Speaking Up about the Celltowers Looming Over Our Daycares!

A Concerned Citizen Ventures into Awareness Raising

I recently tried to inform some parents at a local child care center that the behemoth cell tower over it was harming their children.  I did this after contacting the child care center itself and got the same resentment and resistance (likely financially driven) that I mentioned in my article discussing how chronic wireless exposure affects our mental functions.

I thought I should do a community service.  These parents needed to know….right?

Now I can understand human greed. It happens all the time.   What surprised me, though, was some of the employees who vehemently defended their place of employment (and where they also get their own cheap child care) as in, “I’ve worked here 10 years and it hasn’t hurt me yet!”

There were also parents with low verbal skills that also chose to hate on me for sharing this in SPITE of the mountains of information I gifted them with at my own expense!   They didn’t read it. They didn’t follow the links and research it. 

They CHOSE to remain willfully ignorant and instead, decided that I was somehow the enemy to their peace of mind and resorted to name calling as in “Tin foil hat wearing PSYCHO” and threatened me with physical violence! Are you kidding me?!

You can see how it went on my “Energy Health KC” YouTube Channel:

If the issue of celltowers near daycare centers resonates with you as a concerned citizen, please give my video(s) a “thumbs” up and comment.  It seems that that this facility and its followers have made it their mission to attack ALL my videos in the first few days after this was published. I need your help here in KC!) 

We are already seeing the mental effects of wireless technology in the first generation of the adult population exposed to it.  I have discussed these effects in detail in my article dealing with Wireless Dementia and, what I now refer to, from my unique perspective as a trained healthcare provider, as “Wireless Derangement Syndrome“.

Here I voice my concern that what I have written about is eerily similar to what I have been experiencing when attempting to raise awareness as a concerned citizen, and even when offering my professional help as an EMF Expert Consultant.

Heaven help us when the 2nd generation comes of age…that is …if you haven’t already lost the ability to believe in something higher than yourself.   Pat yourself on the back for having the attention span to get through this entire article.  And for God’s sake… Put down your phone and save your children!

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Sharon Barr

Having worked in the field of Occupational Therapy for 16+ years prior to certification as an EMF Expert Consultant, my healthcare background and personal alternative wellness experience, along my certification, makes me ideal for bringing EMF education to other healthcare practitioners, school boards, and the concerned general public with an eye towards activism. Available for group education and home evaluations.

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