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I had a very wonderful experience working with a mother concerning her autistic daughter who is seven years old.  Sue (not her real name) was already providing the right foods and nutrition for her daughter (eliminating all processed foods, etc.) and using the right household cleaning products (no chemicals that can harm the body).  But there was still a nagging issue, what else can she do as a mother to help her daughter overcome autism. 

On the internet searching for answers, Sue came across a plethora of information on EMF and was overwhelmed.  She found the EMF Expert website and my name in the EMF Professional Directory that she came across there.  We had several phone calls and numerous texts since we live over two hours away from each other.  We discussed and explored different ways to help her family eliminate EMF exposure in the household.

First topic of concern was EMF exposure from cell towers in their local area.  I helped Sue find the EMF Experts website cell tower locator map to find out how close she was to any cell towers –                             ( ).  She was very relieved to find the closest one was five miles away. 

The next topic we talked about was the smart meter.  Sue was not aware of any issues that can come from a smart meter.  The next day after our discussion on this topic, she called the electric company.  Within one week, Sue was able to have an analog meter installed and had the smart meter removed.  This did come at a price – it cost the family an installation fee of $75 to put in the analog meter and now a monthly fee to read the meter at $17 a month.  For Sue, to help her daughter, this was well  worth it.

 Another way to cut down on EMF exposure, we explored the computer setup – how many computers in the household and the location of the computers.   The family has only one computer located in the living room.  To reduce the WiFi exposure, the family did wire their computer within a couple of days.  It was suggested to turn off the router at night.  Sue stated she will start working with her daughter on school work in another room away from the computer area.  Sue noticed once she did that, her daughter’s attention span was much longer than when they worked by the computer. 

The family owns two cell phones and the husband uses blue tooth ear buds.    For their cells phones and blue tooth ear buds, we discussed getting cell phone shield covers and air tube headsets to block the microwave signals directed toward the head and body.  I gave Sue the website for Less EMF that sells cell phone shield covers and air tube headsets (   We also talked about disengaging the GPS in their car as well.

Taking a step further we spoke about grounding and I sent her a book on this subject “Earthing” by Clinton Ober to read. The book states, (Page 175)  “Earthing is not a cure for autism, but over the years it’s been observed to have a calming effect, improve sleep patterns and promote better speech and socializing.  Earthing reduces inflammation and strengthens the immune system , and thus, may offer additional benefit, especially in light of recent autism research revealing the presence of brain inflammation and immune system dysfunction….may lessen the stress level in the whole family.”  Sue mentioned how her daughter would only hug a tree during recess and not play with the other children.  Interestingly, this little girl was trying to ground with the earth.  Her mother mentioned how she will always touch live plants and hold the leaves in her hand.  We talked about planting a tree in her backyard – perhaps the same one she hugged at recess.

Since there was not a deep sleep pattern for her or her daughter at night,  I mentioned the Bedroom Sanctuary book from EMF Experts which she got and the family hopes to implement shortly.

 The outcome was phenomenal.  Not only is the mother sleeping “so hard” as she stated, but her daughter is sleeping better and more hours, and is much more responsive now.  One day she did not ask for her ipad for 8 hours (which we talked about the EMF coming from that as well). 

It is very gratifying  to be able to help people and make a difference in their lives, especially for little children.

Karen Portz
Working as a Myofascial Release therapist, I wanted another tool to help make a difference in helping my clients live healthy lives.  Having received my EMF certification, I can present information to my clients and help them become aware about the dangers of EMF and ways to protect themselves from electrosmog.

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