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Your IoT Data is Today’s Richest Goldmine

Why is the IoT Insatiable for Your Personal Data?

In this video, by EMF Action Network, we can get a glimpse of the blind haste to establish a 5G network and how it is driven by the wealth of data, which in fact literally does represent an untapped goldmine to Big Tech, being now collected from your wireless devices and connected to the Internet of Things (IoT). In 2020, at this writing, the number of devices connected with the IoT is estimated at 38.5 billion devices, and a the present rate of growth Cisco forecasts 500 billion connected devices by 2030.

The IoT is already here, it is insatiable for all manner of data from you and it collects every bit of data it can mine about you, your children, your family, friends, co-workers even your pets from your personal wireless devices, cellphone, computer, to your appliances, Smart Meter, Smart Home, Smart Cities, autonomous vehicles, traffic sensors, surveillance cameras, building censors, retail products, and much much more.

Why Big Tech Would Care About Your Data?

This provocative 288 page book burst on the Amazon book scene in late 2019 with the insider’s answer to this bewildered question, and in the process generated almost exclusively five-star reviews with readers.

This book was a Christmas present sent to us by one of our Certified EMF Expert Consultant graduates, with a note, “If you are interested in seeing how tracking and collecting your personal data swayed the outcome of the Brexit vote, or the Trump presidential campaign, you may never feel the same way about voting again. Or democracy for that matter”.

Here are some respected book reviews that explain the popularity of this whistle-blowing book, and its forewarning of the risks that IoT data collection poses to private citizens, and of the impropriety of how your data can, and is, being used, to effect outcomes on an even greater scale than NSA whistle-blower Edward Snowden spoke up about in 2013.

Here is what National Pubic Radio (NPR) had to say, “Mindf*ck is worth reading if you’re interested in some of the bigger questions of the day: elections; data; Russia’s involvement in all of this; Steve Bannon’s power plays in global politics; the list of politicians who make an appearance at the Cambridge Analytica offices. . . . The book does serve as a reminder that it might be time to check in with yourself and your relationship with the internet. Wylie talks about invading America by ‘purposefully activating the worst in people, from paranoia to racism.’ Especially in relation to a certain company that sees regulation of its industry as an ‘existential threat,’ it’s a nice time to really wonder—sure, online feels good. But is it worth it?”—NPR

Mindf*ck demonstrates how digital influence operations, when they converged with the nasty business of politics, managed to hollow out democracies. . . . [Wylie’s] personal story, woven into the book’s narrative, illustrates the confusion of our current political era as well as the challenge to Wylie’s fellow members of the social media generation as they seek identities real and imagined, physical and virtual. . . . He makes clear how important the virtual world is to personal identity for his generation and those that follow.”The Washington Post

“Wylie covers plenty of ground, explaining in illuminating and often scary detail how Cambridge Analytica exploited the data to create Facebook pages that would needle ‘neurotic, conspiratorial citizens,’ propagating an outraged solidarity.”The New York Times

About the Author

Christopher Wylie has been called “the millennials’ first great whistleblower” and “a pink-haired, nose-ringed oracle sent from the future.” He is known for his role in setting up—and then taking down—Cambridge Analytica. His revelations exposing the rampant misuse of data rocked Silicon Valley and led to some of the largest multinational investigations into data crime ever. Born in British Columbia, Canada, he studied law at the London School of Economics before moving into cultural data science and fashion trend forecasting. He lives in London, England.

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