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  • EMF Testing Ltd

    Lukus Lejsek, Certified EMF Expert Consultant (United Kingdom). Residential and occupational EMF consulting and safety assessments    +44 0 75 436 402 76

  • TDD Management Consulting

    Tim Driedger, Certified EMF Expert Consultant (Canada). Electrosmog - making the invisible visible through Electo Magnetic Frequency (EMF) assesments for Home and Small Business Alberta, Canada   

  • EMFree

    Peter Stutz. Certified EMF Expert Consultant (South Africa). Stellenbosch. Western Cape    27829038341

  • Q-Main

    Benjamin Laycock. Certified EMF Expert Consultant (Australia). Kilsyth South. Victoria    0411 384 204

  • Hot Pink EMF Consultant Assitance

    Jini Jones. Certified EMF Expert Consultant (India). Mumbai. Maharashtra   

  • EMF-Experts Canada

    Eduard Evstigneev. Certified EMF Expert Consultant (Canada). Barrie. Ontario    705 715-2754

  • Dr Juliet Williams

    Dr Juliet Williams. Certified EMF Expert Consultant (United Kingdom). Edinburgh. U.K.    +44 131 220 5374

  • EMF

    Ahmed Abualkhair. Certified EMF Expert Consultant (Canada). Montreal. Quebec   


  • Special EMF Service

    Mike Armstrong. Certified EMF Expert Consultant (United Kingdom). United Kingdom   

  • EMF Expert, Courtenay B.C.

    Jim Mazerolle. Certified EMF Expert Consultant (Canada). Courtenay. British Columbia    +1 7789775603

  • EMF Expert, Romania

    Marius Lupa. Certified EMF Expert Consultant (Romania). Puchenii Mosneni. Romania    40748309104

  • EMF Expert, Queensland

    Tracy Bennett, Certified EMF Expert Consultant (Australia). Providing home and business EMF surveys, reports and recommendations on mitigation solutions. Business OH&S reports specifically focusing on EMF, phone consultations and education classes. Queensland, Australia   

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