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Do Your NextDoor Neighbors Know You're the Go-to EMF Consultant?

How to Let Your Community Know You are the EMF Consultant NextDoor

Nextdoor is a social networking service for neighborhoods, launched in the United States in October 2011, and currently available in 11 countries and growing. Users of Nextdoor submit their real names and addresses to the website (quick-checked) so the transparency and trust-factor is high. Posts made to the website are available and viewable only to other Nextdoor members living in the same neighborhood.

Neighborhoods are enjoying old fashioned community spirit again, There were over 10 million users as of February 2018, and neighborly info, news, tips, product and service reviews and seekers of all things neighborly abound on the free-to-users NextDoor platform.

Do your neighbors know you are the go-to EMF Smartest Person in your neighborhood?

We recommend NextDoor to let your EMF Consulting business be known as a friendly neighbor, and also to raise EMF awareness generally in your community. NextDoor opinion polls, EMF topic surveys, and social invitations are just some of the many ways we have seen EMF Consultants grow their businesses in their local area.

Raising EMF Awareness

Even asking a simple question to the NextDoor community is an effective way to bring EMF awareness into the ongoing question. EMF Expert Consultant Zoran Zivkovich, simply asked his Illinois neighborhood, “Hi Everyone. Just wondering How many people are familiar with “Electrical Pollution” and its associated health hazards? Thanks!”

And within two days his poll recorded these interesting results:

EMF Opinion Polls

The opinion polls about smart meter installations throughout the neighborhoods on NextDoor are lively and vocal. More recently, opinions about the 5G small cell installations popping up on neighborhood light posts and various roadside poles, have been generating some very opinionated posts. How to protect from rising levels of EMF exposure from radio frequencies – that is the question of the day. And EMF Consultants have the answer.

EMF Electrosensitivity Surveys

EMF Consultants are leading the charge when it comes to surveys of health issues that arise following wireless smart meter change-outs .   This is valuable data collection that can be presented to the Utility to make a case for lowering EMF, in the case of smart meters; to the HOA, Elected officials, or City Council meetings, in the case of 5G antennas; and to Telecomm providers, in the case of neighborhood WiFi hotspots like Comcast Xfinity.

Offering your Neighborly EMF Services

EMF Service Provider Reviews

Once you have provided a service in your neighborhood, positive neighbor reviews are the best word of mouth advertising, or should we say trusted “word of NextDoor” advertising that you’ll ever receive. And be prepared for some interesting customer testimonials. This customer posted her positive review, adding that she sought the help of her neighborly EMF Consultant because (in her words) …

EMF Community Events

NextDoor is a lively online bulletin board for neighbors looking for community events to attend. So, our EMF Consultants have had great success using Next Door to invite neighbors to community center, library, (or in-home) screenings of EMF documentaries, complete with popcorn and door prizes. Favorite movie nights? Take Back Your Power, if smart meters are invading your neighborhood. Generation Zapped if there are lots of school children. Screenagers (showings must be booked through its distributor) if teen cellphone and social media addiction is a concern. Mobilize (Cellphone) or The Invisible Threat (WiFi) both available free on Amazon Prime.

EMF Social Gatherings

Every neighborhood loves to get together once in awhile for a hospitable meet-and-greet. What social gathering can you dream up for your neighborhood? Here are a few proven winner-ideas to get you started:

  • the Low-EMF Christmas or Holiday-Light tour, with a NextDoor generated map of addresses in your neighborhood posted inviting neighbors to drive-by. Neighbors cast their vote on, you guessed it, a NextDoor survey. Best in Show wins!
  • Home Tours of Low-EMF Remediated Homes are fun to EMF-savvy neighbors to enjoy sharing ideas and solutions to common exposure issued in that neighborhood. Door prizes of EMF protection products add to the fun.
  • The EMF Speak Easy, (meaning literally easy speaking) gives you opportunities to invite EMF-savvy speakers in from other EMF-minded groups, and share an evening socializing after the presentation with wine and cheese, or grass-fed burgers on the non-EMF gas grill. A bottle of health-minded organic wine is on ice for the person who thinks up the cleverest or most popular topic for your next Speak Easy event, by vote of hands.
  • Just for FUN! EMF related socialization does not have to be an “eat, drink and make merry for tomorrow we die!” affair. Enjoy getting to know your neighbors. Your neighborhood will benefit, and everyone in it. Who do you know who would love a Kid’s (or grown up kid’s) Birthday Party, featuring Low-EMF presents of course!

NextDoor inspires lots of community interaction, and it is always fun to see our Certified EMF Expert Consultant grads coming up with creative uses for this engaging, trust-worthy, super-connected and highly active social networking platform; it is one of the friendliest EMF Consultant business building tools. And its free.

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  1. This is a great article; I didn’t know about NextDoor.com. I just joined and made a poll for myself. It will be interesting to see what results I get. Thank you!

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