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Preparing Ahead for a Coronavirus Hospital Stay if you are EHS

Outsmarting Coronavirus

In effort to be proactive I have written a note to my doctor should I require hospitalization for coronavirus, CV-19, that is specific to my Electrohypersensitivy, or EHS. I am planning on having a bag ready for the hospital with my requests, informational items for the medial staff regarding EHS, hospital signs, and shielding items, in my bag as well.  

I encourage everyone to do this with their medical history and current medications and allergies as they might be unable to communicate upon their arrival and their loved ones will not be allowed in to advocate for them.

View my full 4-page EHS Protocols here as an example:

Excerpt from my EHS Medical Protocols Note

I will not hold my physician responsible as long as he/she has taken EHS precautions first.


  • Far removed from WiFi
  • No staff Cell phones on
  • Fluorescent lights OFF whenever possible
  • Shielded clothing and fabrics in place at all times
  • Continued supplementation as indicated above
  • No unnecessary EMF’s allowed near patient (electric, low air loss beds,etc…) Ventilators in metal casings are usually shielded from emitting full EMFs.
  • No frequency transmitting devices attached to electrodes on my body and I am distanced from other patients who do have them.

**Attached are some evidence based, peer reviewed research papers and general EHS information that you may not have seen.  **

**Also attached are some signs I request you have posted near my bed for all to see.**

I am, currently, the only Certified EMF Safety Consultant in the Kansas City area.  I, too, have a mission on this planet and I am needed.  Please, Doctor, let’s work together on this.

It is IMPERATIVE that I get out of this hospital ASAP!!  The longer I am exposed to the energetically unhygienic conditions of the hospital, the lower my positive outcome and life expectancy goes.  Please help me get back to my family as soon as possible by not ignoring these protocols.  They need me very much right now.

EHS Hospital Protocol Sign

I’m printing it on a Safety Yellow paper and will have it in individual, plastic ,paper protectors for santiz-ation purposes.  I think about 4 of them will do the trick.  One for above my bed (or the door to my room), one for the hand railing ON my bed and two extra’s in case I get moved and the old signs don’t come with me.

And don’t forget to include your insurance information and important phone numbers and contact information for significant others, on your protocols.

Stay coronavirus-safe!

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Sharon Barr

Having worked in the field of Occupational Therapy for 16+ years prior to certification as an EMF Expert Consultant, my healthcare background and personal alternative wellness experience, along my certification, makes me ideal for bringing EMF education to other healthcare practitioners, school boards, and the concerned general public with an eye towards activism. Available for group education and home evaluations.

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