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Electrohypersensitivity – Newly Identified as a Neurologic Disorder to Diagnose, Treat, Prevent

WHO called to Reclassify EHS in its ICD

A bold new 2020 study by leading expert on EHS Professor Dominique Belpomme of France, shows evidence Whatever its causal origin and mechanism of action, EHS should be from now on recognized as a new identified and characterized neurological pathological disorder.

Especially, in his words, as it is already a real health plague potentially involving millions of people worldwide it should be acknowledged by WHO, and thus be included in the WHO ICD, which is the International Classification of Diseases that is followed as a guideline by health agencies worldwide.

In an urgent appeal to the World Health organization to reclassify EHS as a Neurological Disorder, he goes on to say, as stated during the international scientific consensus meeting on EHS and MCS that was organized in 2015 in Brussels, scientists unanimously asked WHO to urgently assume its responsibilities, by classifying EHS and MCS as separate codes in the ICD; so as to increase scientific awareness of these two pathological entities in the medical community and the general public, and to foster research and train medical practitioners to efficiently diagnose, treat, and prevent EHS and MCS–, which in fact constitute a unique, well-defined, and identifiable new neurologic disease.

Download the full 20 page study here:

This report, full of diagnostic and lab test guidelines plus numerous respected cited references, serves as a terrific resource to print out and show your health care provider if you are seeking treatment for EHS.

Bottomline is that there is now sufficient clinical, biological, and radiological data for EHS to be acknowledged as a well-defined, objectively identified pathological neurologic disorder.

Photo Credit: Professor D. Belpommme Radio Canada Interview 2014

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