however instead of simply moving his key fob to his head in the same key-orientation, he rotates his key fob while lifting it to his head. So, although he assumes (and states) that it is his head creating the difference, it is more likely the orientation of the key fob.

The key fob’s antenna is designed to send signals in a specific direction. So, pointing your key fob at your car produces the best signal reception at the receiving antenna. You can demonstrate this with a typical EMF meter. Pointing the key fob in different directions produces different strengths of signal (field strengths), resulting in varying reception. Moreover, even if you pointed the key fob in the car’s direction, if you hold it flat or rotated it will produce altogether different signal strengths, which has to do with the alignment of the sending and receiving antennas.

Proper EMF Training is Vital to Achieving EMF Safety

These types of inaccuracies are instantly apparent to someone viewing this video who has taken proper EMF Experts Detection and Protection training. Knowledgeable discernment of social media videos is important when most of them are replete with this (and worse) misinformation. In the case of this video the misinformation is relatively harmless entertainment – at worst he has unintentionally created a stronger EMF field at his head, thus unnecessarily increasing his EMF exposure.

But too often, unfortunately most of the time, the misleading EMF info disseminated online, particularly when it comes to pseudo science EMF product marketing, can do serious harm playing with the public’s trust and lack of accurate or adequate training.

Understanding how EMF behaves is our new critical survival skill in today’s wireless saturated world. I urge everyone to view social media videos cautiously, realizing that the questions they are raising in your mind are likely your good instincts telling you something is not right. Carl Sagan calls this your “Baloney Detector”.

I call it classic examples of the urgent need for high quality EMF training. And, as this video shows, this includes the need for many otherwise highly educated people to attain accurate EMF education before assuming they can explain how EMF works.


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