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We the People would Like our Government to Respond to our 5G Petition of Concern

How to Submit a 5G Petition Directly to the Governement

Every thought of starting a 5G Petition? Here, as an easy example, is just such a petition using the government “We the People website, which is designed to encourage feedback from citizens. Like this petition, which was initiated on April 17, 2020, petitions initiated on this site aim for 100,000 signatures in 30 days in order to merit a response from the White House.

Naturally the extent of any petition’s success is commensurate with the extent the outreach of the social network where the petition is circulated. This petition serves as a good role model since it is issue specific and user-friendly; it begins with the statement:

“We the people ask the federal government to Change an existing Administration policy: Stop the Deployment of 5G in Our Country”.

The concise message being sent to the Federal government elaborates on the concerns that motivated this petition saying …

There has been a rapid deployment of 5G throughout our country in 2020. The warnings and hazards for human health and environmental consequences of this technology have been largely ignored by the Federal Government. The health of the people and the environment far exceeds the financial gain, as well as the “faster internet” touted as necessary by the telecommunication companies.

Donald Trump has signed a policy that protects these telecommunication companies and ensures the rapid forward movement of 5G installment. Despite many concerns raised by scientists, doctors, and health care practitioners as well as countless American citizens about the dangerous levels of radiation emitted by this technology, this issue has been ignored. We the People do NOT consent to 5G in our communities.

This online 5G petition is tagged for the attention of: Energy & Environment, Government & Regulatory Reform, and Technology & Innovation.

Just your name and email address is required; you will be asked to confirm your email.

Start Your Own Petition

If you have other concerns that you would like to call on the White House to take action on issues that matter to you you can create your own petition and share it with others, build a community for the changes you want to see in the federal management of our country.

Submit a Public Comment Directly to the Government Agency

Additionally, there are numerous similar online avenues open to you to raise your concerns to the governing bodies. Our government agencies in fact are obliged to open a public comment venue in order to receive input from citizens regarding any proposed change.

The Federal Register (.gov) is the place to find documents announcing proposed changes, and to start making comments on all federal actions. It lists the agencies proposing changes, the changes they are proposing, public comments on changes they are asking for, and where to find the online comment forms that invite comments from the public.

For example, Federal Communication Commissions (FCC), which is in charge of regulating the EMF Spectrum in terms of EMF frequencies used, power levels, review and adoption of recommendations for safety standards for wireless devices (cellphones, celltowers, antennaes WiFi etc), regularly requests public comments throughout the year, more so in this time of rapid 5G deployment and proposed changes they wish to make.

To see if the FCC is calling for Public Comment at this time, for any issue related to the deployment of 5G technologies, can be found at: FCC.gov/efs/filings/express

Note that two types of FCC public comments are available; the first is the Quick Comment (express) form, which is merely a benign form of public feedback, designed to let the public have their say but not have their comments taken into consideration in any rule making or proposed changes. The second method of submitting public comments, called the “standard filing”, does consider public comments in their decision making process, but in order to be considered the FCC stipulates that instructions for submitting public comments must be followed. So, it is very important to follow these instructions, which mainly have to do with submitting comments correctly and relevantly, in order to have your comment included in the public record, which is where it can have most outreach through lasting ‘on record’ impact.

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What Happened to the “Irradiated” Comment? is an example of one 5G Safety Advocate Groups herculean effort to submit a public comment totaling 416 pages in response to a 2019 FCC request for public comment, only to have it left by the side of the road, totally dismissed as irrelevant, simply because they did not follow the instructions on how to submit a comment.

How to Submit an FCC Comment Effectively is need-to-know information about how to successfully communicate your concerns about EMF proliferation, in particular 5G, to governing bodies directly, through the use of public comment, and legal public record. With the FCC calling for public comment regularly during this time of widespread 5G deployment, the immense impact little known avenue for EMF safety advocacy is highly under utilized.

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