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Put in an Additional Income Stream with our Graduate Affiliate Program

Finally! An EMF Affiliate Program to be Proud of!

Have you perused this newsletter and seen the EMF Experts Classroom Affiliate Program that is offered to the general public in the EMF Entrepreneur section of this newsletter, and wondered how does this affect former certified graduates?

The short answer is that It helps you in more ways than you can imagine!

Firstly, it provides you with a better client. This is because there is no question that an EMF-educated client (even one who is a little bit knowledgeable) is the best client of all.  These clients understand the importance of everyone in today’s world now needing to have some working knowledge of how to live more safely with their technology, and they are very vocal about that fact, because only together we can all make safer communal decisions that impact each of us individually.  And so, for a quality trained EMF Consultant, having clients with some knowledge of EMF safety spreading the word, opens up the vast market of potential clients enormously.

Secondly, it demonstrates the value of a certified consultant.  In fact, what it leaves people with is the fact that a quality trained EMF Consultant is irreplaceable. No amount of do-it-yourself EMF detection and protection training will provide the growing market with the one-on-one that a consultant can for that individual situation, goals, etc.  Nor will it provide the confidence, or a reliable trained assessment that a experienced consultant can offer. Instead, having your potential clients take some training, will open their eyes to how very much there is to know, and this will inevitability result in their holding you in higher esteem.

Thirdly, it provides additional income and freedom.  An EMF Expert trained Certified EMF Consultant is an expert him/herself in the very real sense of the word, and as an EMF Expert Affiliate can speak with authority, using his/her online presence, on the value of these training products like no member of the general public ever could aspire to. This opens up, not only a tremendous potential for ongoing ‘passive’ income, but also takes the burden off of the endless demands on a consultant’s time for ‘courtesy education’. Now a consultant can get compensated even better, and in the process focus on what he is building his/her consulting business to actually specialize in.

There are many other reasons, but these will soon be apparent as you add the affiliate program to your website, blog, emails to customers etc. And the benefits will be different to each graduate depending on his/her business model.

Certified EMF Expert Consultant Graduates are Accorded Higher Affiliate Commission Rates!

As part of our ongoing efforts to support our graduate consultants in growing their consulting businesses, our affiliate program similarly is designed to pay our grads higher rates for student referrals than it offers to the general public.

Training Courses are Included in the Graduate Affiliate Program

You can read more about the training courses in the Affiliate Program that is available to the general public here, but in a nutshell you will recall the self-guided training content that was included in your EMF Expert Consultant Certification Training:  

  • Cellphone Safety for Smart Users:
  • EMF Experts Media Guide: Top 10 EMF Books and DVDs to get, and What they Offer
  • EMF Meter Know-How: How to use a TriField TF2 Meter Correctly to Measure Electromagnetic Fields Accurately
  • Your Bedroom Sanctuary: Creating an EMF Free Sleep Environment
  • EMF Meter Expertise: What Experts Know about Meter Performance and EMF Investigation

FREE Self-Guided Courses are also available for your referrals using your Affiliate Coded link. Free course  serve as a valuable resource for helping your visitor to get started, by motivating them to visit the Classroom, where upon sign-in they are ‘tagged’ with your affiliate ID:

  • How to Talk to Friends About EMF Without Losing Friendships
  • The One Video to Watch Before you Buy and EMF Meter
  • Zero EMF Homes: Training Inspired Solutions to Low EMF Housing Options

AND, in a big move (that we are trying out for a limited time), we are also offering The EMF Expert Consultant’s Certification training course as part of the general public’s Affiliate Program. This move is designed to get more consultants out into the field helping each other with EMF-specialty referrals, and to add more consulting services in more local areas where there are none, since the shortage of quality trained EMF Consultants is becoming more painfully apparent with every urgent email request I receive from searching prospective clients.

The EMF Expert Consultant’s Certification training course continues to offer even more to Graduates!

Graduates of the EMF Expert Consultant Certification Training have always been eligible for a 10% referral free for word-of-mouth referrals. And on a certification course that referral fee has historically amounted to a nice bank deposit.

But the Graduate Affiliate Program now offers you even more income, AND more convenience, more ease. 

Now you will be able to easily promote upcoming certification courses on your websites, social media, email, or any type of online means that uses your Affiliate ID link etc, and you will be able to conveniently track your referral activity through your affiliate account online in the Classroom. 

PLUS you will be able not only to earn more referral fee as an online affiliate, but you will also be able to offer your site visitors an additional discount code that will only be made available to graduates, for their referrals.

If  the potential students you’ve recommended to EMF Experts for certification training instead chose to enroll in an upcoming certification course by phone, or by direct email contact with us, we always ask all contacts who referred them and should that be the case you will be credited with a referral fee for that, at same compensation as though they came to us via an affiliate link.

Additionally, part of the continuing education and EMF consultant business development training coming up (delivered via this newsletter), will include training on how to create a top ranking website or blog – using our tried and true methods for getting first-page rankings on the top search engines. And we (unabashedly) have thousands of visitors each day, so just imagine how that amount of traffic would increase your affiliate referral rate!

If the Graduate Affiliate Program income stream sounds like something you are interested in

Learn what our Affiliate Program can earn for you, and Submit your Application here

Drop me a note.

P.S. For Your Eyes Only. Remember, as a Certified EMF Expert Consultant graduate there is locked content section of this newsletter that is only viewable to graduates. This priority content is designed to provide graduates with EMF continuing education and EMF consultant business development, and you will see the various training and information articles categorized under those headings. These categories are not viewable by the general public. This is an example of one of those pages… for your eyes only.

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Chris Young

Chris has been a licensed Professional Electrical Engineer for over 40 years, practicing in nearly half the States in the USA and serving as CEO of Executive Engineering Services for companies dedicated to making electrical power safer for people. His areas of professional expertise include utility, industrial, commercial and government entities, as well as private homes and work places. Though Chris was once an avid electronic technophile working in a corporate WiFi cloud, with constantly ringing cellphones holstered on each hip accommodating the 30 international engineering services offices reporting directly to him, his growing concern for Electrosmog, the consumer obliviousness to it, and the lack of expert understanding of biological hazards along with the lack of health-minded safety standards to deal with it, prompted him to retire early in order to devote his expertise to being part of the bigger solution - living with our technology safely and using it knowledgeably. Today, in addition to his highly respected training of worldwide Certified EMF Expert Consultants. Chris serves on the IEEE committees reviewing EMF safety standards, and he is a highly sought after leading authority on EMF Detection and Protection.

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