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How Can Electrosmog be Bad for Us and Electrotherapy be Good?

Dr Magda Havas Explains at the EMF Medical Conference

Magda Havas PHD, took on that head-scratchingly provocative question in her EMF Medical Conference 2021 pre-conference Zoom webinar yesterday, with a full house in attendance. Many from the healthcare community were there earning continuing medical education credits (CMEs), conscientiously improving their patient care skills by plugging into the most up to date EMF health information.

In a nutshell the starting point is to answering the question is simple — ALL parts of the Electromagnetic Spectrum are biologically active!

But, how can Electrosmog, which is EMF pollution caused by today’s wireless technologies, harm our health, and Electrotherapy, which is the use of EMF energy as a medical treatment, be good for our health if they both interfere with our body’s own inherent electrical function?

Fully answering the question is complex.

In medicine, the term electrotherapy can apply to a variety of treatments that all refers to applications of EMF, such as the various Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Frequency (PEMF) modalities, Biophoton treatment, Light Modulation, Phototherapy, etc.

To understand the answer of how (some but not all) electrotherapies work in seemingly beneficial ways lies in understanding the complex EMF exposure factors that have causal links to biological effects of EMF.

EMF Exposure Factors such as:

  • Frequency/Wavelength
  • Intensity/Amplitude
  • Waveform/Shape
  • Modulation
  • Continuous or Pulsed Exposure
  • Duty Cycle
  • Wave Interference
  • Interactions (Reflection, Absorption etc)
  • Coherent or Incoherent Waveforms
  • Exposure Length of Time
  • Exposure Duration (Cumulative)
  • Location (Earth’s Magnetic Field)

Each one of these factors plays a role in whether the EMF exposure is biologically harmful or beneficial and, even knowing this, still much more research is needed.

Additionally we must also keep in mind that the negative biological effects we know (such as, oxidative stress, sperm damage, various cancers, blood brain barrier damage, neurological disorders and the list goes on and on) are only those that we know today from thousands of studies investigating the biological effects of the EMF Spectrum frequencies that we have had in use for decades — used in everything from powerlines to radar, and more recently for cellphones and WiFi.

So, to make the answer even more complicated, today we are facing a new never-before-studied situation; we are on the brink of blanketing the planet with 5G wireless technologies, and we are at a point where new EMF frequencies, which have never been released for public consumer products much less tested for biological impact, are nevertheless currently in the works and being rushed to market in the Race for 5G and economic dominance.

How will the random confluence and interference of all these old and new, harmful and beneficial frequencies play out in our personal exposure scenario?

Magda Finds Statistical Significance in the Relationship Between CoVid and 5G

As an aside, during the Q&A following the presentation, Magda fielded a question from a Doctor asking why 5G and its relationship to the current Covid pandemic was such a taboo topic in the media and online that social platforms are removing content related to the topic in an attempt to serve as “information arbitrators” to the public [my paraphrasing of the question].

She replied saying that unfortunately misinformation abounds on the web and conspiracy theories are rampant, discrediting many facts and genuine concerns about 5G but, having said that, that she herself did an ad-hoc research study to determine any statistical relationship between 5G and Covid. What she found was that the (USA) states where 5G was already in service at the time of the breakout had almost double the number of Covid incidences and deaths than states where 5G had not yet been implemented.

She added carefully, that whether the relationship is causal, or a result of EMF’s role in lowering immunity generally, we couldn’t yet say.

Watch Her Presentation Again and Save

If you missed the presentation, you will be able to take a deep dive into the highlights mentioned here, by watching it again in its ‘recorded-live’ version, which will be offered following the official EMF Medical Conference 2021 on January 28-31.

This respected medical conference is where 35 more of the world’s top EMF focused biological authorities will present on a wide variety of important groundbreaking topics, as medical professional from around the world learn about the biological effects of EMF and how to treat them. Best of all, the event organizers have generously opened the online conference to the public at a reduced rate.

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This is the groundbreaking EMF conference that other seminar presenters attend. So, attend in person yourself, learn directly from the world’s experts of EMF biological experts, get it right (i.e. accurately), and position yourself on the leading information edge of EMF awareness. And earn some continuing education CMEs if they are useful to your profession.

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