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Looking for an EMF-Free Retreat Property with an Investment Opportunity?

EMF-Free Property in Washington, the Evergreen State

UPDATE: This EMF-free property sold in April 2020, shortly after being published here. Shows us all how desirable zero-EMF properties are. Thank you to all readers for your interest. Remember if you are looking to buy/sell an EMF property, home, retreat etc, refer to our Classified Ads.

Have you been looking for an EMF-free property in the country?  With a beautiful home, acreage, pond, creek?  Tiny community with about five vegetarian residents?  Off the grid? 

Do you have $275,000 to pay for half the purchase price?  Or have you been wanting to sell your home in an EMF-infested location and would then have the funds?

I am ready to purchase this property in NW Washington state & live in it.  There is room to meditate & exercise; it has six fruit trees & will have a garden & more fruit trees.  Edible mushrooms & trails abound.  We can rent rooms, campsites and a couple RV spaces to those who want to spend time away from the chaos of urban living & to those who are sensitive to toxic EMF radiation from cell phones and WiFi.  It will become a vortex of Light that will radiate out to all of Washington state and to the world.

Or would you rather get 10% annual return on your money by investing $275,000 and not living there?

Because I plan to own the property and live there, you (the Investor) will not have to deal with tenants, maintenance, taxes, insurance or monthly payment on the $275,000 bank first mortgage that I am obtaining.  (Or you can invest $550,000 and there would be no bank first mortgage.)  BTW, I have had over 22 years investment experience, having owned an S Corporation investing in residential real estate from 1986 until 2008.  The name was Pacific Homes/Homequest, Inc. (Homequest) and had 14 employees, with 321 homes bought and sold.

Earnings on your investment would be from the appreciation of the property at end of seven years (longer or shorter, depending on your needs.)  The annual return is based on appreciation history of Whatcom County over the past 33 years, and also based on you the Investor receiving 75% of appreciation over the next seven (or more or less) years.  This results in an estimated 10% annual return. 

If this interests you at all, please text me at 360.715.8000 and we can talk.  Or email me at  Or just contact me to ask questions.

Time is of the essence because other potential buyers are also considering this property.

Katie Lawson is a catalyst, a Certified International Life Coach, assisting others to reach their goals and fulfill their desires. She is the author of:  ‘Rejuvenate Naturally; Anti-Aging IS Possible’, and the eBook  ‘Depression Dissolvers; Tips to Lift Your Mood and Help End Depression‘, which are both available on Amazon.

Learn more about Katie’s Shorehaven Academy offering personal retreat experiences. For help reducing your EMF exposure visit Katie’s Certified EMF Expert Consultant listing in the EMF Professional Directory

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