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EMF Tutorial to Help you Find the 5G Celltower Locations Near You

5G Celltower Locations is the new Need-to-Know Info

5G is here, invading one neighborhood after another. 

With 5G, however, comes a new paradigm of wireless communication that to operate requires more 5G celltower locations and 5G antennas in a denser array than ever previously seen, and with this increased coverage and faster data speed comes more biologically-untested radiation including the new 5G frequencies that mankind has never before been exposed to.

Cellphone companies have accelerated their braggadocio persuading consumers of their need for better, faster, more available 5G service as 5G-enabled cellphones begin to flood the market. And to service them sneaky 5G antennas far less identifiable than previous celltowers are popping up with record speed since they sidestep the 5G celltower location approval-process for communication towers.

Are there 5G Antennas Near Me?

Low bars or slow cellphone data is not  a clue to where the 5G antennas  are, their small cell technology makes them not easily identifiable in shapes like soup cans or shirt  boxes or hats, and their stealthy overnight installation has them suddenly appearing before our unsure eyes on street lights and utility poles. And while this is happening every day we read that more and more 5G satellites are being deployed and we witness old familiar celltowers being fitted with bewildering must-be-5G appendages.

Despite the difficulty we really do need to know where the 5G antennas are, in order to distance ourselves from them as much as possible, for our own protection.  

Furthermore knowing where the antennas are will tell us even more that can help us protect ourselves. Such as how many antennas there are at a single pole and what each antenna is exposing us to in terms of both power level and frequencies.

A typical consumer EMF meter cannot tell us this.  It can tell us if there is an antenna in the vicinity and other helpful information, but only if we know how to use the meter correctly and interpret its results knowledgeably.

So, with or without a meter, it all begins with the simplest and least expensive EMF detection and protection strategy of all —  knowing where the towers are and understanding the information about them that will enable us to evaluate our exposure.

Locating 5G Celltowers Near You is Need to Know Info

This 30 minute online training Is There a 5G Celltower Near Me? (Regular $120 Value), is now being offered by EMF Expert Founder, Electrical Engineer Chris Young, for a limited time for only $14.00 USD

This free, no-strings training also includes a 4-page download summary sheet with guidelines to enable you locate any celltower you wish to identify or investigate in the future. As well as a $75 Gift Coupon for future training with Chris Young.

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