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The Real People Behind the ID Card Faces in a Fine Graduating Class of Certified EMF Expert Consultants

Meet the World's Newest Certified EMF Consultants

Quality trained EMF Consultants are hard to find and the demand keeps growing. The EMF Consultant Certification training courses that occur at are always a fast paced and exciting weeks, with one student breakthrough after another in EMF detection and protection, and continuous inspired revelations about the world of EMF Consulting.

Over the years we have trained thousands of students on a wide range of topics – all having to do with living with EMF safety — but the several hundred who have elected to become Certified EMF Expert Consultants are a special breed of student dedicated to making the entire world more EMF-safe for everyone living in it.

This training has been described as everything from life changing to life saving. One of graduates described it this way:

In the pale gray atmosphere of EMF, there is a beacon of bright light illuminating our way through this sea of electromagnetic pollution.

Steve Richards, EMF Expert Consultant (Certified 2015)

Steve was poetically referring to his certification course experience, but when we think about it from our perspective as trainers, what he is really describing are the beacons that are our Certified EMF Consultant graduates out there in the world lighting the way for others who are precariously navigating their way through the electrosmog.

Today we honor another fine group of graduates from the EMF Expert Consultant Certification course, who now join company with the hundreds of other beacons that are lighting our world with word-perfect- trustworthy EMF knowledge.

We thought you would enjoy a peak into the online graduation awards ceremony of the top achievers in their class, and have a fun candid look at the kind of people becoming Certified EMF Expert Consultants in the spring of 2020, as we say to them, “Thank you all for your fine effort”, you are what makes our EMF Experts Consultation Certification training the best in the industry.

The “Seal of Excellence” is the award  that is given all those who have achieved a passing grade exceeding 100 points. their ID Card will be imprinted with the royal blue Seal of Excellence.

We are proud to Announce the Winners of the Seal of Excellence:

Brandon Mellon of  California

  With 3 children under five, Brandon often had to juggle child care responsibilities with his EMF field work. But creating an EMF safer world for children is one of the reasons that Brandon enrolled in this training. Brandon and his wife, who has a building degree and is working on her contractor’s license, are committed to green living, and are looking forward to working together to create EMF clean, green, energy efficient and pretty homes in their rural area of northern California.  Congratulations on achieving the Seal of Excellence Brandon.

Zoran Zivkovic of Illinois

Zoran has been so busy with normal life, that he accomplished the Herculean task of completing all his assignments within the last two weeks of the course. His winning edge was the extra bonus points he earned with his innovative use of online polling about EMF awareness in his neighborhood gaining insights in his prospective client base. Zoran plans to run a family business of EMF Consultants and wants to help the most vulnerable, pregnant women and children. In a dash to the finish line Zoran has earned this Seal of Excellence.  Not an easy task Zoran, well done.

Mary Bann of Michigan

Mary is a successful real estate broker, and in her other life she is known as The Healthy Home Coach.  Mary has been a health advocate for many years. She hosts “Wellness Wednesday” classes where she teaches the importance of eating healthy, exercising, grounding, organic gardening and more. Pretty much anyone walking through her door receives a reminder about the importance of keeping their cell phone away from their body and she’s been successful getting many people to join in “Living The Airplane Mode Life”. Congratulations Mary, on attaining your Seal of Excellence.

Janet Miller of Idaho

Janet is the owner of Janilyn Interior Design, combining a keen understanding of how people connect with their spaces and over 20 years of interior design/decorating experience.  Janet is also a Feng Shui consultant.  So, it was no surprise that she perked right up when we got to the training content that had to do with EMF shielding fabrics and building materials, and when she discovered LessEMF.   Never before have I had to field questions like potential decorative treatments that could be done with fabrics or artistic treatments of building materials.  It has been a pleasure having my mind opened to the possibilities Janet.  Well done on your Seal of Excellence award.

Congratulations to all Seal of Excellence Winners for your fine course work.

The EMF Experts Award of Excellence Laurels

The The “EMF Experts Award of Excellence” is the award  that is given all those who have achieved a passing grade exceeding 110 points, which is only achievable by going to extra effort in their Field Work and Bonus Assignments.

These are the Graduates whose Consultant ID Card will be imprinted with the EMF Expert Laurels of Excellence on the back:

We have six students in this class who have achieved the Award of Excellence. This is the greatest amount of ‘excellence’ we have ever had in a graduation class:

Every one of these award winners placed in the top ten of the class.  Well done to all Award of Excellence Awardees (in no particular order):

Jordan Mitchell of Mississippi

  Jordan is the creator of the popular website, which is the repository for her overflow of talent as a health and wellness research writer for nutrition and herb companies.  Jordan started her website to help families shield themselves from electromagnetic pollution, after she herself became electro sensitive.  She also is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to self-care for Chronic Lymes Disease, which is known to have a causal link with EMF, and she’s been successfully managing both for many years.  Her brain-trust is a tremendous benefit to her many readers and followers.

