Have You Met IGNIR? The EMF Safety Guidelines Newcomer

EMF Safety Guidelines Get a New Face

A new set of precautionary EMF Exposure Guidelines has been added to support the biologically-based guidelines now followed by EMF Expert Consultants, and they are called The IGNIR Guidelines – the Interantional Guidelines for Non-Ionizing Radiation.

At this time there are two types of guidelines for man-made electromagnetic energy, the Biologically Based Guidelines and the traditional longstanding Thermal Effect Guidelines:

• Biological and/or non-thermal, for long-term and short-term effects, e.g. IGNIR, BioIniative Report, Bau Biololgy

• Thermal, for short-term (6 minutes) heating effects, e.g. ICNIRP (International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection ), IEEE (International Electrical and Electronics Engineers)

EMF Expert Consultants have always observed the biologically based guidelines in their EMF detection and protection consultations, and in the past year we have now added the IGNIR guidelines to further extend the precautionary principle to encompass more individualized biologically-sensitive situations, such as clients with lots of body metal, those who are electrosensitive, pregnant, elderly etc. These more customizable precautionary guidelines are outlined in the easy-to-follow, non-technical 14 page IGNIR Guidelines

IGNIR – INTERNATIONAL GUIDELINES ON NON-IONIZING RADIATION – is the newest of the biologically based precautionary guidelines, and they were modeled after EUROPAEM EMF Guidelines of 2016, formed in 2017, and introduced in the United Kingdom in September 2018.

EUROPAEM is the European Academy for Environmental Medicine based in Germany for the treatment of Environmental Illness, which concerns the impact of environmental factors on individual health risks and common welfare. Clinical Environmental Medicine encompasses the medical care of persons with health complaints and medical findings which can be traced back to environmental factors.

IGNIR is an independent multidisciplinary team comprising of medical doctors, scientists and representatives of vulnerable and sensitive groups.

IGNIR Guidelines allow easy testing for compliance and common sense categories, which are comprised of Day (D), Night (N) and Sensitive (S), covering three frequency ranges. Electromagnetic (EM) hygiene and safety involves minimizing exposure levels to an environmental toxin.

Although at present there are no assured safe levels of man-made EM exposure, and studies continue to show harm to living systems at very small exposure values, this guidance aims to help achieve substantial reduction in EM exposure.

Who Are the People Behind IGNR?

Dr Andrew Tresidder as chair and Angela Helm taking minutes. The concept and aims were the brainchild of ES-UK’s News editor, and ES-UK Trust Chairman, Michael Bevington, as was the initial draft of the Guidelines.

Alasdair Philips and Guy Hudson gave specialist advice on measurements with the latter producing video material, Mike Mitcham devised the website, and Dr Erica Mallery-Blythe launched the IGNIR Guidelines in September 2018 with her poster and lecture at the international scientific and medical conference on Cancer in Children and Young People, organized by Children With Cancer, at Westminster, UK.

Other people who have been involved include Sarah Dacre, Dr Elizabeth Evans, Debra Fry, Diana Hanson, Professor Emeritus Denis Henshaw, Brian Stein CBE, Phil Watts and Sarah Wright.

Sept 2019 Update:

Electrosmog Quiet Zones

IGNIR has just announced their new initiative – IGNIR EQZ
the practical guidelines for an Electrosmog Quiet Zone

Examples of intended EQZ’s include medical and accommodation receptions, workplace entrances, nature reserves etc. The biologically-based IGNIR electrosmog guidelines have considerable scientific backing. EQZ is defined according to the IGNIR/EUROPAEM guidelines night time levels. IGNIR is advising that these IEQZ levels be adopted by governments, the UN, standards committees, regulators, NGOs and individuals.

EQZ levels are achievable by having sufficient distance or shielding from masts, celltowers, routers and other radio transmitters, and selecting airplane mode on cellphones, laptops etc.

EQZ is catching on through the posting of this simple sign, and these EMF Quiet Zones can be readily checked and easily confirmed to be EMF-free by testing with a simple low-cost hand-held EMF meters.

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