Expanding EMF Awareness

The Big Deal about Microwave Radiation and the Body Electric

A Crash Course in Wireless Radiation and its Effects on the Body Electric

New to the topic of EMF Personal Safety? Wondering what Body Electric means? Don’t really get all the fuss about the concern surrounding 5G? Can’t really properly explain to friends what the big deal is about rising EMF exposure levels from wireless smog?

This online presentation, given recently by Russell Witte PhD, University of Arizona Professor of Biomedical Engineering, Neurosurgery (and more), gives a great presentation of the far reaching scope of wireless technologies and the important issues as they relate to our physical body electric.

Spend an hour or so with respected Physicist and Bioengineer Russell Witte and get an entire crash course dedicated to helping members of the general public really understand the issues.

Presented with lots of illustrations and visuals, and explained excellently by Dr Witte, who is also a member of the organization scientists4wiredtech, a group of prestigious and awarded scientists who oppose densified 4G/5G Wireless Telecommunications Facilities (WTFs) in residential areas.

Enjoy this presentation from a scientist’s perspective and get an excellent overview of the reasons behind their opposition, intelligently and knowledgeably presented with an even hand for both the biomedical facts and the rational human concern.

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