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How to Keep Your EMF Experts Consultant Certification Current in the EMF Professional Directory

EMF Experts Consultant Re-certification was Never Easier

In this fast changing world of EMF developments, EMF Experts’ Consultants who can show that their Continuing Education is up to date in the EMF Professional Directory receive more inquires from the general public.

Why? Because current EMF Consultant credentials instills confidence!

That is why we’re excited to tell you how we’ve super-simplified the re-certification process for you, making it easier to stay current with EMF continuing education, and ongoing EMF business development training.

We recognized our Grads need to stay up to date with the EMF Consulting industry since so much is changing when it comes to EMF detection and protection in a world that is changing more quickly than ever! You can certainly tell by the reports of new EMF Spectrum frequencies that have recently been released, new 5G small cell deployments, new technology like WiFi6, new satellite based wireless ‘celltowers’ launching into low orbit to provide for blanketed wireless coverage, new research, new litigation …. the list goes on, and more changes will occur this year and coming years.

Keeping current with changing events is becoming even more important for consultants, just as becoming more aware is important for the general public.

So, We’ve Created a Way to do Both.

We’ve Made Staying Current with News Easy, and Maintaining your Certification Credentials Even Easier.

We’ve created EMF Experts News as a means of keeping you knowledgeable about key changes, and keeping your certification credentials relevant in the marketplace.   And it’s now as easy as reading a newsletter.

So, all you need to do is sign up for a subscription to EMF Experts News to receive your newsletter by email, and then keep your member level up to date.

The price for the Member level for Continuing Ed is $4.50/mo. (about the same low price it’s always been for re-certification at $49/yr). And for only $9.00/mo. to subscribe to the Professional level subscription, you will also receive EMF Consultant Business Development training articles on top of public news and Member Continuing Ed. Becoming a member is easy: https://emf-experts.news/best-emf-newsletter.

And, whichever level you opt for you can receive it (everything included) at half price for the rest of 2020 ($2.25 and $4.50 per month respectively).  Just select the member level you want and use the code: “Graduate” to receive the discount.

As soon as we see your paid subscription come across our desk, we’ll add your new EMF Professional Directory status to include the words, “Continuing Education Qualifications are Up to Date”.

And here is how your new up-to-date credentials will look in your directory listing:

As long as your EMF Expert News Member or Professional subscription is up to date, your EMF Professional Directory listing will reflect that your Continuing Education Qualifications are up to date.

Re-certification could not be easier, right?  As soon as you have subscribed to one of the member educational news programs your listing in the EMF Experts Directory will display that your continuing education is up to date.

Get all your questions answered here in the Recertification FAQs.

In a nutshell, we will deliver the continuing education and you will be responsible for staying current with it.  We have never believed that we needed to be the recertification police, and since it takes many hours to write each news article and we feel our time is better spent doing that.

How to access this (optional) Quiz?  Simply “Join the Classroom (Free)”, if you haven’t already. I’ll approve you and I’ll add the “EMF Experts Annual Quiz” to your student account where you’ll see it in “My Courses”.  If you have already joined the classroom then you simply login and go to My Courses. Plan on visiting My Courses to take a new annual Quiz each year in January.  

Have More Questions about Recertification?  Again, here are the details:

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Jini Jones

I'm a proud graduate of EMF Experts Consultant Certification training, and I've volunteered to come on board to help the EMF Experts trainers get trustworthy EMF information in the hands of more people. EMF Detection and Protection info is today's must-have skill in a world of rising EMF exposure caused by burgeoning wireless technology use, and that is why thousands of people worldwide visit www.EMF-Experts.com every week seeking help for EMF issues and hundreds participate in their training courses. So, as a great start, I hope you enjoy these free news articles! Information is power, and the mission of EMF Experts News is to help us all be more informed and powerful on our own behalf.
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