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Why Write for EMF Expert News?

  1.  The Joy of Sharing – If you’ve had a life-changing experience or overcome an obstacle related to EMF exposure, or EMF detection and protection, sharing your knowledge and meaningful content could change the lives of thousands of people who face the same problem.
  2. Public Exposure – For a beginning writer, building a readership is a challenge. It’s tougher when no one has heard of you. Writing for EMF-Experts.news will allow you to reach thousands of new readers and gain some visibility and credibility in the blogosphere.  Experienced writers will also benefit by gaining access to our thousands of readers and our social media channels, which offer you professional and reputable exposure as an expert in your field.
  3. Links/Traffic – When you contribute an article, you’ll receive credit and a byline with a link to your site. This will send you a healthy dose of traffic to your site (or your listing in the EMF Professional Directory) and it will increase your PageRank in the eyes of search engines.

Writing Requirements

  1. Original – Anything you submit must be your original writing that you still hold all rights to. Please don’t submit articles that summarize or rework something you’ve already published, or only refer to other written works.
  2. Unique – The article you submit cannot be duplicated on any other sites including your own, and while the content and the author credit remains yours, you are granting us the right to keep it published in this newsletter.
  3. Relevant  – All articles should be somehow relevant to electromagnetic issues or electrosmog topics, and offer solutions, actionable or upbeat outcomes. Extra points for anything that’s intellectually stimulating, double that if it’s humorous.
  4. We reserve the right to edit content in any way we see fit before publishing it, however the more editing required the less likely it will be published.  So, please check carefully for spelling, grammar, content accuracy, credited quotes, etc.
  5. Appropriate Content – Read some of the other articles posted on EMF Experts News and you will get an idea of the types of topics and tone that we publish.
  6. Articles not Advertorials – Your article is not a place for advertising your product or services. No affiliate links. No self reviews. No advertising your personal agenda.  That is what your Website is for.

About Your Article

Your Article Length must be  800 to 1,000 words in length, and can contain informational types of links (up to 3 links) provided they are relevant to the topic and helpful for the reader.  Please submit your article as near print-ready as possible, including photo inclusions.

Your Article Photo inclusions must similarly be relevant to the topic and helpful for the reader.  Please submit at least one photo (no more than 2) to illustrate your written content.  Photos must be web quality, and must be owned by you (not nabbed from the web) and include proper photo credit.

Author Bio Please tell our readers who you are, what you do, and where to find you. You are encouraged to post your professional photo and you are invited to promote yourself by including up to two links in your Bio: one to your Website homepage (or your EMF Professional Directory listing) and one to your social media account (Twitter, FaceBook). You may not promote or directly link to products for sale.

Popular Topic Suggestions

If you’re interested in EMF writing, we encourage you to throw your hat in the ring and write on any EMF related topic that you are passionate about (no political, religious, fear-based, hate agendas etc., please).  If you are not sure about a topic, here are some topics our readers are particularly interested in.

  • Insights about EMF from your individual experience or educational background
  • Personal first-person stores about dealing with and overcoming electrosensitivity.
  • EMF Protection challenges, difficult situations and positive solutions and outcomes
  • EMF Detection mysteries, the detective backstory, the clues and the mystery solved
  • Why you became an EMF Consultant and how its changed you personally
  • Favorite EMF Consultant success stories from your experiences in the field
  • Tips to becoming a successful EMF Consultant

Note: Since EMF Experts is known for our highly respected EMF Consultant Certification training, training related articles are topics that we typically reserve for our instructors and authors.

Please Download the Guest Author Guidelines Here:

Ready, Set, Submit

Please email your submissions to admin @ emf-experts .com, with a message letting us know you have submitted an article for consideration in EMF Expert News. I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Please remember, due to the volume of submissions it may take up to 2 weeks to get a response …but you’ll definitely get one! And also that all submissions become the sole property of EMF Expert News upon their publication.

If your article does not get selected do not fret. It could be due to current volume of submissions, or that your topic is off topic for the time being, or whatever. If there is feedback we think would be helpful to you as a writer, we’ll try to include it so that you are encouraged to submit again to EMF Experts News in the future.

After You are Published

Once your article/post goes live online, we anticipate that you to interact with the readers and respond to comments on your post. Again, being online is all about connecting, and the positive, helpful attitude and quality of your interactivity with your readers will hold you in high esteem the next time we receive a submission from you. It will also merit high praise should you ever request a letter of recommendation from us to other publishers.

We hope to hear from you soon!

Wishing you every imaginable, and unimaginable, success!

Chris and Patricia Young, (EMF Experts News Editors)
Jini Jones (EMF Experts News Media Coordinator)

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Jini Jones

I'm a proud graduate of EMF Experts Consultant Certification training, and I've volunteered to come on board to help the EMF Experts trainers get trustworthy EMF information in the hands of more people. EMF Detection and Protection info is today's must-have skill in a world of rising EMF exposure caused by burgeoning wireless technology use, and that is why thousands of people worldwide visit www.EMF-Experts.com every week seeking help for EMF issues and hundreds participate in their training courses. So, as a great start, I hope you enjoy these free news articles! Information is power, and the mission of EMF Experts News is to help us all be more informed and powerful on our own behalf.

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