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Replacing Amalgam Dental Fillings is Important for Reducing EMF Exposure – Here’s the Science

Mercury Amalgam Fillings are Affected by EMF

Not only do amalgam dental fillings react to the EMF in our environment, they conduct electricity in your body, they create an electrical battery in your mouth, they generate electrical current, AND they contain mercury.

The National Institute of Health (NIH) has published studies showing that while each of these issues offer their own problems biologically speaking, together they are far worse.

This 2016 NIH study concluded: Exposure of patients with amalgam restorations to radiofrequency radiation emitted from conventional Wi-Fi devices can increase mercury release from amalgam restorations.

We have provided a Dentist Handout (8 pages) of this study to provide to your dentist, or to your concerned EMF client, for his/her educational use:

Radio Frequencies (Wireless Technology) are now known to effect mercury, which is very toxic heavy metal with serious health consequences for the human body. There are many ways you could have acquired mercury toxicity but amalgam fillings are such a major source that Dental Mercury is the Source of Two-Thirds of Mercury in the Population (see: Environment Canada’s Mercury and the Environment, Health Concerns)

Understanding the Mercury Amalgam Issues Exacerbated by EMF Exposure

Amalgam restorations consist of mercury, silver, tin, copper, and a trace amount of zinc. The dental amalgam has two fundamental flaws that adversely affect a patient’s health. The first fundamental flaw is that all amalgam metals are cations. The net result of the tendency for covalent, ionic and metallic bonding and van der Waals forces between amalgam cations is a weak repulsion.

So there is a sustained release of mercury and other metals from the amalgam into the body. Researchers have measured a daily release of mercury on the order of 10 micrograms from the amalgam into the body. Mercury is a toxic metal; the most minute amount damages cells.

The second fundamental flaw is that there are five dissimilar metals in the amalgam. Galvanic action between these metals in inevitable (in other words, the dissimilar metals form a battery).

Galvanism produces electricity that flows through the body. The electric currents produced by the amalgam typically are between 0.1 and 10 microamps, compared to the body’s natural electric current of 3 microamps.

The mercury challenges systemic functions of every individual and of developing fetuses, so it can lead to health problems and fetal malformations. Mercury leakage and its subsequent pathophysiologic effects are most often slow, insidious processes. So health problems caused by dental mercury poisoning are perceived many years after the amalgams are placed. (DAMS Inc. 1997 & 2005)

Replacing Mercury Amalgams

Removal and replacement of amalgam fillings with non-metallic fillings is not straight forward. A specific protocol needs to be followed to ensure that you don’t absorb any more mercury during the procedure, and to bolster your immune and nervous systems. Having amalgam dental fillings replaced without following this protocol can cause severe health reactions. Working in unison with your natural health care practitioner and your dentist, while you are having you fillings replaced, is strongly recommended.

For the dental protocol to safely remove amalgam fillings see: International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology (IAOMT)

For mercury safe dentists in North America and Internationally see: IAOMT-Find a Dentist

Even though it is now a well established scientific fact that mercury is released from amalgam fillings and that mercury is one of the topmost toxic materials on earth, many dentists are still using it for tooth restoration since it has been the dental material of choice for over 150 years. So, do not be surprised to find many traditional dentists still using it, or hear bizarre remarks such as the dentist who assured his patients of its safety saying that there is less mercury in one filling than in a can of tuna.

Dental Metals and Electrical Charge

Some dentists, aware of the mercury issue, want to replace amalgam fillings with gold dental work because it is not as chemically reactive as amalgam, which basically means, unlike amalgam, gold cannot act as a battery in your mouth. True, but it is still metal and conducts electricity.

The same is true for Titanium dental implants, and even Zirconia implants, which are now used as a more tissue friendly alternative – although they are both low in chemical reactivity (Titanium is until it begins to corrode) and Zirconia is low in electrical charge conductivity, they are still metals.

Dental Metals Create an Battery that Produces EMF right in Your Mouth

As it turns out creating a battery is a fairly simple process of immersing two or more different metals into a liquid (in this case, saliva) and they automatically conduct electricity. Saliva acts as and is an excellent ‘electrolyte’, while metal dental implants provide the dissimilar metals to make the magic happen.

An electrical current is generated when metal ions from the dental metals are conveyed into saliva. This phenomenon is called “oral galvanism,” which literally means that this unique oral environment acts like a miniature electrical generator producing measurable electric currents in the mouth.

Oral galvanic toxicity, as it is known, creates several major complications to the human body, including:

  • The action of electrical currents in the mouth increases the rate at which metal implants are corroded, including titanium based dental implants. The ions that are released react with the organs of the body, leading to increased sensitivity, an inclination towards inflammation and potentially autoimmune disorders.
  • As a person’s sensitivity increases through oral galvanism the likelihood of damage to the soft tissue of the mouth can occur. An increased rate of corrosion increases the chance of developing immunologic or toxic reactions to metals.
  • The process of oral galvanism also disrupts normal electrical currents flowing into brain tissue and can disrupt the natural electrical current in the brain.

And Don’t Forget Dental Xrays – the Doubly Harmful Source of EMF Exposure

Xrays are well know to be such a significant source of EMF that they can knock electrons from their orbit creating DNA damage and other biological havoc. For this reason medical associations recommend limiting our diagnostic xray exposure.

To make matters worse, just as amalgam filled teeth are hastened in releasing mercury into your system due to the presence of WiFi, the NIH studies show that they also increase their mercury in the same way when exposed to xrays. And this is true with other EMF emitting devices such as Cellphones, Mobile Phones, MRI’s etc.

All Dentists recommend x-rays, of course, and providing you with “the recommended standard of care” is how they keep their professional licenses. However many will allow you to go up to two years between xrays if your dental history warrants that length of time without problems, and if you offer to sign an xray waiver relieving them of responsibility if some unforseen problem that may have been detectable on an xray, occurs during that time.

Although dental amalgam is considered as the primary source of continuous mercury exposure in general population [NIH], finding a mercury-aware dentist, much less an EMF-aware dentist, may not be easy.

If the IAOMTDirectory is not helpful to locate a mercury-safe or EMF-aware dentist in your area a good starting point is to search for “Biologically Based Dentistry” or seek a dentist recommendation from an “Environmental Illness” healthcare practitioner, or a Naturopathic Doctor.

Editor Acknowledgement of Excerpts Used in this Article:
The dentistry information in this article was provided by Naturopathic Doctor, Edith Pett (D.C., D.T.), Ontario, Canada: Print out the entire Original Article for your Client Future Reference (by Author Susan Parsons): http://weepinitiative.org/livingwithEHS-print.pdf

Editor Note:

Earlier studies prior to the 2016 USA NIH study corroborate the findings that EMF exposure hastens the release of mercury from amalgam dental work:

One study that comes from researchers at the Department of Medical Physics, in Shiraz University in Iran, titled, Mercury Release from Dental Amalgam Restorations After Magnetic Resonance Imaging and Following Mobile Phone Use was originally published in the Pakistan journal of biological sciences: PJBS, Publication Date: 2008.

A similar study in 2014, which looked at MRI fields instead of mobile phone use is published at The International Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine.You can also see Intra-Oral Air Mercury Released from Dental Amalgam, another study showing how mercury fillings release vapors of mercury into the mouth when combined with EMF’s.

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