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Devra Needs Our Help for Environmental Trust’s Legal Action against the FCC

Groundbreaking Lawsuit in the Effort to Challenge FCC Guidelines and Lawbreaking

Here is a letter we just received from Dr Devra Davis of Environmental Health Trust. Those of you who graduated from our EMF Experts Consultant Certification Training program will remember Devra’s warm congratulations and message of support at your online graduation ceremonies.

Let’s all see if we can support her now…

Last January, the FCC issued a press statement signaling that it would end any effort to review its 26-year-old cell phone radiation limits.  Our Environmental Health Trust ( attorneys responded immediately, filing legal action against the agency with support from the Natural Resources Defense Council , one of the nation’s top environmental organizations. 

Our suit contends that the agency’s actions were arbitrary and capricious , an abuse of discretion, and otherwise unlawful because the FCC had ignored more than 900 submissions and thousands of peer-reviewed published studies from EHT and many other scientists showing that current levels of radiation emitted by cell phones and towers can harm public health and the environment.

It is a real credit to our talented legal team, led by Edward Myers, who succeeded in an earlier lawsuit against the FCC, that we have come this far so fast.      

We could not have met our initial goal of raising $100,000 to support this lawsuit without tremendous outpouring of support from hundreds of generous private supporters, matching funds from an anonymous source, and a grant from the Natural Resources Defense Council.

Now, we need to raise an additional $100,000 to get to the critically important next phase and complete what we have started. The court has given us one month to submit our brief! There is no time to waste!
The FCC has violated the Administrative Procedure Act and the National Environmental Policy Act by failing to adequately review the hundreds of relevant scientific submissions finding harmful effects from wireless technologies. We CAN NOT let the FCC get away with this!

This next phase will be no walk in the park, but EHT is in a strong legal position to challenge the FCC’s decision to keep using outdated thermally based guidelines — and apply them to the oncoming glut of 5G!
The FCC is breaking the law and we must hold it accountable. But we need your help.

We have one month left before the deadline to file our brief. We need to raise $100,000 so that counsel can combat the $2.4 trillion global telecom industry’s influence over your federal government!
PLEASE HELP US CONTINUE TO MAKE THE CASE. Your donation will allow us to pursue this lawsuit and protect our families. We can’t do it without you.
Please designate in the donation note that your contribution is for the FCC lawsuit. Environmental Health Trust is a 501 C3
IRS Registered Public Charity, EIN Number 20-7498107, so your donation is not only very much appreciated it is tax deductible as well.


Donate to the Legal Action Fund:
Environmental Health Trust vs FCC

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