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EMF Engineer at Your Service! EMF Consultant Certification Training now Emphasizes 1:1 Mentoring

A Few Thoughts about the Value of EMF Mentoring

The quality of our EMF Detection and Protection training courses must keep increasing to keep up with the pressing demands put on it by the escalating wireless environment.

So, earlier this year we upped our game by adding four hours of one-on-one mentoring by phone (video phone optional) with our EMF Expert Consultant Certification Training course. We also added specialty self-guided training, including a much more in depth how-to-meter video tutorial library, to address the fast changing EMF environment. All at no extra charge.

Why the big shift to One-on-One Mentoring, rather than our traditional online classes, and corporate seminars?

With 5G rapidly bearing down on us, raising EMF exposure levels to unprecedented levels as evermore biologically-untested wireless technologies are being pushed zealously onto the market,  it has become much more important to get accurate and trusted information “right from the top” directly to students and make it as customized and convenient as possible for their immediate practical use.

And that’s not all – we fired up EMF-Experts.News to deliver as much need-to-know-info to the public, and vital continuing education to our EMF training Graduates, as we possibly could, as expeditiously as possible. I think of it as mentoring by e-newsletter.

I’m Roger Chris Young, Professional Electrical Engineer, Founder and Mentor of EMF Experts Training Courses and EMF Experts News, along with my indispensable-in-every-way wife, and award-winning health author, Patricia.

 I’ve been mentoring computer information systems and electrical engineering since my university days.  Over the years of my Electrical Engineer career I have mentored thousands of up and coming engineers as well as college students, clients and co-workers.  So, that explains why our EMF Expert Consultant Certification online training courses have always emphasized one-on-one communication with each individual student, tailor made to their EMF Consultant goals.

In fact, EMF Experts has always been the only EMF training in the world that bases each individual EMF Consultant Certification on specialized, personalized education that takes advantage of each student’s background, education, skills, interests, and most of all, their goals.

We have graduates who are EMF Consultants in every area imaginable, from healthcare to interior decorators, to handymen to childcare workers, and everything in between. Our Professional EMF Directory can attest to Certified EMF Expert Consultant graduates offering every EMF Specialty imaginable.

Now, one-on-one mentoring takes that customized certification education a step farther.

I respect the immense value of one-on-one mentoring, because I have seen what it can accomplish.  So, let me take a minute and tell you what I have learned about the value of EMF mentoring, what you can expect it to accomplish for you, and how it accelerates and enhances your entire experience learning about EMF detection and protection consulting services.

In our age of modern education, private mentoring maintains its well-deserved reputation as the optimal learning relationship to accelerate the process of:

  • attaining an individual’s professional goals, and
  • achieving his/her personal best performance

Mentoring, a more personal form of tutoring, has remained highly regarded throughout the centuries simply because students seeking information, solutions and higher performance value the one-on-one partnership and knowledgeable support that is inherent in mentoring.

What Makes Mentoring the Optimal Learning Relationship for a Student

A mentor possesses a wide range of knowledge, about many topics, and this intelligence (facts, data, tips, truths, insights), which has been selectively gathered over a lifetime, is very valuable to the student.

In order to deliver this value a mentor must step fully into the student’s shoes and realize that the student is more important than the information.  Any knowledge a mentor may possess is only valuable as far as it benefits the student; mentoring is an offer to pass wisdom along in detached ways that allow the student to determine its personal benefit.  In other words, information is always to be offered for the value of that information to the person, not to lead the student to the mentor’s way of thinking.

An example of a mentor leading a student would be, “I need you to read Chapter 4 of “The Powerwatch Handbook”. 

Whereas an example of passing along wisdom is, “The  Powerwatch Handbook” has a great chapter on the very subject of Radiation from Audio/Video Equipment that we are discussing”.

In these examples we can see what John Locke, one the most influential of Enlightenment Thinkers who’s philosophies are also reflected in the United States Declaration of Independence, meant when he said –

” It is easier for a mentor to command than to teach”.

