Do We Need a New Classification for the Mental Effects of EMFs?

Mental Illness and Wireless Technology

BY SHARON BARR -May, 24, 2019

Living in Kansas City, Missouri  (the “Show Me” State) presents special challenges as an EMF Expert Consultant.

How, exactly, do you SHOW someone magical, invisible waves and convince they are a real threat to public health and safety? The tendency, here in the Midwest, is to turn a blind eye towards it.

As Kansas City’s first Certified EMF Safety Consultant, I am continually surprised at the public’s (willful) ignorance on this topic.  My 16 year background in Occupational Therapy working with healing, frequency-based, modalities of the day has paved the way for my understanding of the bio-effects of EMF’s and pulsed, microwave radiation.

My own EHS symptoms have proven to me, time and time again, that it is real.  My almost two decades of observations of our hospital patient population has convinced me that many people are suffering from EHS here in the U.S..  They are continually misdiagnosed and subsequently (mis)treated in hospitals that have higher rates of electro-smog pollution than the general population…which is WHY I am EHS today. 

But the worst part of turning a blind eye to wireless pollution is what we are doing to our children.  They are our ONLY future and we are destroying them with our inability to accept the fact that RFR’s are changing them on a very fundamental level, both physically and neurologically.  And it only gets worse with each passing generation of broken DNA compounded upon more broken DNA.

Being a mother (bear) allows me to see the importance of protecting our children and it has been a huge passion for me here in Kansas City as I try to get the word out to other parents.  I attend Teen Suicide Conferences and events; trying to impart the knowledge that EMF’s are permanently damaging their children’s ability to think rationally, creating anxiety and depression, while increasing impulsivity and bullying.  A deadly combination, it seems, as teen suicides have skyrocketed in the last 30 years.

 See my article on the Teen Suicide – EMF Connection here : www.raisingthebarronhealth.comPlease pass it on yourselves if you’re so inclined. You might save a life.

 For most people that I talk to, it is their very first time that this idea of “magical waves” as being a root cause of this condition (or any other condition) has ever crossed their minds.  What I see most often, though, isn’t a desire to learn more about it, but the exact opposite!  They become resentful of … and then resistant to… this game changing information as their own cognitive dissonance and decades of programming kicks in.  It shocks me every time!

I recently tried to inform some parents at a local child care center that the behemoth cell tower over it was harming their children.  I did this after contacting the child care center itself and got the same resentment and resistance (likely financially driven). I thought I should do a community service.  These parents needed to know….right?

Now I can understand human greed. It happens all the time.   What surprised me, though, was some of the employees who vehemently defended their place of employment (and where they also get their own cheap child care) as in, “I’ve worked here 10 years and it hasn’t hurt me yet!”

There were also parents with low verbal skills that also chose to hate on me for sharing this in SPITE of the mountains of information I gifted them with at my own expense!   They didn’t read it. They didn’t follow the links and research it.  They CHOSE to remain willfully ignorant and instead, decided that I was somehow the enemy to their peace of mind and resorted to name calling as in “Tin foil hat wearing PSYCHO” and threatened me with physical violence! Are you kidding me?!

You can see how it went, here, on my YouTube channel:   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KxEzXQLpTyM

And the follow up video:

If the issue of celltowers near daycare centers resonates with you as a concerned citizen, please give my video(s) a “thumbs” up and comment.  It seems that that this facility and its followers have made it their mission to attack ALL my videos in the first few days after this was published. I need your help here in KC!) 

The BioIniative Report shows us that EMF’s and RFR’s have been proven to affect our mental states.

For More Info Refer to: https://bioinitiative.org/wp-content/uploads/pdfs/BioInitiativeReport-RF-Color-Charts.pdf

 The HIPPOCAMPUS – Our center for emotions and long term memory.  It’s part of our “reptilian” brain and plays a huge part, along with AMYGDALA in our emotional “triggered” responses that the prefrontal cortex then overrides.

The PREFRONTAL CORTEX– Responsible for executive functions and the organization of thoughts, the ability to associate memories with current environment and for planning a person’s response to complex issues.  It’s our voice of reason, helping us to make rational decisions rather than ones based on impulsiveness and emotion.  It does not fully develop until the mid 20’s which is why teens are so naturally impulsive and don’t always make the best decisions.

The PARIETAL LOBE – responsible for processing language and aids in attention based coordination.  Located at the side of your head where your hold your phone.

The THALAMUS -is in the center of the brain and controls attention span and pain signals as well as other sensations the body feels. Our attention span has decreased by nearly a quarter of what it used to be in just 15 years. https://www.wyzowl.com/human-attention-span/

The POSTERIOR MEDIAL FRONTAL CORTEX – It has been shown that magnetic pulses to this portion of the brain decrease social conscience and an awareness of “God”…in other words, human empathy. Conclusion – Don’t hold the phone to your head if you want to stay connected to your own humanity. https://academic.oup.com/scan/article/11/3/387/2375059

The VAGUS NERVE –  A master nerve that innervates the bulk of your internal organs and is responsible for maintaining balance in sympathetic/parasympathetic nervous system.  The constant vibration of pulsed microwaves at a cellular level are stressing this nerve in particular.  EMF’s up-regulate your nervous system and people who are highly exposed are in a constant state of ‘ fight or flight stress’ with higher cortisol levels, increased inflammation and lowered immune response and adrenal fatigue.  .

If you add all these effects together you get what I’ve been seeing. People who are:

  • Too easily emotionally “triggered’.
  • Who lack rational thought processes.
  • Who lack the attention span required to read something longer than 3 sentences or do the research themselves.
  • Who lack the rational desire to TRY to absorb the info in spite of the fact that their children’s very lives may endangered by an ACKNOWLEDGED environmental toxin.
  • They can’t verbalize their rationale very well without resorting to name calling and shouting down the opposition to their long held beliefs.
  • And they either run away from the information (flight) or go into “fight” mode and shoot the messenger.
  • And they are easily manipulated into this resistance by constant, small bites of disinformation that is repeatedly shown them in the mainstream media by the very agencies that are SUPPOSED to be protecting us. They can’t grasp the concept that they ARE (or the science is) being manipulated or they are too frightened to “go down that rabbit hole”. https://www.webmd.com/cancer/brain-cancer/news/20001219/no-cell-phones-dont-cause-brain-cancer#1


Although “Wireless Dementia” is a term I’ve seen bandied about, I believe that it only applies to the memory and brain fog issues resultant of EMF’s.   This above collection of symptoms, in my opinion, should be called “Wireless Derangement Syndrome” and we are already seeing it in the first generation of the adult population exposed to it.  Heaven help us when the 2nd generation comes of age…that is …if you haven’t already lost the ability to believe in something higher than yourself.   Pat yourself on the back for having the attention span to get through this entire article.  And for God’s sake… Put down your phone and save your children!

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Sharon Barr

Having worked in the field of Occupational Therapy for 16+ years prior to certification as an EMF Expert Consultant, my healthcare background and personal alternative wellness experience, along my certification, makes me ideal for bringing EMF education to other healthcare practitioners, school boards, and the concerned general public with an eye towards activism. Available for group education and home evaluations.

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