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PBS Brings Us “Cell Phone Safety” & “The Dangers of Radiofrequency Radiation”

What's Important about Radiofrequency Radiation

Looking for a terrific but brief free online video by a well-known TV personality to introduce others to the must-know info about the dangers and safe use of wireless communication when it comes to radiofrequency radiation?

PBS’s popular show “Burt Wolf’s Travels and Traditions” is our top pick of recent documentaries. This highly respected show is dedicated to explorations of Burt Wolf as he investigates our world, how we fit into it, and what he discovers can improve our lives and our understanding of the world around us.

It recently included two excellent episodes on cell phones and wireless radiation. They are a must-watch for everyone just beginning to learn about these growing issues. Surprisingly thorough for the traditional half hour time slot they are produced for, these episodes are well researched and the perfect films to screen in your home, school or community to get people interested in the biological safety issues surrounding wireless technology. 

Watch both episodes online:
  “Short Guide to Cell Phone Safety” and
The Dangers of Radiofrequency Radiation”

Watch additional material from these episodes, and from dozens of seasons’ broadcasts, at Burt Wolf’s official site. A quick look at his “About” page will astound you with his prolific far-ranging career in popular media broadcasting, as well as his many accomplishments as a journalist and author.

Viewers have enjoyed over 4,000 segments Burt has produced for CNN (Cable News Network), 800 segments for ABC (the American Broadcasting Company), 125 half-hour programs for the travel division of The Discovery Channel, and 350 half-hours for public broadcasting in the United States.

Ongoing programs are broadcast on Public Television to 90% of the television homes in the United States, then translated into Russian, Polish, Ukrainian, Romanian, Bulgarian, Mandarin and Korean and syndicated to an international audience of over 100 million.

All of which makes Burt Wolf a trusted voice on improving our lives by understanding of the world around us.

Photo Credit: Burt Wolf’s Travel and Traditions PBS TV series (Episode 1808).


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