Even while managing the hectic life of a mom with small children, Jordan managed to place fifth in the class. Warmest congratulations Jordan, for the fine work you put into every assignment.  Thank you for being an inspiration to the researcher in all of us. I am proud to recognize your certification with this added award of excellence, which will be imprinted on the back of your Consultant ID card.

Michael Zarrillo of North Carolina

   Michael is a professional engineer.  This course was ground breaking for him in several ways. Like all engineers, it is usually the engineer-minded students s among us who want to dive headfirst info the little known EMF issues, because nothing in an engineer’s extensive training or education has prepared him or her for the EMF exposure situation we have today. And so it is the pioneer independent thinking engineers, like Michael, who are blazing the trails.  That’s why it is always especially gratifying for me when a fellow engineer says, as Michael did, “I have several ideas regarding possible EMF protection products. I am also very interested in the concept creating of a living environment (community) for suffers of EMF and MCS”.  Michael’s daughter is EHS, and it will be a definite pleasure to see what he comes up with.

On behalf of professional engineers everywhere, who are dedicated to using their considerable skills to helping others, we all thank you Michael with this award of excellence.  You have achieved your certification with Honors, and with a standing of second place in this course.

Lisa Smith of Arizona

Lisa, the senior economist for a company dedicated to global hunger and poverty solutions with over 1,400 projects in more than 60 countries, and the mom of two teenagers. She came to this training looking for information that would help her and her planning committee in their goals to build the first low EMF Waldorf highschool.  As it happens, one of our daughters was a Waldorf poster child, literally, her four-year-old face was the face on Waldorf promotional posters for a time, and I knew Waldorf’s trailblazing alternative education approach well.   It also turned out that Lisa is an inventor of EMF protection products, which earned her bonus points. So, getting to know Lisa is one interesting discovery after another.  

Congratulations Lisa, on this award of excellence and your fine work during this course, which has earned you fourth place in the class. We all look forward to seeing what innovative EMF solutions and inventions you will share with the world next.

Rick Necker  of Nebraska

Rick had just re-wired his home with the help, in book form, of Carl Riley and it opened his eyes to EMF and its issues in a new way. This training has been very personal for Rick since he has seen such a great improvement in his wife’s health as he eliminated one source of EMF after another. From not being able to take two steps, Rick and his wife now enjoy going for walks.  And from this experience of gratitude Rick is looking forward to helping others in this regard. He certainly has the passion, and now with this training, in his words, he has the means.

Warmest congratulations Rick, on the fine achievement of attaining your Honors Certification with this Award of Excellence.  Your Eagle Eye Contest bonus points were just another way your keen observations led to many of your finest EMF assignments.  I am sure with your well earned Honors Certification you will enjoy having the experience of seeing even more people improve right before your eyes.  Well done Rick.

Chris Brown  of  Michigan

Chris brings his background as a talented animator, and an animation teacher. The information he gained on the biological dangers of working with technology was an eye opener for Chris since it touched his work life so closely. He was inspired to produce animated and interactive visualizations to help others communicate the ideas he’s been learning (and shooting for an honors award), but the recent virus lockdown has vastly increased his workload.  So, he’ll be pleased to learn that he has achieved honors recognition by just being a terrific learner, and one of the top honorees of the class, coming in third in class.

Animated congratulations Chris!  I cannot wait to see these EMF concepts come to life on the screen.  Your talent bears witness to the amazingly diverse range of EMF Consultant specialties, that lie waiting to be discovered in each of us.  


We realize that this certified consultant course work is extensive with over 1,000 pages of training content, over 30 hours of class-time plus field assignments, the work is demanding and that the pace is fast, and so we are always very proud of those who go the distance and achieve first place in this class.

The Student Achieving the First Place  Award of Excellence  Medal  is :

Allan Macdonald of San Antonio Texas. 

Allan was already doing EMF assessment and remediation consultations as part of his services as an HVAC business owner,  when he contacted us.  But more likely he added them to his business because he is so passionate about reducing EMF that he just couldn’t stop himself. The homemade flier that he sent us prior to enrollment said, “My goal is to raise your EMF awareness and lower your EMF exposure”.  Allan’s EMF Consultant goals are the same as  they have been from the beginning, never wavering. In Allan’s words, he plans to use his new EMF Expert certification to confidently deliver consultation, assessment and remedial services to residential and small commercial customers.

