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Announcing Rancho Quieto a EMF-Quiet Reprieve in Unspoiled Nature

If you have ever wanted to get out of the EMF soup for a few days just to see if you feel better, or to recall what life before wireless technology was like and how it felt to your brain and body, or to experience the nature-made EMF levels in the world we evolved in before human-made EMF came on the scene …

Or if you are one of the growing number of electrosensitive “EMF refugees” who have reached out to anyone/everyone, including us here at EMF Experts, in desperate hopes of securing an EMF-free place to restore your physical or mental energy, or even just an EMF-safe place to stop and rest or spend a night….

you’ll appreciate that we’re responding to those needs with the development of Rancho Quieto – a respite from the electrosmog of today’s wireless world, located in the White Mountains of Arizona.

Blue Skies at Rancho Quieto

Rancho Quieto is 63 pristine acres of EMF-Quiet environment surrounded by sparsely populated non-agricultural ranch land. No man-made EMF within many miles, just birdsong, breezes and blue sky averaging 276 days of sun a year.

With negligible levels of man-made EMF (peak radio/microwave readings of 0.001 uW/m2 measured on the Safe and Sound Pro2 Meter), we can say that is the best environment for an EMF respite that we have found in many years of searching North America.

Lushly treed with tall Junipers, high desert Oak, and Pinon Pines, Rancho Quieto offers lots of roomy private spaces for self-contained travel trailers. No facilities have been developed at this time, so that is why in this first stage of “primitive camping” we must limit visitors to self contained camper vehicles that come equipped with their own water source and toilet.

What is Rancho Quieto aiming to achieve? To provide an EMF Quiet Zone, an oasis of freedom from human-made EMF and toxic chemicals, in order to illustrate in realworld/realtime how an EMF-free sanctuary can still be achieved in today’s world and what benefits this type of environment can offer as an experiential learning opportunity, a self-care option, or a low-EMF life choice.

For a peek into the future vision of Rancho Quieto, imagine acquiring your own pristine EMF-free (low EMF) acreage within a 63 acre refuge with perimeter fencing and security gate. You can “camp” on our land in your own self-contained vehicle, or build something more permanent (permits may be required) .

On your land (minimum 2.5 acres enables you to obtain a conventional septic system permit) you can build an EMF-minded permanent home or cabin, or create various types of simpler EMF-free accommodations, such as “sleep sanctuaries” in the form of a metal clad tiny house or shipping container. Think of it as a comfy Faraday cage, like our “inspiration photo” here, nestled on your own private oasis in Nature, where you can come and go for a restorative stay of a week or two, offering a zero EMF, zero toxic chemical experience that is bio-electrically restful and biologically rejuvenating.

Phase One of Rancho Quieto

Returning now to present time … the first phase of Rancho Quieto is, of necessity, limited to self contained camper trailers with low environmental-impact. “Self contained” refers to vehicles that contain their own fresh water and waste storage, which is mandatory for the state of Arizona. RV water fillup and dumps are within driving distance.

20 acres is expected to be open to the public (summer 2021) to accommodate 12 vehicles. To enable visitors to have an EMF-free “back to Nature” experience, Phase One will offer seasonal camping only; in this way visitors can “try it out” and see if they would be interested in buying their own adjacent EMF-free acreage in the future.

Where are we in the process of developing Rancho Quieto? At this time our request for a “special land use permit” for an EMF Environmental Refuge is awaiting approval by the county. Certain conditions and restrictions may be forthcoming upon approval.

As soon as the permit has been approved, we’ll be posting a link to the online scheduler here on this page, which will enable visitors to view photos of the spaces available and reserve their spot, schedule their visit and length of stay. A notice of the update will also be emailed to all newsletter subscribers.

As mentioned, Rancho Quieto nature-camping, in addition to being EMF-free, is also intended to be as toxic-chemical-free as possible.

Here you can see the completely self-contained travel trailer that we use, the Apex Travel Trailer by Coachman, one of the very few travel trailer manufacturers that offers Certified Green recreational vehicles, emphasizing non toxic construction materials and other environmentally-minded issues.

We encourage you to look into Green Certified RVs, AZDEL On Board RVs, and RVs that comply with CARB2, the California Air Resource Bureau indoor air guidelines (restricting formaldehyde in RV products), as a healthier alternative, and to keep Rancho Quieto in mind as a health-minded camping choice to try it out.

What Can a Sensitive Person Expect from a Rancho Quieto Experience?

Will you finally get a restful night’s sleep away from the electropollution of the city?

Will your microwave/radio-frequency hearing related tinnitus go away?

Will you confirm what you’ve suspected – that you are in fact EHS (electro-hypersensitive)?

Will you obtain relief from Electrosensitivity (ES) or Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS) by reducing exposure to it in the natural environment of Rancho Quieto?

Naturally, we cannot answer these kinds of questions. What we can say is that the Rancho Quieto concept is a simple one – get out of the human-made toxic soup and back in touch with the restorative Nature-made environment that we have evolved in for millions of years as a species, where perceptibly higher levels of well being can occur naturally.

Having said that, it is also important for us to add that, after teaching EMF Detection and Protection for many years and training hundreds of Certified EMF Consultants, many of whom were ES or MCS or both, we realize that any measure of EMF exposure is sometimes too much for an extremely ES person, and that any amount of toxic chemical exposure is too much for an MCS person.

So, we cannot claim to have the zero-exposure solution for everyone, and we use the word “zero” simply as it it used in everyday language to express 0, or “nothing”. We cannot know what decimal point, or what source, or what interaction of exposure factors is consequential for an electro-sensitive person.

ES and MCS are complex issues and we are not qualified to determine sensitivity trigger levels, nor to give medical advice or therapeutic solutions for such sensitivities. That is why, to help further greater understanding and more effective treatment, EMF-Experts was proud to sponsor the EMF Medical Conference designed to disseminate leading edge ES/MCS information, and we highly recommend the live-recordings from this conference for anyone dealing with these sensitivities.

In summary, what you can expect to experience at Rancho Quieto is simply the best Natural environment we could find to offer an experience with the least exposure we could find.

We have begun creating the film documentary about Rancho Quieto, detailing the locating process and including the step by step how-to regarding the development of the structures, facilities and landholdings, as well as funding (from crowdsourcing to traditional financing), so that other EMF-Quiet refuges like it, including backyard refuges, day-use parks, extended camping, nature retreats, family compounds and more ambitious permanent communities, can be developed easily and inexpensively for respite and revitalization in locations that are as low-EMF as possible.

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