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Free University Physics Courses: Electricity and Magnetism

Understanding Electricity and Magnetism

Introduction to Electricity and Magnetism

This free online course at Udemy introduces the fundamental concepts of electric charge, electric force, and electric fields, using hand-drawn animations.  This is excellent course for students who are taking a physics class related to EMF, or if you just need a refresher course to understand the physics of EMF, or you’d simply like a fresh perspective than one you learned in school.

Gain an understanding of the Core Concepts of Electricity & Magnetism in this free Introductory Course:

  • Learn the fundamental concepts, electric charge and electric field, that help the rest of the course go more smoothly.
  • Understand how charging by induction really works so you can guarantee you’ll get those grades on your unit test.
  • Explain how the electric field is independent of the test charge.
  • Solve problems involving electric charges moving through electric fields.

What you’ll learn:

How objects get electrically charged, both with and without touching other charged objects.

Set up and solve problems involving Coulomb’s Law

How the electric field is independent of the test charge

Solve problems involving electric charges moving through electric fields

Determine the electric fields created by point charges and charge distributions

This Tutorial Includes

  • 4 hours on-demand video
  • 2 articles
  • 8 downloadable resources
  • Full lifetime access
  • Access on mobile and TV
  • Certificate of Completion

Your Teacher:

Scott Redmond College Physics Tutor and Former Professor

Scott started his career as a Mission Operations Analyst, performing tens of thousands of physics-based computer simulations of the robotic arms on the International Space Station, and providing real-time support to space shuttle missions, over a period of more than 7 years. Always passionate about teaching, Scott conducted some astronaut training at the Canadian Space Agency, and then transitioned to teaching physics at Vanier College in Montreal.

More Terrific FREE Physics Courses:
This course is only one of the numerous physics courses currently available online for free, taught by instructors with impressive credentials. These include such high caliber courses as The Violent Universe by Brian Schmidt, a Nobel Prize-winning astrophysicist, as well as others who’s work has defined entire fields of physics and top professors at respected universities worldwide.

Search on ‘free university physics courses’ and you will find interesting course topics range from the fundamentals of physics (Yale), to Einstein’s theory of relativity (Stanford University), particle physics (University of Geneva), dark energy (University of Tokyo), quantum mechanics (MIT), string theory (Harvard), relativity and astrophysics (Cornell), and more.

The study of electromagnetism is part of a very dynamic, ever expanding, and utterly fascinating body of knowledge, which we know as physics.

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Chris Young

Chris has been a licensed Professional Electrical Engineer for over 40 years, practicing in nearly half the States in the USA and serving as CEO of Executive Engineering Services for companies dedicated to making electrical power safer for people. His areas of professional expertise include utility, industrial, commercial and government entities, as well as private homes and work places. Though Chris was once an avid electronic technophile working in a corporate WiFi cloud, with constantly ringing cellphones holstered on each hip accommodating the 30 international engineering services offices reporting directly to him, his growing concern for Electrosmog, the consumer obliviousness to it, and the lack of expert understanding of biological hazards along with the lack of health-minded safety standards to deal with it, prompted him to retire early in order to devote his expertise to being part of the bigger solution - living with our technology safely and using it knowledgeably. Today, in addition to his highly respected training of worldwide Certified EMF Expert Consultants. Chris serves on the IEEE committees reviewing EMF safety standards, and he is a highly sought after leading authority on EMF Detection and Protection.

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