International Business Takes a Realistic Look at the Delusional Race to 5G

Race to 5G - More Hype Than Happening

A well document article by Dr Devra Davis in the International Business Times (Dec 2020) titled “Why the Race to 5G is a Mirage“, knits together bold statements showing that the Race to 5G between China and the USA is turning out to be more hype than happening, designed instead to whet Chinese and American appetites for competition and pave the way for more subsidies to the global multi-trillion dollar telecom industry.

Citing studies, surveys and published reports and public remarks of government officials both in China and in the USA the article heavily underscores the same theme recently stated bluntly by Huawei (China’s leading cellphone manufacturer, who, unlike Apple and other top cellphone companies, makes every part of their devices in house), Founder and CEO, Ren Zhengfei, when he said recently,

Human societies do not have an urgent need for 5G. What people need now is broadband and the main content of 5G is not broadband. The benefits of 5G have been exaggerated and are not needed at this time.

Huawei CEO, Ren Zhengfei

A similar article published a month before in Voice of America (VOA), the oldest and largest international news broadcaster (in 47 languages) funded by the USA Congress, examines official reports noting key statements they contain, such as:

5G comes with a price the full toll of which remains unknown, but is not unknowable, as two recent reports make clear. Thus, the latest Government Accountability Office (GAO) Report notes that limited information on the safety of 5G is quite troubling, including the projected tripling or more of energy and permanent compromise of the night sky because more 5G satellites could be launched than there are visible stars. 

The opinion piece article that is energetically being passed around social media concludes with a poignant warning:

Until and unless a much safer, more cost-effective and less-energy intensive system can be produced, we should revise plans for continued expansion of the 5G albatross. Whatever our real differences with China, and they are not likely to be trivial, it is time for a reset on the rush to 5G.


Preceding the publishing of this article by one week, Professor Davis helped launch the We Are Not SAM campaign calling to boycott 5G phones and “help expose the dummy in the room.”

Who’s SAM? SAM is the plastic dummy, also known as a Specific Anthropomorphic Mannequin, that the global telecommunications industry conducts safety tests about the heating effects of mobile phone wireless radiation.

Rinat Strahlhofer, an ex-telecommunications insider who’s now intent on exposing the truth about the industry, said people would be shocked to discover the truth about their smart phones. “Telcom companies have been getting away with certifying mobile devices as safe for years because the test is rigged,” Ms Strahlhofer said. “In the same way truth and public health suffered at the hands of the tobacco and asbestos industries, 5G phones are being pushed on the market despite a lack of independent, long-term studies to show they are safe.”

MOBILE PHONE USERS are being urged to boycott the next generation of 5G phones and join a global movement calling on urgent changes to existing safety standards because “the test is rigged”. Read more and sign the petition.

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