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Are there Any 5G Towers Near Me?

How to Find the 5G Tower Locations

Wondering if there is cell tower locator to find the “5G towers near me’?

With 5G wireless networks becoming a reality, more and more 5G cell towers are being installed, old towers are having new 5G antennas added, and to add even greater/faster coverage shorter poles, like street lights and utility poles, are being fitted with 5G antennas. 5G deployment is on a quick-march around the world and more are being installed every day, so it is a good idea to know where they are. 

But probably not for the reasons most people may think.

While avid technophiles may have the addicts compulsion to know how to find the nearest 5G tower locations to avert the withdrawal symptoms caused by not being able to scroll through their Facebook at whim, or selfies not posting to their social media account instantaneously,  low bars or slow cellphone data is not the worst thing about not knowing where the 5G towers are.  Worse by far, it is the high levels of invisible radiation exposure they subject you to, and  the exposure to new frequencies that mankind has never before been exposed to.  

So, how do you find out where the 5G tower locations are, so that you can avoid them as much as possible and reduce your exposure?

3 Quick Ways to Find 5G Towers Near  Me,
or You, or Anyone You Care About:

This cell tower map locator offers an intuitive interface and various search  options. Simply select your service provider, network speed and enter in your address or zip code and you’ll see the cell towers nearest that address.  Be sure to select the correct country where you carrier is, when selecting the Telecomm provider that you use. For  example, in the USA, for Verizon: type in “311”. For AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile: type in “310”.  For all carriers in the UK , type “234”. There are hundreds of other carriers worldwide all with their own identification number. This map offer lots of data, and lots of ways to sort it, including the frequency bands and signal strengths, which is useful for assessing your radio/microwave exposure in the larger sense.  Plus this map works on all browsers, including the more privacy oriented FireFox.

Gain access to a comprehensive list of every cell phone tower within a two-mile radius of your location using this site, which plots tower locations on Google Maps.  Even better, exact legally registered addresses are given for permitted cell towers—along with informative statistics about the tower’s height, frequencies broadcasted, date of construction, and who owns and operates the tower.  This locator map works on all browsers, including the more privacy oriented FireFox, however since this very heavily trafficked site can sometimes be slow to respond, and its map displays the free Google Maps version with watermarks.

This interactive Map tracks 5G rollouts in cities across the globe. Updated weekly from verified public sources and data, you can follow operators’ newest 5G networks.   It does not distinguish the frequencies  being used, so we cannot know if it using the same frequencies as earlier generations of data protocols 3G and 4G, or using newer 5G frequencies.  It simply pinpoints 5G locations where 5G phones are functional (keeping in mind that 5G phones use all generations). This worldwide map functions for users of Google, FireFox and MS Edge browsers.

And of course, you can always visit your Telecomm service provider’s site and look up their cellphone coverage map, to learn of general cellphone signal strength in your area.

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Chris Young

Chris has been a licensed Professional Electrical Engineer for over 40 years, practicing in nearly half the States in the USA and serving as CEO of Executive Engineering Services for companies dedicated to making electrical power safer for people. His areas of professional expertise include utility, industrial, commercial and government entities, as well as private homes and work places. Though Chris was once an avid electronic technophile working in a corporate WiFi cloud, with constantly ringing cellphones holstered on each hip accommodating the 30 international engineering services offices reporting directly to him, his growing concern for Electrosmog, the consumer obliviousness to it, and the lack of expert understanding of biological hazards along with the lack of health-minded safety standards to deal with it, prompted him to retire early in order to devote his expertise to being part of the bigger solution - living with our technology safely and using it knowledgeably. Today, in addition to his highly respected training of worldwide Certified EMF Expert Consultants. Chris serves on the IEEE committees reviewing EMF safety standards, and he is a highly sought after leading authority on EMF Detection and Protection.

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