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EMF Experts News – The EMF Newsletter that lets Continuing Education Continue

The EMF Newsletter that Enables the Continuing Education to Continue



You recognize this logo from, and you know it represents the finest EMF Expert Consultant Certification training in the world, as well as the practical go-to  classes we offer in self-guided online format to help the general public worldwide with key EMF Detection and Personal Protection issues.

Since 2011, the year that the World Health Organization, WHO, classified cellphones as a Group 2b carcinogen, we have trained a rapidly growing number of Certified EMF Expert Consultants to a (certified) new high standard of excellence, enabling our graduates to offer a wide variety of professional EMF services – from local residential EMF consulting to international EMF author, and everything in between — in numerous countries around the world.

Additionally, our  EMF Expert Classrooms are visited by hundreds of people daily from dozens of countries, all looking for EMF training they can trust to provide them with actionable solutions.

Thousands of people browse through our website every month looking for news to keep them in the know EMF-wise.

Now, we have added an online e-newsletter to keep you current with important news and fast changing developments, designed to provide much needed trustworthy information that will authentically support your growing awareness and, with it, your ever increasing level of EMF Expertise.

As a subscriber, you’ll receive this EMF Expert Newsletter in your email inbox  periodically throughout the year, as key news becomes available. Your privacy and personal security is assured – your information is never shared or sold. No spam ever. And you can quickly unsubscribe at any time with one key stroke.

For our certified graduates this newsletter serves as an important part of your continuing education and professional development test will be provided annually to enable you to keep your certification credentials both current in the EMF Professional Directory and relevant to both you and your clients’ evolving needs.

Thanks for joining EMF Experts News!

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Jini Jones

I'm a proud graduate of EMF Experts Consultant Certification training, and I've volunteered to come on board to help the EMF Experts trainers get trustworthy EMF information in the hands of more people. EMF Detection and Protection info is today's must-have skill in a world of rising EMF exposure caused by burgeoning wireless technology use, and that is why thousands of people worldwide visit every week seeking help for EMF issues and hundreds participate in their training courses. So, as a great start, I hope you enjoy these free news articles! Information is power, and the mission of EMF Experts News is to help us all be more informed and powerful on our own behalf.

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