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What Prompted Activist Liz Barris to Run for Congress on a “NO 5G!” Platform?

Where Does Your Candidate Stand on Public 5G Concerns?

EMF Activist, Liz Barris, ran for Congress in District 33 of Los Angeles in the 2020 election, on a passionate platform of “No 5G!”

What prompted her to run? When Liz went to her Incumbent Congressman for help with growing 5G concerns among constituents, she found instead why he is unconcerned and unwilling to do more than give lip service to the problem. A quick search turned up this document showing that Ted Lieu – California District 33 – received over $508,000 from the Telecom Industry in various forms.

Follow the Money – Check Your Candidate’s Funding Source

As you can see, this website “Open Secrets” is dedicated to financial transparency in politics and you, like Liz, may find it interesting to know if Telecomm is funding your local incumbent, or to what extent they are funding the candidates in your area running for office in any upcoming election who are noticeably silent about public concerns regarding 5G, or outright political supporters of 5G.

Although at the top level the Telecomm industry is well known for heavily funding the political action campaigns of both party leaders, evidently to “hedge their bet” influence-wise, at the local representation level it is clearer who is receiving the favored campaign support.

There are some very serious issues that are being COMPLETELY ignored by Congress right now, to our and our environments great detriment. One of those issues is being continually lied to about deadly products and infrastructure that our tax dollars pay for, such as wireless radiation emitting products and infrastructure. My personal connection with the issue of the general public constantly being lied to by the government and corporate entities. including media outlets that benefit financially from these lies, is I was given cancer by cell antennas on a rooftop near my apartment in Santa Monica.

Liz Barris

Liz started a non-profit (2008) and distributed an EMF newsletter for the purposes of raising public awareness to the problem of health effects from wireless devices and infrastructures, gave PowerPoint presentations to the public and governmental entities and held fundraisers to hire attorneys for our lawsuits to block multiple cell towers in the area and to curtail and raise awareness to the smart meter rollout.

Liz and her team have been lobbying legislators through her organizations:


As per non profit rules they have assisted legislators in gathering expert witnesses, and most recently the lobbying is focused on studies, lawsuits, petitions and anything else to raise awareness and create change in the area of involuntary wireless radiation exposure.

Her organizations have always been about representing public interests and educating them on the issues. In this election she has gone the distance in bringing these serious issues into public awareness.

Liz Barris, Founder, and Director of ThePeoplesInitiative.org. Visit her Campaign Website

Liz Barris (Democratic Party) ran for election to the U.S. House to represent California’s 33rd Congressional District. She lost in the primary election on March 3, 2020.

Take a minute to review the lawsuits she has initiated, and the EMF Safety Advocate successes she has accomplished.

You can read more on the About page of website and you can also watch a video on her lawsuit against 5G and the FCC on that page.

Support Liz for Congress or Just Get Involved

Liz invites calls at 310-281-9639, and requests you leave your name, phone # and if you are affiliated with any organization or your specific legislatively interests.  Please note the phone # above does not accept texts, it is strictly voice mail. Or you can email her at lizzzzj (at) yahoo.com

The People‚Äôs Initiative Foundation, is bringing people together and it is where you can join in with notables like Erin Brockovich, who’s law firm is supporting Liz in the fight against 5G and wireless radiation.


Long before Ms. Brockovich became the subject of a blockbuster movie starring Julia Roberts, she was just another determined activist trying to stop a corrupt corporation from poisoning residents of an American community.

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