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How are Successful EMF Consultants Growing EMF Business During Covid?

EMF Specialty Consulting is Growing for Insightful Consultants

Those consultants who have included other EMF related specialty services to their EMF business in addition to in-home or onsite EMF inspections are leading the pack, and their income has not suffered the usual down-tick of most small businesses.

In fact, many are succeeding to an even greater extent by offering high-demand services that, although are not person-to-person, are still very much one-on-one, individualized and personal.

A warm human pulse can still be communicated online and by phone, and the trick to keeping your EMF Consulting business growing successfully is the same as it always has been – it’s a matter of recognizing and filling a need. Covid has presented us with a new set of opportunities to recognize needs and fill them in new ways.

Here is a quick run-down of the consultant specialty services that have sprouted up thanks to Covid and are generating the most business (in order of client demand), and thus, offer the most potential to generate a growing income as an EMF Consultant graduate of EMF Expert Consultant Certification Training:

EMF Evaluation Specialists for New and Resale Homesites.
Now while there may not be an abundance of houses on the market as would-be sellers decide to stay put for awhile longer, there are a rising number of buyers. What is more in an attempt to stimulate economic growth, The USA Federal Reserve, like many other countries, has cut interest rates to record-breaking lows. The average rate on a 30-year fixed mortgage, 15 year and 5/1 year ARMs have all incredibly dropped below 3%.  Consultants who recognize this see new set of needs to be filled and adapt their marketing efforts to address it.

For example, buyers sift through the EMF Professional Directory looking for EMF Consultants who specialize in home buyer services and contact them directly to ask about a specific home they have found on Zillow or Realtor.com that they are considering purchasing (before contacting a real estate agent). This type of research can be easily done for potential home buyers online by a competent consultant who knows how to evaluate nearby powerlines and local antennas and towers.

Successful EMF Consultants make sure this clientele can easily find them. Make sure your directory listing specifically mentions that you consult on home purchases. And as a sub-specialty target the very large group of parents seeking EMF-safe homes for their newborns, which invites you to promote your services to pregnant, newborn or parenting groups in your area.

Low-EMF Neighborhood Reconnaissance Specialists.
Motivated by the unprecedented financial incentive of low interest rates many buyers are beating the bushes trying to find low-EMF homes while the rates are so low. Enterprising EMF consultants we know are happy to oblige. Scouring your area for low-EMF neighborhoods, or rural homes, and becoming a specialist in “low EMF neighborhoods” ahead of time, and advertising this expertise is a winning strategy. These can be historical neighborhoods that have eschewed celltowers due to their visual incongruity with the history of the area; the street where Trump’s Florida home is located is an example of this type of exception. There also can be many other situational reasons for a low EMF area to occur that trained EMF consultants will know.

Successful EMF Consultants contact realtors who are recognizing the growing customer demand for low EMF areas and are glad to form alliances with EMF consultants to help guide their buyers.

Home Owner Remediation Specialist.
The low interest rates are also prompting homeowners refinancing, in order to lower their monthly payments while freeing up cash for home improvements and, not surprisingly, EMF remediation tops the list of desired upgrades.

Successful EMF Consultants are recognizing that homeowners with newly found refi cash to do EMF remediation need advice on how to proceed. Becoming a specialist in do-it-yourself remediation materials is a booming area of EMF phone consulting at the moment.

Renter Remediation Specialist

Renters and homeowners alike were endowed with Covid payouts (typically $600 to $2,400 per household) and for those wishing to do EMF remediation it was found money.

Successful Consultants identified those renters with particularly high EMF exposure situations wishing to do EMF remediation. Remediation for rental spaces is even more highly specialized than for homeowners, so it. is not surprising that becoming a specialist in do-it-yourself rental remediation materials is booming.

Low-EMF Land Specialist for Prospective Home Builder
Becoming a specialist in outlying areas offering live-able land that is more out of EMF range of cell-towers, especially the 5G towers going up in densely populated urban areas, is another prospective market of buyers, and thus a rich source of EMF clients for you. Right now, renters are leaving urban areas in droves and rural areas are seeing unprecedented numbers of buyers of bare land with a mind to erecting stick-built homes, and installing quick-fix manufactured homes. For example, here in Arizona the outpouring of Californians looking to escape high density and high EMF living environments has swamped the market, and even manufactured homes are seeing a 8-10 month delay in delivery times as factories cannot keep up with the current demand.