Some Thoughts Concerning Education (1 ed.). London: A.and J. Churchill at the Black Swan in Paternoster-row. 1693. R

Some of the Uniquely Valuable Learning Opportunities that Mentoring Offers

An observant mentor will find many opportunities to offer wisdom that is particularly valuable to that specific student.  These opportunities can be found whenever the following situations are observed:

  • Gaps are evident in the student’s knowledge base
  • Guidance is necessary to enable the student to make more informed choices
  • A wider range of support material options are needed to provide the student with a better or more in-depth understanding
  • Direction is necessary in assisting the student to identify their “personal best” area from among many EMF Consulting specialties
  • Mentor experience or expertise is called for, to make the information more relevant to the student’s training goals or learning situation
  • A mentoring relationship that extends beyond graduation is advantageous in providing a confident, successful launch into the real world of EMF Consulting

Naturally, these are only a few of the situations that can come up in a mentor/student learning experience; in reality there are actually as many different individual situations as their are students.

However with practice, the observant mentor becomes adept at discerning the student’s practical underlying need  for any particular piece of knowledge – or the uses to which it will be applied –  and in this way we each learn that we are all students and teachers of one another.

Insights one Student would like to Offer about His One-on-One Mentoring Experience

The One-on-One mentoring has been my favorite part of the course. Electromagnetism is such a big subject with so many interrelated aspects. It is very assuring to get reliable information on the technology and the issues, instead of misinformation from questionable sources. Being able to draw on Chris’s experience and analysis directly is the “cement” that makes all the “building blocks” cohesive. As a builder, I know the importance of a solid foundation.

Caleb Gerbrandt, Contractor/Builder, EMF Experts Consultant Certification Student, Dinuba, CA

The Grande Finale of the course and one-on-mentoring experience is a virtual Graduating Class ceremony, held 2 or 3 times a year, where all students enrolled in the same time frame get to meet one another online and share in each other’s accomplishments (awards, special achievements during training, individual feats of performance, and more).

The graduation accolades are often as personally satisfying as they are professionally rewarding, with newly graduated Certified EMF Expert Consultants taking their place in the EMF Professional Directory, supported by the camaraderie of colleagues that comprise their new professional network.


  1. Learn more about becoming a one-on-one mentored Certified EMF Experts Consultant – watch with this free 50 min video A Day in the Life of an EMF Consultant, and get all your questions answered, like … how much do consultants make? What does an EMF consultant do? What are the start up costs? And more.
  2. Not interested in taking the EMF Consultant Training, but still would like some TRUSTED mentor-type training for your own personal use? Individual self-guided courses are available here in the EMF Experts Classroom, and continuing education training articles are available by inexpensive EMF Experts News subscription.
  3. Not interested in training, but still would like to get some TRUSTED advice on a key issue of concern to you, by talking to an EMF Mentor in person? Request a Phone Consultation here.

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Chris Young

Chris has been a licensed Professional Electrical Engineer for over 40 years, practicing in nearly half the States in the USA and serving as CEO of Executive Engineering Services for companies dedicated to making electrical power safer for people. His areas of professional expertise include utility, industrial, commercial and government entities, as well as private homes and work places. Though Chris was once an avid electronic technophile working in a corporate WiFi cloud, with constantly ringing cellphones holstered on each hip accommodating the 30 international engineering services offices reporting directly to him, his growing concern for Electrosmog, the consumer obliviousness to it, and the lack of expert understanding of biological hazards along with the lack of health-minded safety standards to deal with it, prompted him to retire early in order to devote his expertise to being part of the bigger solution - living with our technology safely and using it knowledgeably. Today, in addition to his highly respected training of worldwide Certified EMF Expert Consultants. Chris serves on the IEEE committees reviewing EMF safety standards, and he is a highly sought after leading authority on EMF Detection and Protection.

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