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Help for Cyberstalking, Electronic Harassment and Gang Stalking

Cyberstalking is a Growing Area of Specialty for EMF Consultants

We use the words Cyberstalking, Electronic Harassment and Electronic Stalking to describe a wide variety of annoyances. offenses and violations, from marketing robo-calls, to jealous lovers tracking cellphone movements, to cyber-bullying, to personal data collection, to electronic surveillance, to being a targeted individual, to gang stalking, and more.

But whatever form it takes Electronic Harassment and Electronic Stalking is a crime, and when harassing or stalking behavior involves the Internet, U.S. mail, or activities that cross state lines, the crime then becomes a federal offense. The Federal Anti-Stalking Law (18 USC § 2261A) specifically includes the use of an electronic communications system as a means of violating this law.

Electronic Harassment is a serious “crime against persons” that can range from a misdemeanor to a felony, which is then officially called Electronic Stalking. All 50 states in the United States have criminal laws against stalking. The specific definition of electronic stalking among jurisdictions but typically involves tracking, following, watching, or monitoring another person with the intent to harass, intimidate, threaten, frighten or cause emotional distress. Electronic stalking behavior includes:

  • following someone, including by tracking their electronic devices
  • showing up or driving by a person’s home, workplace, or school
  • monitoring a person’s computer, cell phone, or social networking activity
  • secretly placing a GPS device on someone’s vehicle in order to track the person
  • sending unwanted letters, gifts, or email
  • secretly photographing or videotaping someone
  • gathering information about a person using public records or Internet searches, private investigators, or contact with the person’s friends, neighbors, family members, or coworkers
  • threatening to hurt the person or the person’s friends, family members, or pets, and
  • damaging the person’s home, vehicle, or other property.

There is a legal line between the charges of electronic harassment and electronic stalking, and the circumstances that elevate it from a misdemeanor to a felony vary with each state’s law. And laws are changing to protect privacy. Robo-calls are now a federal offense and you can file a complaint with the FTC. Cyber-bullying is now against the law in most states (44 states at this time) and under Federal review.

Help for Electronic Harassment

EMF Consultants are sometimes asked what to do by clients who are concerned that they are being electronically harassed or stalked, or parents who are concerned about pedophiles tracking their children’s cellphone locations. As a first step is to make sure the client knows how to disable the location and GPS (Global Positioning System) features of their cellphones and personal wireless devices that travel with them. Keep mind though that savvy cellphone stalkers can use tracking apps like PinMe to locate their victim even if that person’s smartphone location/GPS features are disabled, as studies like this Princeton Study on Cellphone Privacy Breach show (pictured with the header of this article, a cellphone’s movements are mapped as part of this study). So, a bullet proof cellphone case, EMF-proof that is, or even a good heavy metal cookie tin is recommended for carrying a cellphone from place to place, and putting it in your fridge when you are home, so as to prevent your phone’s signal from revealing its location and you from being tracked. Removing your battery from your cellphone is the best way to disconnect from the cell network with confidence, but unfortunately the new generations of cellphones will not have removable batteries since they will soon be re-chargeable from a distance (how? by more higher powered wireless radiation). Landlines offer the best protection of all, and are protected by well established privacy laws.

Next is to file a police report to get the offense on record, and then to contact an attorney who deals in Crimes Against Persons for advice on what they are dealing with and what legal recourse is available.

If on the other hand your client is concerned they are being falsely accused of electronic stalking by a vindictive ex, they will specifically need a Criminal Defense Attorney to find out more about legal recourse.

Help for Targeted Individuals, Gang Stalking etc.

EMF Consultants are also increasingly being asked for help by those being harassed by a particular form of electronic stalking referred to as gang stalking, or by targeted individuals (T.I.), which is a term to describe a targeted victim of a wide range of EMF stalking strategies having to do with wireless transmissions.

An EMF free environment, or a complete Faraday Cage, is a good starting point since it provides a way for individuals to evaluate the level of relief they get from wireless transmissions from outside sources, especially since many of the symptoms (physical, mental and emotional) are the same ones described by electrosenstive (ES) people, a syndrome that can be managed with reduced EMF exposure and well established health management protocols.