He writes that the EMF field in general is fantastic, one of the greatest business opportunities ever, and one that is soon to be in even higher demand.  He has positioned himself with the right credentials to take advantage of the growing opportunities, and to provide a much needed and useful service to the community to help people protect themselves against an unseen pervasive toxic enemy, to increase awareness, help people improve their health and save lives. He ends, with this simple statement –  It is a passion!

Allan attains this First in Class Certification credentials by not only having done all the assignments and the bonus assignments (and making them look easy), but he also earned extra points for everything there was to participate in, investigate, contact, or think about.

I encourage you all to congratulate Allan through the EMF Professional Directory.  To which I add my own Congratulations Allan.  It has been my great pleasure working with you and an even greater pleasure to award you with this First in Class medal today, which you have so deservedly earned with the fine work you put into every assignment. I appreciate the commitment you’ve made to get the very most from this training, and to make EMF awareness all happen for the world in a larger sense.


Lastly, we are pleased to award one person in every graduating class with this “EMF Expert Grand Award for Making a Positive Difference” award.

This person is chosen for their commitment to excellence, based on something more difficult to define. 

This winner of this award is not necessarily the most tech savvy person with the best online learning skills, nor the one who’s background is a perfect match for a new career as an EMF Expert, nor even the one with the highest score, but rather he/she is distinguished by a uniquely-you brand of passion for EMF’ness – a dedication to expanding EMF awareness in positive ways with purpose. More than a socially significant philosophy, it is a “way of being” that they enthusiastically participate in themselves, and unfailingly share with the world for the benefit of all.  

We are proud to announce – The Grand Award Winner for Making a Positive Difference for is

Elizabeth Kelley of Tucson Arizona

While doing her assignments for this course with one hand, Libby Kelley (as her friends know her) was masterminding an international EMF awareness raising medical conference, with the other hand.  Take a look at Libby’s EMF Conference , which was proudly sponsored by EMF Experts. You’re sure to be impressed by Libby’s passion and her organizational acumen.

 Libby has almost three decades of experience with EMF Education and Advocacy . She has managed policy appeals challenging the FCC, produced the groundbreaking EMF documentary “Public Exposure: DNA, Democracy and the Wireless Revolution”, and she has testified before hearings, University Senates, and the Arizona  Corporation Commission.

She has founded numerous 5G Groups, organized countless public events, presented on the hazards of 5G many times before public officials, and audiences nationwide.

Today she organizes highly respected EMF Medical Conferences, and manages the International EMF Scientist Appeal to the United Nations, now signed by over 245  scientists who have published EMF papers in professional journals. And in her spare time, she is on the phone providing uplifting advice to EHS people nationwide, and worldwide. 

All this, and more, since leaving her career in Public Health and Public Policy where she worked as a policy analyst for the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services in Washington D.C.

There is no question that Libby has made an EMF Positive Difference of Immense proportions.  Not just in the last weeks we have been lucky to have her with us in class, but for a lifetime before that.

Congratulations to Elizabeth Kelley for this award, which I am proud to present to you on behalf of fellow EMF teachers and your fellow students everywhere.  I invite you all to congratulate Elizabeth Kelley, EMF Safety Advocate, in person, via the EMF Professional Directory.

AND now …

Thank you ALL for your outstanding course work. Together we all make a positive difference.

I encourage anyone looking for the expert help of any one of these fine EMF Consultants to find them in the EMF Professional Directory and get in touch. You will be glad you did.

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Chris Young

Chris has been a licensed Professional Electrical Engineer for over 40 years, practicing in nearly half the States in the USA and serving as CEO of Executive Engineering Services for companies dedicated to making electrical power safer for people. His areas of professional expertise include utility, industrial, commercial and government entities, as well as private homes and work places. Though Chris was once an avid electronic technophile working in a corporate WiFi cloud, with constantly ringing cellphones holstered on each hip accommodating the 30 international engineering services offices reporting directly to him, his growing concern for Electrosmog, the consumer obliviousness to it, and the lack of expert understanding of biological hazards along with the lack of health-minded safety standards to deal with it, prompted him to retire early in order to devote his expertise to being part of the bigger solution - living with our technology safely and using it knowledgeably. Today, in addition to his highly respected training of worldwide Certified EMF Expert Consultants. Chris serves on the IEEE committees reviewing EMF safety standards, and he is a highly sought after leading authority on EMF Detection and Protection.

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