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The Intriguing Relationship Between Environmental EMF Exposure and Quantum Biology.

What is Quantum Biology Teaching Us about the Impact of Man-made EMF?

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Quantum Biology is presenting us with an exciting “Black Swan Event” – the intriguing potential to completely overturn the foundations of our understanding of biological processes, from the creation of life itself, to the replication of DNA, to the process of consciousness, and in fact every other aspect of biology.

The replication of DNA is the issue generating the most interest. Since 1868, when the DNA molecule (Deoxyribonucleic acid) was discovered, scientists have been studying the biological conundrum of how DNA is able to replicate itself reliably during cell division (error rates of 1 in 1 billion) and yet still allow the mutations to occur that accommodate the need for evolution by allowing adjustments in the biological form that can adapt to changing environmental conditions.

Quantum Biology Meets DNA and Man-Made EMF

What they have discovered, which can only be explained using Quantum Biology, is that the replication of DNA through the action of polymerase appears, at its root, to use the tunneling quantum effect and the quantum wave nature of protons and electrons to allow for infrequent random flaws to occur in the DNA replication process.  Reference: Life on the Edge: The Coming of Age of Quantum Biology by Physicist Jim Al-Khalili and Molecular Biologist Johnjoe McFadden (2016), page 217.

The laws of Quantum Biology can work with the laws of Quantum Physics/Mechanics, far beyond the laws of Newtonian Physics that our understanding of electromagnetic force was initially based on, to allow for mutations to occur due to the quantum behavior of particles, namely electrons and protons. Electrons and protons are the building blocks in the chemical bonds between parts of the DNA molecule and dislodging them from their atomic position (also referred to as “breaking their bonds”) is well known to be the cause of DNA mutations.   

The new information that Quantum Biology brings to this phenomenon is that these bonds can be modified not just by introducing ionizing electromagnetic radiation (EMR), such as xrays, as has long been believed, but unexpectedly by introducing resonant frequencies of non-ionizing electromagnetic radiation, such as radiowaves. 

This is an immense breakthrough in our understanding of biology and its relationship with electromagnetic fields (EMF)

It is such a triumph that it can now enable us to explain the observation of unexplained adverse health effects that have until now been assumed to be impossible.  Yet only Impossible because until Quantum Biology was understood, they could not be explained using the accepted laws of classical Newtonian physics, chemistry and electromagnetism, which state that only ionizing radiation can break an atomic bond, such as the DNA molecule.

Quantum Biology and Its Relationship to EMF is a Black Swan Event

What scientific thought leaders are now saying about Quantum Biology and its relationship to EMF has been recognized as a Black Swan Event. In other words, it is a complete change-of-mind for something once thought of as “impossible or non-existent”.  As Taleb writes in his ground breaking book that changed “probability thinking” forever, The Black Swan, these events are a highly improbable but identifiable by three principal characteristics: it is unpredictable; it carries a massive impact; and, after the fact, as human nature would have it, we concoct simplistic explanations to make it appear less random, and more predictable, than it was.

In this case, the Black Swan Event occurs if the DNA is exposed to specific EMF frequencies at just the right instant (not difficult given the continuous nature of man-made EMF) during the replication process to add the small energy boost needed to shift the electrons and protons through the quantum tunneling process, then the flaws are more likely to happen, resulting in more frequent flawed DNA and the possibility of adverse consequences of DNA mutations such as cancer.

Why All the Excitement about Quantum Biology Discoveries?

Why is this exciting? Because we now can have a recognized mechanism by which biology can be adversely affected by EMF that is not ionizing radiation (EMF), not heat related, nor chemically derived. The effects of quantum biology are now being established as fact through scientific study, and there can be no going back to the current, obsolete rationale for our current EMF standards of safety that are based on heat.

It is also exciting to me personally as an electrical engineer, and an EMF mentor, because it provided me with the “Aha!” connection that at last explained the mechanism by which low energy EMF (powerlines, cellphones, wireless technology etc) can disrupt the function of voltage gated ion channels in a cell membrane using much less energy than ionizing radiation  (UV, xrays etc) or heating (infrared) requires to disrupt cell function.

Let me explain further…

Using classical physics, chemistry and electromagnetism to explain how a voltage gated ion channel can be activated by the presence of electromagnetic radiation (EMR) it is necessary for the EMR to impart sufficient energy to an electron of an atom to dislodge it from its stable orbit and boost it to a different orbit or eject it from the atom completely producing an ionized particle that can affect the voltage controlling the ion channel. Classically speaking this can only be accomplished by “ionizing” radiation.

However, in the quantum mechanical world it is not necessary to impart as much energy to an electron or a proton to result in a dislocation or relocation to another state or chemical bond arrangement by quantum tunneling through the energy barrier producing a similar ionized state with much less energy.

This can explain how non-ionizing EMR can result in ionized free radicals and cause adverse health effects in biological systems.

For example, the role of voltage gated ion channels in the human brain is understood to allow cells to “communicate” messages along their length and transmit information from one cell to another. If an EMR of a specific resonant frequency is present then the ions passing through the channel can be impeded by the EMR resulting in decreased communication. This can explain such adverse conditions as the “brain fog” reported by many EHS individuals.

In their book Life on the Edge, McFadden and Al-Khalil make a compelling – in fact, ground breaking — case for the impact of manmade EMF (meaning any EMF exposure level above nature-made background EMF levels that all life on earth has evolved in) in disrupting the quantum biology that all life forms depend on in order to function properly. Detailing the extreme interference that manmade EMF perpetrates on the quantum biological systems that birds, fish, amphibians, butterflies all use for navigation, raises the probability from supposition to scientific fact.

In this new light, we begin to realize that when we start influencing the quantum effects used by biological systems by introducing any amount of manmade EMF above the natural background radiation level, disruptions, disturbances and alterations of all kinds occur; most worrisome of all are mutations in DNA, not just our DNA but the DNA of all living biological systems.

To Understand How Important NOT Messing with the DNA of all Biological Systems is …

Consider the Impressive Efficiency of Biological Systems

When we think about how closely EMF is linked to the function of DNA of all Biological Systems, which means ALL life – everything from Human Life to Plant Photosynthesis, we have only to look at the far reach and astounding efficiency of this relationship.

If we consider Photosynthesis, for example, Quantum mechanical solar cells (chlorophyll) are able to burn water and are 20% more efficient at converting sunlight to electricity than our best present day silicon-based (man-made) solar cells. We use the energy of the sun to kick electrons out of orbit and use the effect to create electricity. Quantum mechanics is a much more efficient energy absorbing process than man’s reliance on basic electricity, magnetism and chemistry, which are not the subtle quantum effects.

That’s why biological systems of all living things use all the quantum effects that have been identified. Biology cannot be so extravagant, energy efficiency is very important. Many familiar examples include wood, oil, and coal using quantum mechanics to convert sunlight (nature-made EMF) to a carbon based fuel source energy.

Quantum Biology gives us pause to realize then how similar, but even more impressive, our human biological systems are at creating life energy, and how vital the relationship of our own biology with nature-made EMF is in this new context.

In an even larger context, we see that the biological systems (life forms) on planet Earth have evolved over some four billion years (6 million for Hominids), and it all has evolved not just in order to survive, but to thrive in intimate relationship with the nature-made background EMF levels of the planet.  Electro-Biological Life has been fine tuned to the maximum efficiency based on background EMF levels, which are the optimum conditions for life, and for life to have energy.

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