Successful consultants are marketing their services to realtors focused on rural properties and land sales for would-be builders.

Making the Most of General EMF Phone Consulting

Offering general phone consulting will result in clients seeking help purchasing a new lower-EMF vehicles, computers, devices or appliances. Many of these clients have electrosensitivity. Also, clients seeking information on how things work, such as their LED lights, dirty electricity filters, or their consumer grade EMF meters.

Successful EMF Consultants who are car buffs are offering specialized consulting services to clients seeking for low-EMF vehicles. Those with an aptitude for teaching are consulting on how to use EMF meters. Those with and experience helping the electrosensitive are taking that approach. Make sure your EMF Professional Directory listing includes all the various services in the skill set you offer. The EMF Expert Consultants in the directory who have taken the time to construct the most inviting profile descriptions are the ones receiving the most contacts from wanna-be clients.

Teaming Up with Home Inspectors

EMF Consultants looking to expand their services to the home inspection market will find a wealth of contacts (over 27,000!) in the InterNACHI Directory of International Association of Certified Home Inspectors. You can expect that most of these EMF home inspections will be performed on vacant homes, which works to assuage Covid concerns.

Successful EMF Consultants have found the directories of related types of home inspections like InterNACHI, or EMF-related services such as electricians or contractors, offer a goldmine of contacts, professional alliances and marketing opportunities.

EMF Healthcare Consulting

Successful EMF Consultants are offering their consulting services to a wide variety of healthcare providers:

Genome Testing for EMF sensitivities.
Dr Ron Miller, founder of Nutrigenetic Research, who is a regular presenter at EMF Medical Conferences introduced EMF Consultants with a healthcare background to Genome Testing, in which a software program can identify SNPs linked to inability to handle EMF exposure. In conjunction with this, many consultants also team up with Naturopathic and Environmental Physicians to offer EMF reduction consulting services to their EMF sensitive patients, or EMF-aware patients.

Child Behavioral Disorder EMF Support
Parents of Autistic, ADD and other behavioral disordered children are fast becoming aware of the link to EMF found in a growing number of studies (BioIntiative Report). Concerned parents and parent support groups seek out EMF Consultations specializing in these types of disorders.

Technology Addiction Support
Additionally, parents of technology-addicted children are searching high and low looking for help; following the work of Dr Delaney Ruston can foster many professional alliances that bring these parents to you as a specialist of Addictive EMF Technologies

Diabetes EMF Support
For consultants with an interest or a firsthand connection with diabetes the requests for EMF consultations are rapidly growing, especially since Diabetes is one of the leading causes of disability and death in the United States. Health Officials say one in ten people will develop diabetes, but even more alarming with Diabetes’s close link with Covid deaths, specializing in diabetes support from an EMF reduction perspective is very timely. Magda Havas site is a great place to begin; her studies on Type 3 Diabetes, which is directly caused by EMF, are ground breaking. Diabetes support groups online are a good place to offer your specialized consulting services.

Activist Consulting Specialties

5G activism has increased since Covid hit the news. For better or worse the many social media posts disseminating the claim that “5G causes Covid” have increased public awareness of EMF exposure. Although 5G does not have a direct mechanism to instigate Covid directly, there is merit in the growing concern about the proliferation of 5G, and many citizen groups, such as parent-teacher groups, school boards, church groups, support groups of all kinds, are looking for knowledgeable advice regarding effective action strategies to implement.

Activist-minded prospective client groups are easy to find and approach on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc as they comb the internet looking for supporters. Many EMF Consultants have sought out preeminent activists to gain insight on offering activist-specialty consulting for various concerns and activities. Some notable examples of role-model activists are: Liz Barret (Telecomm Lobbying), Rinat Strahlhofer (Boycott of 5G Cellphones), Ellie Marks (Cellphone Caused Brain Tumors),

Online EMF Meetings and Conferences

Many consultants have learned to use Zoom in recent months, in order to provide face-time with clients seeking phone consultations. And once acquainted with how easy it is they have upped their game and brainstormed ways to take more advantage of the new interest in online meeting and consulting.

