Rancho Quieto Has Launched in Response to the Growing Mountain of Requests for Help from Environmentally Ill People

Rancho Quieto, an EMF-Quiet Refuge, Finally Opens Its Gates and Here’s How We Did It

Since first posting news about our vision to create Rancho Quieto (Rancho Key-et-oh) three years ago, the EMF Quiet Refuge has undergone many transformations as it tried to accommodate county, state and federal rules and restrictions and still stay true to its vision of providing a zero-EMF healing experience in a non-toxic and electrosmog-free environment. 

Months stretched into years while we danced the red tape dance with officials, while 5G stealthily encroached on prospective zero-EMF locations we had identified, and while our website visitors enthusiastically wrote by the hundreds every month to ask to be notified of Rancho Quieto’s launch, or nearby low EMF land for sale, or letting us know what they were interested in using the Rancho Quieto Inquiry form, where you can see what’s new to inquire about.

Pictured here are just a few files folders of the thousands of emails we’ve received from Electrosensitive (EMF sensitive), Multiple Chemcial Sensitive (MCS) and Environmentally Ill (EI) people, for requests to visit Rancho Quieto whenever it was ready to open.

Desperate Emails and Hopeful Letters Poured In

Some of the emails we received were heart wrenching appeals for “someplace to go” even to park a vehicle for a night and rest from the constant search for an EMF safe place to sleep. Some desperately demanded to have directions to the location even before the land was purchased, or any county permit for land use was granted.

Most inquiries however  were from parents, spouses and family members concerned for their loved ones who’s health was failing fast in high EMF density urban settings. One of the big challenges for EMF sensitive people is that they cannot be on computers or use cellphones to seek solutions so they need the help of others.  The other challenge is the lack of public awareness for environmental illness, commensurate with the lack of support and resources.

The Birth is a Success! Rancho Quieto Takes Its First Breaths!

After months of waiting for county approval of our EMF Refuge request for a “Special Use Permit”, which included a 30-day period whereby adjacent property owners, most of whom were absentee owners of raw land, were contacted by the county and asked to raise their concerns and objections, which they did, the county permit that was finally issued to Rancho Quieto in July 2021 (after a 3 month wait) permitted twelve self contained RV campers to be on 20 acres for short term stays, with the temporary permit ending at the end of September, 2021.  Here you can see the temporary permit with all its conditions.

The Long and Winding Road that Led to Rancho Quieto

Not dissuaded by this drop-in-the-bucket solution in the face of the mountain of emails we received for help,  Rancho Quieto opened its gates earlier this month to those the waiting-list front runners who first contacted us to ask to be notified of opening day. But not before Rancho Quieto had finally been issued its legal permits and in the process had formed an entirely new identity shaped by the long process of metamorphosis and change that led to its birth as an EMF Quiet Refuge.

Our original refuge concept began life as a Zero-EMF Community, where MCS and ES people could come for short stays, or extended ones, in B&B type accommodations. Or monthly rentals of non-toxic tiny homes, or tricked out shipping containers (the ideal Faraday cage for shielding EMF).  Our early concepts extended to digitally printed dwellings constructed of additive-free concrete. We learned how to build healthy home and community environments working with healthy building designers, like Paula LaPorte, architect and author of Healthy Homes.

However the county codes for legally defined “community developers” turned out to be entirely too formidable and too inflexible in what it demanded of developers in terms of providing sewer and water systems, maintained streets, utilities etc. Nothing we could do would grant us a variance on Environmental Illness, or even Humanitarian grounds.  And without a variance, the astronomical cost for  “developers” was prohibitive to us.

Rancho Quieto Changes and Bends to Fit in the Box

Forced to ratchet way back on the original concept, our Plan B aimed for a type of “primitive camping”, which is a term designated by the U.S. Forest Service to describe simple campgrounds in natural undeveloped settings offering no water or sanitation services.  We simply wanted to offer a place for EMF and MCS people to go to get out of the electronic soup and find healing respite in Nature.

Although this designation may be fine for federal parks it does not at all fly with state and county officials.  Here you can see the stringent guidelines required for Trailer Coach Parks (defined as any plot of ground occupied by a vehicle for dwelling or sleeping regardless of whether or not a charge is made) by the state of Arizona Administrative Code, Department of health Services.

Again, we were forced to regroup, redefine, and reimagine.

Every step of the process we’ve learned an immense amount of how to accomplish what we initially set out to do in creating an EMF-Quiet Refuge, and the winning concept turned out to be this statement, which was the mission statement that resulted in the granting of a special permit:  

To establish a location for small self-contained travel trailers in order to offer a healing respite in Nature for the Environmentally Ill (EI), who can recover simply by eliminating, for a period of time, their exposure to electromagnetic fields (EMF), also known as wireless electrosmog.

Rancho Quieto’s Application for Special use Permit

And today we are very proud to say that Rancho Quieto is living its purpose. With such a big response to our pre-launch news articles, the RV camping spaces were all snapped up in no time, and all reservations are filled for the season.

Opportunity Abounds to Start an EMF Refuge, or Create Your own Personal Refuge

Although today, twelve RV camping spaces is not a big dent in our pile of requests and inquiries, it’s more than a good start — it’s a legally sanctioned one that opens the door for others to do the same. And most importantly, it is saving lives.

Our experience has shown us the urgent, serious and growing need for many more refuges like this one. In fact it is alarming to know that our pile of responses, as big as it seems, is only a representation of the actual numbers of those unable to live and function in our electro-polluted world.

We must realize that the more realistic number is estimated to be between 10 and 15% of today’s U.S. population in self-reported surveys and studies (and much higher in other high tech Asian countries).

With 5G expanding its reach, the number of requests we receive for help is growing monthly, and you can be part of the solution.  And even better, you can do well while you do good!

If you are interested to know how you too can create an in-demand, income producing EMF-safe refuge, with minimal start up cost, we are here to show you how.  Our insights and experience creating an EMF Refuge, like Rancho Quieto, is available to you as a much needed consulting service that we offer a waiting world.

Use this Rancho Quieto Inquiry form to let us know what you are interested in!  More is happening

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