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How To Become a Credentialed EMF Consultant in 9 Weeks

There's EMF Training and then There's EMF Consultant Certification Training

Training to Become a Certified EMF Consultant is as Easy as 1, 2, 3.

  1. EMF consultant certification training you can begin today? You got it.
  2. EMF detection and protection training on your own schedule? You got it.
  3. EMF one-on-one mentoring, individualized just for you? You got it.

Achieving Certified EMF Consultant Credentials in 9 Weeks? DONE.

And the advantages of EMF Experts certification training just keeps on getting better – as a Graduate you get a FREE EMF Professional Directory listing for life so potential clients can find you, plus the availability of EMF Continuing Education and One-on-One ongoing support and EMF business coaching with tried-and-true advice.

EMF Consultant Certification Webinars-on-Demand with One-on-One Mentoring.

The ideal EMF Professional training, with all the most-requested features, has just been developed after months of combing through graduate feedback in response to the question, “Any suggestions on how can we improve our training?”

Here it is, launching this month for the first time. EMF Consultant Certification training designed to give you the best of all worlds: an immediate training start date, the convenience of stop/start webinars on your own schedule 24/7, and the dedicated attention of a personal EMF Consultant mentor who knows you, understands your learning style and is dedicated to your goals. 

EMF Experts has been graduating successful Certified EMF Consultants for over a decade, and the process has been labor intensive and long. But now, by distilling years of training experience and thousands of pages of training content down to its essence, with our new course “Webinars and One-on-One“, we can certify graduates with twice the amount of bona fide EMF education in half the time.

Today you can become an EMF Professional Consultant, with the most respected certification credentials in the world, in only 9 weeks. And you can do it training one-on-one with the best, authentically EMF educated, most qualified and experienced trainers in the EMF Consultant industry.

When we began our training, based on over 8 decades of combined Electrical Engineer (me) and Health Science (Patricia) education and experience, there was nothing else like it! And, in actual fact, today there still isn’t.

Back then the need for EMF detection and protection training was becoming clear to those who were being jolted awake reading the wake-up-call books that were the first of hundreds that have since flooded on the market. Groundbreaking books and documentaries like:

  • Electromagnetic Fields, A Consumers Guide and How to Protect Ourselves (1997), Levitt.
  • Public Exposure: DNA, Democracy and the Wireless Revolution (2000) EON
  • Cellphones, the Invisible Hazards in the Wireless Age (2001), Carlos
  • The Powerwatch Handbook, Simple Ways to Make You and Your Family Safer (2006), Philips

And the two that came out the momentous year that the WHO declared cellphone radiation as a Group 2B Carcinogen – 2011:

  • Zapped, Why Your Cellphone Shouldn’t be Your Alarm Clock and 1,268 Ways to Outsmart the Hazards of Electronic Pollution (2011), Gittleman
  • Disconnect, the Truth About Cell Phone Radiation, what the Industry is doing to Hide it, and How to Protect Your Family (2011) Davis

In the intervening years, as the world has woken up to the biological risks of EMF-based power and wireless technology and the challenges of living with it safely, the demand for quality trained EMF professionals has skyrocketed commensurate with the levels of concern and alarm. Today its common, in fact, for our students receive calls for help from prospective clients the same day they graduate as Certified EMF Consultants.

That is why I am writing this article today – in some ways I am writing on behalf of a needful world — reaching out to those looking for EMF Consultant Certification training that offers authentic EMF education you can trust to prepare you step by step for an in-demand, rewarding new consulting career where you can “do well while you do good”.

What’s it Take to Become a Certified EMF Consultant?

In a nutshell, about 60 hours of your life; hours that are invested so richly that they will continue to reward you and enrich the larger world with high yield dividends forever.

Certification can be achieved in as little as 9 weeks, however since one of the features of this training is that it is self-paced, you decide when to watch the video-delivered classes, and you decide when to schedule your one-on-one mentoring phone calls, you could decide to absorb it more slowly. You have up to 6 months from enrollment.

Certification Component 1  delivers the self-guided prerequisite classes  that enable you to begin right away with video-rich  training webinars, totaling 24-30 teaching hours, at your own pace.

Certification Component 2 begins on your schedule, whenever you have completed Component One classes.  It delivers Twelve 90 minute consultant certification webinar classes, each class followed by a one-on-one personal phone mentoring session that you schedule at your convenience with your webinar instructor, Electrical Engineer, Chris Young.

 Component 2 is comprised of 20 webinar teaching hours plus 4 hours of personal phone mentoring. Plus, it includes binder-ready class notes, numerous EMF consultant support resources, 12 Quizzes and 12 suggested EMF-practice assignments,  all pertaining to the training content in each class.

Successfully completing Certification Component 1 (the prerequisite webinars) and Certification Component 2  (the self guided webinars-on-demand and one-on-one mentoring) leads to graduation as a Certified EMF Expert Consultant in as little as 9 weeks (by planning for 2 classes per week and 2 one-on-one phone sessions per week).

However the learning pace, and the scheduling of one-on-one mentoring is entirely up to you. You have 6 months (18 weeks) in which to complete all your training.  Successful completion of all classes and quizzes results in certification as a EMF Expert Consultant with a listing in EMF Experts Professional Directory.  

What’s Certification Training Like?

Drop into the EMF Experts Certification Training Classroom to peruse the certification training course overview, pick up your 14 page training info packet (with $500 Discount Code), and check out your tuition payment options available at enrollment.



What’s Being an EMF Consultant Like?

Enroll in the FREE Class “A Day in the Life of An EMF Consultant“, watch a 55 minute video, and walk through the how/what/why/where/when of being a Certified EMF Consultant with me, your instructor (Electrical Engineer, Chris Young) to see where this training can take you, how it can financially reward you, and if EMF Consultant Certification is for you.     

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Chris Young

Chris has been a licensed Professional Electrical Engineer for over 40 years, practicing in nearly half the States in the USA and serving as CEO of Executive Engineering Services for companies dedicated to making electrical power safer for people. His areas of professional expertise include utility, industrial, commercial and government entities, as well as private homes and work places. Though Chris was once an avid electronic technophile working in a corporate WiFi cloud, with constantly ringing cellphones holstered on each hip accommodating the 30 international engineering services offices reporting directly to him, his growing concern for Electrosmog, the consumer obliviousness to it, and the lack of expert understanding of biological hazards along with the lack of health-minded safety standards to deal with it, prompted him to retire early in order to devote his expertise to being part of the bigger solution - living with our technology safely and using it knowledgeably. Today, in addition to his highly respected training of worldwide Certified EMF Expert Consultants. Chris serves on the IEEE committees reviewing EMF safety standards, and he is a highly sought after leading authority on EMF Detection and Protection.

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