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Managing Your Electrohypersensitivity or Helping an EHS Family Member

Electrohypersensitivity Can be Managed with a Little Know How

Far and away the most important step is to reduce your own exposure to EMF. There is a lot of helpful advice on the EMF-Experts.com website.

Above all else, if you have a smartphone turn it off at night or switch it to ‘flight’ / ‘airplane’ mode. Make sure everyone in your home does this too.

If you have wifi, switch your router off at night. Better, do not have wifi, use hard-wired internet access by connecting your computer with an ethernet cable and switch wifi functions off on your router so it functions only as a modem. Use a mobile phone only in emergencies and carry a basic phone switched off, and avoid smartphones completely.

If at all possible, get a professional consultant from our EMF Professional Directory to survey your home and advise you on how to reduce EMF and where is safest to sleep. If this is not possible, buy or hire an EMF meter and take your own measurements; identify the location with lowest measurements and use that to sleep in.

Protect Your Sleeping Space

You may also benefit from using a protective bed canopy or sleeping bag. These can sometimes be hired for you to test if they are helpful to you. If you have to be in an environment with wifi or with someone who has a smartphone, position yourself as far away from the router or phone as possible.

An effective bed canopy can be constructed quickly and easily from using instructions developed by EMF-Experts, which are available on this website. The use of metal bug screen on windows or even to make a Faraday cage around your bed is also effective, if possible earthed, but if you have 5G in your location the size of the mesh needs to be small.

Line a hat with an EMF-protective cloth or paper and wear this as much of the time as possible; use the protective product in a cushion you can sit on during the day and which can also be put into a pillow case at night. The products which absorb rather than reflect EMF are to be preferred for this purpose, if available.

Plan EMF Respites

If you have found an EMF-free place you can visit for respite eg somewhere you can stay out of town, go there as often as your schedule permits, and even consider moving there.

At other times, try to Earth (ground) yourself as often as possible by standing on bare ground (not pavement, concrete etc) with bare feet. If you are able to go to the beach, standing on damp sand with bare feet should briefly block your reactions. If your location is inland, the same effect can be achieved by soaking in a detox bath of sea salt, Himalayan pink salt or Epsom salts (more on this later).

Practical Measures

Metal jewellery and personal items eg zips, spectacle frames, wired bras should be avoided as these act as an antenna. Metal dental restorations should be removed and replaced with inert materials.

Professionally Recommended Measures

The other principal measure recommended by Prof Belpomme is to take a supplement called Immun’ Age, which is made from fermented papaya. This improves the circulation to the brain. It is made in Japan and may be hard to obtain at present. It is some help to eat papaya fruits in the raw natural state (caution if diabetic as they are quite sweet), and you can ferment them yourself at home – this reduces the amount needed and is quite easy to do. If you cannot obtain papaya, other anti-oxidants you can use include green tea (which is inexpensive and readily available), vitamin C high dose supplements, lemon juice.

A herbal tea containing cratageus (hawthorn) has some of the same benefit to improve circulation (caution: can lower blood pressure, seek professional advice if you have any cardiovascular conditions); it can be blended with green tea and at night scutellaria (skullcap: caution very soporific, meaning sleep inducing) can be added, which relieves headaches and promotes better sleep.

I myself have found that a reasonably effective alternative to papaya, if this is unavailable or contraindicated, is to include in your diet daily:

  • a drink with freshly squeezed lemon juice and hot water in the morning (Bergamot Lemon is even better);
  • a good serving of Swiss Chard, the yellow stemmed variety is best; (otherwise any other dark green leaf vegetable, bitter if possible – eg kale, spinach, watercress)
  • a good serving of lightly cooked berries such as blueberries and / or blackcurrants. Blackcurrants have a naturally occurring anti-inflammatory effect, as do the increasingly popular turmeric drinks.

Helpful Dietary Supplements

Some people find immediately following EMF exposure it is helpful to take vitamin C or a lemon juice drink, or a cup of green tea. Craving for oily fish is not unusual, and this is probably beneficial up to around 500g per week. Martin Pall’s regime would add the use of a dose of B12 following EMF exposure.

In my experience, echoed by several others, Magnesium is also very helpful. This is actually the only widely used measure which is genuinely preventative, rather than avoidance of or repairing injury. This is because magnesium acts as a calcium channel blocker, and the detrimental action of EMF is triggered through calcium channels (these are a protein in the cell membrane; they are probably genetically slightly different in those who are EHS and this explains why some people react more than others). Extra magnesium can be obtained from soaking in baths containing magnesium salts such as Epsom salts, and from eating extra dark green vegetables such as kale, spinach and Swiss chard; or from taking a magnesium supplement.

You should make sure you have a good intake of vitamin B12 and vitamin D (especially if living at a northerly latitude) and of Omega3-6 oils. My own advice would also be to try to obtain as high a proportion of dietary fat from vegetable sources and fish oils. If you are vegetarian (ie you avoid animal fats, dairy and eggs), coconut oil and Sea Buckthorn (an oil-rich berry) are helpful. If you are omnivorous, fish should be oily, but meat should be lean.

Special Consideration for Rx Drugs

Statin medications (prescribed for lowering cholesterol) are in my view at least relatively contraindicated for those who are EHS as oils and fats are needed to repair neurological damage, so avoiding absorbing them is counterproductive.

If you are on treatment for hypertension, ask to be prescribed calcium channel blockers in preference to other medications such as beta blockers, diuretic, ACE inhibitors, or at least as part of your regime. Calcium channel blockers reduce EHS symptoms significantly, but can lower blood pressure too much in those who are normotensive.

Mental Care and Well Being

EMF exposure can induce a state of mind with feelings of great desperation and beseeching for help; whilst entirely understandable in the circumstances, this is in fact a symptom caused by the disease, that the parts of the brain dealing with emotions and sensations are receiving inadequate blood supply so their functioning is disrupted. Whilst it is hard to use mindfulness techniques when in severe pain, but if you are able to, it can be a little help to tell yourself that it is not ‘you’ who feels like this, but the disease talking. If you go somewhere free of EMF, you will rapidly feel calmer and steady.

Richard Miller, a psychologist in California has developed a guided meditation technique called ‘iRest’ and there are practices specifically for dealing with pain and stress, as well as to get better sleep – here is an example: https://product.soundstrue.com/yoga-nidra/free-video-2

Dr Juliet Williams qualified MB BS from Kings College London in 1989 and has taught at Bristol University’s medical school (home to leading UK experts on electromagnetic radiation Professor Dennis Henshaw and Dr Andrew Tresidder) and on many other health-related courses. She has a long standing interest in environmental influences on health and is now a specialist adviser on environmental illness. To increase her knowledge of the effects of radiation and how to help people mitigate these, she successfully completed EMF Experts’ consultancy training, winning the Blue Ribbon top in her group and becoming the first EMF Experts Consultant in Britain.

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