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Songwriter Offers Free 10-Song Album in Support of Those Dealing with Environmental Illness

The Face of Environmental Illness

Room for the Weak is a free 10-song album by Arizonan Treesha deFrance about life with chronic illness, chronic fatigue syndrome, chemical sensitivities, electrosensitivity, and all the unwanted sidekicks accompanying the biological effects of technology.

The song styles range from rock to reggae influenced to ambient. The lyrics are reflective of decades of living within these circumstances. They can be downloaded at no charge from Treesha’s website.

Please Don’t Forget About Us is a particularly poignant plea, an ambient song from her free disability arts album Room for the Weak.

When you have a chronic illness or a disability, and are afflicted with challenges that are all you can handle on some or most days, you really must rely on others for help. In one area, advocacy, this help is absolutely essential for raising awareness to move the cause forward, because you aren’t up to that sort of work.

Treesha deFrance

This is not a condition anyone would choose to have. It can be more disabling than many other diseases and yet it is only in recent years receiving a small amount of the attention it truly deserves and needs. Being at home, being in bed, being away from the rest of the world most of the time can lead to abandonment and being forgotten.

Please Don’t Forget About Us is a plea to everyone out there – to friends, family, doctors, governments — that environmental illness needs a solution. Please is a plea to be believed.

So Please Don’t Forget About Us. Thank you for your help.

Photo Credit: Treesha deFrance – Side Effect of Technology from “Room for the Weak”

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