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So Should We Just Stop Going to Theaters and Concerts?

Or Could Cellphone Protection Cases be the Answer

Several times this past year my husband and I have sat in the audience, submerged in the wireless electronic soup, when (as though to add insult to injury) someone’s cellphone rang and the performer on stage struggled to be gracious and accommodate the rude intrusion. 

The consummate gracious British performer Peter Noone (the teen songwriting prodigy of Herman’s Hermits) was one painful example; when the cellphone rang in the intimacy of a repertory theater he actually stopped his show to ask with a grin if it was for him.  Despite his attempts at smoothing it over, not only was the performance interrupted and the audience members enjoyment disrupted, but the mood broken and it took awhile before the performers on stage could regain their stride. There definitely was not “A Kind of Hush all over the World Tonight”.

The Paperback Writer band, during their Tribute to the Beatles concert, simply kept playing ignoring the ringing cellphones (and in the process reminding us all sometimes all you can do is ignore bad behavior). 

Ventriloquist, Paul Michael, turned to the endlessly ringing cellphone owner in mid conversation with his puppet dummy,  and asked if she would like to get that, and her reply was “I’m sorry, don’t know how to turn it off”. 

Regretfully I could go on with numerous other examples we have uncomfortably experienced at concerts, theaters and other public venues wherever large crowds of people gather. 

But there is more serious reason that cellphones in the theater have become unacceptable  …

As though poor cellphone etiquette was not enough, the microwave radiation from cellphones is shown in over 1,800 studies to cause serious health problems (please refer to https://bioinitiative.org for these studies – download “RF Color Charts” for a snapshot of the medical problems cellphones and WiFi both cause and aggravate). You will see causal evidence of biological harm like DNA breakage, hormone disruption, neurological damage (i.e. Alzheimers, ALS, Parkinsons etc), and numerous diseases including cancer and heart issues.

AND worse, this damage occurs not just to the cellphone’s owner/user but to anyone within 200 – 300 feet of an operating cellphone (which refers to any cellphone not in airplane mode).  This is because all exposure to wireless radiation interferes with our own inherent biological electrical systems, the electromagnetic signals that our DNA, neurons, and every cell of all physical bodies depends on to function properly.

If we do not allow smoking in the theater, or perfume chemicals, then please, we should not allow  second hand cellphone radiation, which is far more dangerous and  pervasive. It is a fact that there are those in our community who choose not to attend events in the theater because being there makes them feel unwell, although they cannot put their finger on why.  We now know that exposure to densely overlapping fields of radiation from dozens/hundreds of live cellphones is a  very common reason why.

These are some of the thoughts I put to paper and mailed off to our community theater organizers.

But what can we do? Stop going to theaters and concerts? Or any public place where there will be a crowd?

Here is one solution I have come up with … GIFTS for the event organizers, or the theater owners, or the performers themselves. I give out a Cellphone Blocking Bag with a letter that explains why they are so appreciated by audiences and performers alike!

Download this sample letter to Performing Arts organizers, modify it to suit your circumstance, and send it out to the pubic event organizers near you. These types of letters do get attention, and even more satisfying they get action.

It all begins with being willing to take a few minutes to consider how you can be perceived as part of the solution (even to a problem they are yet unaware of), and not just another chronic complainer. Not only do you present yourself as a person who cared enough to offer help, but you draw the decision makers into the discussion of EMF safety by offering gifts that represent solutions as well.

And who can resist a thoughtful gift?

Letter of Persuasion to Performing Arts Centers (editable pdf):

What Happened Then?

The Theater Organizers were in back touch with us within a couple of days, thanking us for the cellphone blocking bags, and saying they are looking forward to using them themselves. Yes, gifts are irresistible.

However, as far as using them in the theater was concerned, they would be completely unable to do this. Inviting more discussion I discovered …

Firstly, because it is in their contract with the performers that cellphones be allowed since most performers appreciate members of their audience taking photos and posting them on social media live, right from the event. They loved the ‘buzz’ and the free promotion.

Secondly, the performers themselves were wireless, since they preferred to roam around the stage, and in fact the audience, unfettered by wires. So, there already was, what did I call it?, “radio frequency exposure” from the wireless technology in the theater and they were very proud to be on the leading high-tech edge in their facility since it helped attract high quality entertainment.

Thirdly, because they felt they needed to provide a way for audience members to all 911 and receive help in a timely manner, should any medical emergency come up during a performance.

Fourthly, because they felt that most theater goers were not educated enough in the use of cellphone technology (she herself did not know how to put her cellphone in airplane mode she confided) to be able to comply with a cellphone ban, which would be out of the question in any case due to reasons one, two and three.

And so, the conversation ended in a head-spinning cycle of circular logic.

Although this may seem like a dead end, we’ve noticed time and time again that first foray into raising EMF awareness is usually is only a beginning of an ongoing dialog, and that sooner or later the topic will come up again and interestingly, with our business card kept handy, we are the first people they call. So, these “friendly forays” of demonstrated caring, that sometimes/often include gift giving, do serve a highly memorable and positive purpose if not now then later (and usually sooner than later).

What really got achieved when you stop to think about it, is that we now knew to also get in touch with the managers of the performers directly and bring them into the EMF consciousness raising conversation. Now that will be interesting. I can’t wait to hear what Herman’s Hermit will have to say.

And perhaps even better, this the entire topic of wireless pollution makes terrific comedic material for entertainers. Think of all the social satire!

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Patricia Young

Patricia Young is the author of several books that you'd find if you were wandering in the self-help section of your bookstore. Among the far ranging subjects her work has covered the most popular topics with her audiences is health self care. Her writings on biological protection from EMF radiation have been called "a lifeline for today's wireless technology users adrift in the rising sea of Electromagnetic exposure".

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