For example EMF Expert Consultant, Elizabeth Kelley, deftly moved her EMF Medical Conference from a brick and mortar event to an online event to accommodate Covid without skipping a beat. The online event attracted hundreds of attendees that would not have normally been able to travel many miles to attend, plus the conference benefited from its new venue in terms of attracting participants to its free online seminars. Whereas the first EMF Medical Conference was in-person, this second conference, held entirely online, has shown even more success.

Evermore Interesting EMF Related Specialties

Do you have a talent for artwork, or essential oils, or sewing, or teaching kids, or handyman projects, or any one of a number of useful skills? EMF Expert Consultants have always been encouraged to add EMF consulting to skills and experience and education that they already have. So, we find many consultants successfully sailing through the Covid times reviving new variations of their skill sets combined with EMF know-how.

The seamstresses are creating shielding clothing and bed canopies, the inventors are offering EMF shielding gadgets like smart meter and Wifi cages, the herbalists are offering detox remedies, the filmmakers are offering EMF video services to activists, the home-schoolers are offering consulting services for wiring in-home schools, the artists are offering EMF cartoons or logo services to EMF website owners, car buffs are offering low-EMF-car consulting services to buyers, writers are publishing EMF related pdf-eBooks and selling them on Clickbank or Gumroad. All are succeeding by combining their skills with their EMF-know-how.

Carefully consider your own talents, skills and interests, and you are certain to identify a service that is in-demand and to find a way to meet a growing need.

Earning Passive Income through Affiliate Programs

Successful EMF Consultants have more than one kind of income stream built in to their business model. Affiliate programs are often one of these income streams since, once in place, they are virtually passive income. These programs do this by allowing you to share in the profit of any sales generated by way of product or service referral-links that you offer on your website, blog, social media site, emails, etc.,

There are numerous affiliate programs out there, and if you like the idea of expanding your website or blog to include income-generating links, with online-time increasing due to home-bound ‘Covid hostages’ now is a good time to think about putting this income stream in place to add to your EMF consulting. Many EMF Consultants are making passive income from selectively recommending EMF related products and services that they have personal knowledge of or experience with, and due to their credibility they have in effect become specialists in these products and services. Some examples of these can be books on Amazon, EMF meters from manufacturers, products from an EMF warehouse such as Less EMF. 5% to 10% of the endpoint sale price is a fairly typical affiliate commission.

At $300 commission paid out per single referral to EMF Experts Consultant Certification Training, affiliate income can really add up. So, naturally, if you are a graduate of our training we recommend joining the Affiliate Program of EMF Experts Detection and Protection Training – it is truly one of the most generous, easiest and user friendly.

We also have a public affiliate program for those who are not graduates but rather are entrepreneurs building an online business based on recommendations through affiliate programs.

To find a wide range of diverse affiliate programs where you can browse through a catalog of of services that meet with your EMF focused website or blog, simply search on “best affiliate programs” and spend some time ferreting out the ones you want to represent. Although Clickbank is the leading affiliate program for ebooks, we caution you to avoid representing EMF ebooks written by EMF-untrained amateurs merely with entrepreneurial aspirations.


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Chris has been a licensed Professional Electrical Engineer for over 40 years, practicing in nearly half the States in the USA and serving as CEO of Executive Engineering Services for companies dedicated to making electrical power safer for people. His areas of professional expertise include utility, industrial, commercial and government entities, as well as private homes and work places. Though Chris was once an avid electronic technophile working in a corporate WiFi cloud, with constantly ringing cellphones holstered on each hip accommodating the 30 international engineering services offices reporting directly to him, his growing concern for Electrosmog, the consumer obliviousness to it, and the lack of expert understanding of biological hazards along with the lack of health-minded safety standards to deal with it, prompted him to retire early in order to devote his expertise to being part of the bigger solution - living with our technology safely and using it knowledgeably. Today, in addition to his highly respected training of worldwide Certified EMF Expert Consultants. Chris serves on the IEEE committees reviewing EMF safety standards, and he is a highly sought after leading authority on EMF Detection and Protection.

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