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Are You Getting the Most you Can from EMF Experts News? Here’s How to Know!

Who are we, why do we do this newsletter, what we do with your subscription payments?

Questions to Ask Yourself about the Quality of EMF Subscriptions in Your Inbox

What do you most need? Are you settling for free EMF newsletters only to find out that you are simply getting pitched to buy stuff ? Are you not sure your EMF subscriptions even know what they’re talking about? Or settling for product news when you really need trustworthy training to help protect your family correctly? Or giving away your well-intended amateur EMF expertise when acquiring respected EMF Consultant credentials could results in a well-paying, in-demand new income stream for you?

EMF Experts News delivers value. What do you value most? You can expect authentically trustworthy information and EMF related news from around the world, key info for expanding EMF awareness (no matter what level of awareness you currently are), EMF action resources for concerned citizens, free EMF tutorials, educational giveaways, tons of freebies for distributing freely to your friends on social media, as well as ongoing professional EMF training, continuing education for highly trained EMF professionals, and much more.

Do You Know which of the 3 EMF Expert Subscriptions Provide What You Need?

Here’s more Info outlining your options for the EMF Experts News subscription that is right for you. Becoming a subscriber means you become an EMF Expert News member and that means lots of benefits, opportunities and gifts.

Not sure? It’s easy to find out. No problem, no pressure ever. Your first 90 days is FREE, and after that your subscription is still practically free, at only $1 per month ($3 every 3 months). Your privacy is always assured. Safe unsubscribe anytime.

Do You Know that EMF Experts News Members are Recognized Worldwide?

It’s prestigious to be an EMF Experts News Member as this well recognized insignia attests. All paid subscribers are authorized to place this Member of EMF Experts News badge of honor on their websites, blogs or social media, signifying that they get their EMF related information from a trusted source, they are affiliated with highly professional EMF Experts worldwide, and that they have a direct line to a respected, seasoned Electrical Engineer specializing in EMF Consultant Certification training and one-on-one consultations.

Do You Know the Qualifications of the People Behind EMF Experts News?

Meet Chris Young, Professional Engineer, the Brains, Heart and, dare we say, Visionary who launched EMF Expert News – the natural Continuing Education extension of, the EMF training service known for its high caliber EMF Detection and Protection courses, and even more well known for its highly qualified graduates from the Certified EMF Expert Consultant training – all of whom have been personally/professionally mentored one-on-one by Chris.

Chris and his wife/muse, Patricia, a well known author in our own right, are the dynamic duo committed to bringing subscribers and students relevant, actionable, and most of all, correct EMF information. And EMF Experts is just one of their endeavors to do so!

Do You Know that EMF Experts News is a Not-For-Profit Organization?

EMF Experts.News (the educational newsletter) and its parent (the EMF Consultant training operation) are both not-for-profit organizations that dedicate time, expertise and income to helping everyone live more safely with EMF, in particular their wireless technologies and electrical utilities. EMF Experts is the “pay-it-forward” undertaking of Chris Young, who recognized this urgent need during his long career as (he has been dubbed) “a thoroughbred on the engineering services track”, holding professional engineer licenses in most states in the USA, creating airports, seaports, utility networks, urban rail systems and much more, and in the process acquiring over 40 years’ experience in a mind boggling variety of EMF environments both home and abroad.

Do You Know How the EMF Experts News Subscription Payments are Used?

All the many hours/days of effort that goes into producing a news and training newsletter like this one, and all proceeds it generates from subscriptions are dedicated (after cost of operation) to the funding of Rancho Quieto, the 42 Acre EMF-pristine nature refuge we are developing in the peaceful White Mountains of Arizona to provide an EMF respite for ES Refugees, in other words those people suffering from electrosensitivity and lesser health issues related to high EMF exposure in today’s world.

EMF Experts News Subscribers have the immense pleasure of knowing that every subscription dollar goes to this worthy endeavor. Even better, all EMF Experts News subscribers are invited to experience a zero-EMF “reset” experience at Rancho Quieto themselves. AND, EMF Expert Subscribers receive a free gift when they visit Rancho Quieto.

Do You Know What an Inspiring and Uplifting 2021 EMF Experts has Coming Up?

Many new exciting developments are underway … here are just a few:

From the FREE 5G Locator tutorial we’ll be presenting at the 2021 EMF Medical Conference (and you’re warmly invited!), to the newest Class of 2020 EMF Expert Consultants graduates we’ll be introducing soon, to the long awaited launch of our zero-EMF refuge, Rancho Quieto, to the Tiny-EMF Tiny-Home Documentary we are filming on how to build your own low EMF tiny home ….. enjoy an inspiring look at our 2021 New Year’s Resolutions at EMF Experts

Do You Know How to Become Part of it ALL – Informed and Solution Minded?

That’s the easiest of all. Simply select any type of subscription to EMF Experts News, and you’ll immediately be more in the know and on your way to a more rewarding EMF-solution-savvy lifestyle.


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Jini Jones

I'm a proud graduate of EMF Experts Consultant Certification training, and I've volunteered to come on board to help the EMF Experts trainers get trustworthy EMF information in the hands of more people. EMF Detection and Protection info is today's must-have skill in a world of rising EMF exposure caused by burgeoning wireless technology use, and that is why thousands of people worldwide visit every week seeking help for EMF issues and hundreds participate in their training courses. So, as a great start, I hope you enjoy these free news articles! Information is power, and the mission of EMF Experts News is to help us all be more informed and powerful on our own behalf.

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