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Screenagers: a New Type of Intervention for Teen Cellphone Addiction?

Free Film Event or Fundraiser about Cellphone Addiction

Anyone concerned about teenage cellphone addiction or teen obsession with personal wireless devices, can host a screening of the new documentary “Screenagers – Helping our Kids Navigate a Digital World” in their community. In fact this film documentary has been shown in thousands of screenings around the world in its first year, and its impact affecting behavioral change has really gotten the growing attention of schools, youth groups and parents alike. Even the kids themselves remark on the need for technology addiction intervention.

Designed only for group screenings renting this film for your own screening event is easy, and with the help of the online ticket sales services that are provided, the event can be easily organized as a fundraiser for your school or organization. Call 415-450-9585 to make sure you have the most up to date prices and renting procedures (the info you see outlined below was gathered in 2017, and there has since been a sequel film produced).

Here is how hosting a Screenagers Film Screening Event works:

FIRST OPTION (Rental Fee $500 USD): Ticket sales cover the license fee and raise money for your organization

  • All sales above $500 US Dollars are split 50/50 with Screenagers. You don’t have to pay anything upfront.
  • We set up an online ticket sales site for you and collect the money.
  • Then, you just send out emails inviting your community.
  • You pick a ticket price, usually $10, and once you sell 50 tickets that covers the license fee of $500 USD. (However, you can pick any ticket price that works for your community.)
  • If you make more than $500 USD we send you a check.

SECOND OPTION (Rental Fee $650 USD): Offer it free to your community

  • If you choose to not sell tickets the license fee is $650 US Dollars.
  • We set up a free RSVP link for you if you like.
  • Book 3 or more screenings for $500 USD per screening.
  • Book 10 or more screenings for $300 USD per screening.


Dr. Ruston decided to make Screenagers when she found herself constantly struggling with her own two kids about cellphone addiction, and what she has dubbed “screen time”. Her struggle is depicted along with many other stories from parents, teachers and teen technology users, in Screenagers. Dr. Ruston has won several awards for her work using films to create movements for social change and has been invited to give talks to all types of audiences around the world. 

Click here to see her full bio. If Dr. Ruston is not available a producer from the movie may be.


For more information on hosting a screening you can go to:

If you are interested in booking the filmmaker at your event please email

For all other inquiries you can email


What Happened when We Took our Gkids to a Screenagers Showing?

Here’s what happened when we invited our 2 Teens, and 1 Tween, grandkids out for a movie – to a Screenager Film Event at our local highschool – and hearing their spontaneous feedback later, and the comments from the audience, was even more interesting.

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