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With the levels of EMF rising daily in our world I’m thinking that the time has come for us concerned citizens to stretch ourselves a bit more in expressing our concerns, even if we are reluctant to call ourselves activists!

Take me for example. I never in my life thought of myself as an activist. But, despite that, I figured out how to do what I already do and BE ACTIVE making a positive difference about my EMF concerns. How? The same way you can. In my case, I have a background in media communication arts and a big concern about rising EMF levels, so I combined them and found my niche. Voila, I now assist online EMF businesses to find their media communication voices online and get EMF issues and solutions heard out there in a bigger way.

Take you for example. You too have skills from your background that the EMF awareness movement can certainly use. For starters you have all this passion for making a change, though probably like me you’ve never remotely considered yourself as an “activist”. But what to do with all that passion!  

You could turn your passion into an income! Consider getting some Professional EMF training to see what people just like you are doing with theirs, and how easily and diverse EMF know-how can combine with various existing skills.

So, what if all you have is passion? Ever thought of becoming a certified consultant specializing in advising EMF Activist groups!  Did you know that you can make very good consulting fees coaching parent groups, or school boards, or HOAs, on how to be more effective when it comes to EMF situations they are up against?  There are lots of inspiring real-life example of success stories to emulate.   EMF Consultants are doing very well in this ‘activist consulting specialty’, and concerned citizen groups are growing every day, plus they are quite happy to raise the funds to obtain professional help in guiding their efforts.

Too “far out” there? Okay then. How about something closer to home, like writing some ‘letters to the editor’ to your community newspaper, school bulletins, company blogs, favorite magazines, or neighborly news networks like Have you poked around in the EMF-Expert News Stories Archive for inspired letter writing campaigns, such as the concerned-citizen letter to the Electrical Utilities, or the Neighborhood HOA, or the Community Theater?

Too much time commitment? How about offering to host an evening event screening to your school, or church, or library, wiht an educational copy of the film documentary:  Generation Zapped. Sell popcorn to recoup the rental fees.

Or hosting a screening of the film documentary “Screenagers”, which deals solely with the growing, urgent problem of technology addiction among young people and its developmental repercussions. It could even be a ticket-sales fund raiser if your church, or school, or youth group, or parenting organization was more motivated by that aspect; and the Screenagers organizers will even handle all the online ticket sales for you!

Both films are directed at parents and teachers.  And each film is a powerhouse agent for change.  I have seen each one turn a school board around in an hour! Just saying.

Hmmm, all sounding a bit too ambitious? No problem. There is a way for you too to express yourself on this EMF issue. How about posting some (super passive) subtle yet polite NO EMF ZONE signs in your office, or some other people-place, or in your car window, or even on your fridge.  You’ll find some Free terrific printable signs here. What could be easier.

From what I’ve seen anyone can become ACTIVE, at whatever their comfort level, without defining themselves as an EMF Activist. There are as many ways to do as there are concerned citizens.

And you know what they say (with my apologies to Edmund Burke for paraphrasing wildly here), “For bad EMF to flourish in the world takes only good people to do nothing”.

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