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New Skills for Teen Stress Resilience in the Digital Age

Time Limited Offer: View the Sequel to Screenagers at Home

Looking for some support to relieve the teen stress at your house? Or just looking for a great movie to watch together with your tweens, teens and young adults, while you are all home bound with the Coronavirus lock-down? More than just a conversation starter these documentaries are an eye opener for all, and they are packed with supportive solutions to help our kids grow up healthy and less stressed in this digital age.

The producers of Screeenagers: Helping Our Kids Navigate a Digital World and The Next Chapter: Skills for Teen Stress Resilience have made their two documentaries, which are ONLY ever screened at big audience events, available for home-bound families to watch by steaming video online, for this month only. This online screening offer is very rare since traditionally a key part of these organized screening events of these multi-award winning films has been the public dialog and parent/kid problem solving that spontaneously followed the millions of screenings that have been held worldwide to date.

Screeenagers: Helping Our Kids Navigate a Digital World takes a proactive look at teenage cellphone addiction and teen obsession with personal wireless devices, and what our kids face today growing up in a digital world. Watch the Screenagers trailer here.

The Next Chapter: Uncovering Skills for Stress Resilience deals with teen stress, including the heavy stress weighing on them in which cellphone technology plays a big part, such as obsessive gaming and social media use, the pressure to belong, cyber bullying, etc.

Watch both of the trailers for Screenagers and Next Chapter here and view the special time-limited offer.

While you are there learn more about hosting a film screening in your own community, school, library, church etc. And discover that the support does not end there …

Best of all parent and teen caregiver support continues as filmmaker and family physician DR. RUSTON, SHARES HER FAMILY’S WEEKLY TOPICS TO HELP all parents manage and reduce teen stress and parent/kid struggles around screen time and personal technology devices, with her weekly newsletter called Tech Talk Tuesdays.

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Patricia Young is the author of several books that you'd find if you were wandering in the self-help section of your bookstore. Among the far ranging subjects her work has covered the most popular topics with her audiences is health self care. Her writings on biological protection from EMF radiation have been called "a lifeline for today's wireless technology users adrift in the rising sea of Electromagnetic exposure".
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