However, keep in mind that an EMF Consultant’s job is to help clients reduce EMF exposure from environmental sources, it is not as a medical consultant, nor a legal consultant, nor an EMF expert witness to provide proof, it is to provide knowledgeable EMF detection and protection advice. So, an evaluation of the environment by a professional EMF Consultant is always advised, and strict EMF free living environment to manage the biological impact of electrosensitivity is always helpful. It may be all that is needed since electrosensitivty is the great pretender, adept at masquerading as numerous other issues.

To provide further medical and legal help and various other kinds of T.I. support for a wide variety of other questions or special needs that these clients may have, we have put together the following resources from various other professionals may be useful to your client. Refer to the T.I Client Handout, which includes these resources and more.


Freedom from Covert Harassment and Surveillance comprises a human rights group reporting agency calling for a USA Congressional Hearing on this issue.  The Group includes a medical committee that performs research studies  (Including USA – Dr John Hall, Dr. Robert Duncan, and Dr Terry Roberts). Report any experiences of TI to:,  or 800-571-5618

ICAACT – International Center Against Abuse of Covert Technologies is an Independent Non Profit Human Rights Organization working together with a number of NGOs, Civil Rights Movements and Human Rights groups worldwide. It was created to bring awareness to the general public and the legal systems around the world about serious human rights abuses utilizing remote influencing technologies. ICAACT was created to obtain evidence of serious Human Rights abuses for Victims of Electronic Terrorism worldwide, their aim is to obtain evidence and they encourage you to report TI situation.  or 707-720-7137 (USA PST)

International Electronic Harassment Conference (Berlin, March 2016) – This annual human rights conference aims to create awareness on the covert harassment of civilians. Not only whistle blowers, activists and political opponents are targeted, but also thousands of innocent civilians are subjected to non-consensual testing and mind control experimentation by a myriad of non-lethal weapons and covert community harassment. Conference Video Lectures…  

Mind  Justice – a USA based human rights group, founded by TI Cheryl Welsh, actively working for the rights and protections of mental integrity and freedom from new technologies and weapons that target the mind and nervous system.

Are You Targeted – is now a site created for the confidential collection of firsthand data from targeted individuals to determine trends and commonalities

More Support Links to various international organizations and support resources


The topic of Targeted Individuals (T.I.) is one that is overrun with conspiracy theory and websites are plentiful so you can assume that your T.I. clients been to most of them in search of help. It is admittedly a difficult area to know facts from fiction, but here are a few articles that have made the mainstream media.

A New York Times article “The United States of Paranoia” by Mike McPhate (June 2016) discusses differing opinions on the Electronic Harassment issues The Article …

Washington Post Magazine article, “Thought Wars” by Sharon Weinberger (Feb 2007) – a large 7,500 word article that helped open the door for much needed debate of a very controversial human rights issues. The article …

SBS News Feature video (KMIR News 6)   Organized Gang Stalking via Microwave to Brain

T.I. Client Handout: Support Resources

EMF Surveillance, Stalking and Electronic Harassment:
This is an indispensable download of T.I. Support Resources (3 page pdf), that an EMF Consultant can offer T.I. clients as a means of offering genuine professional help as a next step.

NOTE: We use this as support material handout only after an evaluation has been done of EMF exposure levels in the living environment and we can be fairly certain that every effort has been made to reduce EMF, otherwise we cannot be sure that what we are dealing with is not simply the resulting symptoms of electrosensitivity (ES). Due to all the sensational misinformation on the web misunderstanding and jumping to conclusions (or self assessment) can easily occur, especially since most people are unaware of how ES symptoms can mimic many other issues. Also since ES symptoms can come on very suddenly, and vary greatly from individual to individual, the absence of an identifiable onset or pattern makes it even easier for ES symptoms to be mistaken and attributed other suspected causes. For example, unexplained sounds in the head (beyond what we think of as tinnitus), physical ailments, anxiety, confusion, mental disorientation, and mental dysfunctions, can all genuinely feel like it is being forced upon them by some outside force, but turn out to be a direct result of ES due to EMF exposure. In extremely EMF sensitive people the EMF exposure levels (measurements) do not even need to be very high. So, for many reasons helping your client investigate the possibility of ES as the cause of their distress, by reducing EMF exposure is the method to use first. Remember it is not your job to judge or to convince, simply to enable them to experience zero EMF in order to determine the situation themselves.

Beyond that a good professional list of support resources is helpful in order to provide the client with help beyond the scope of EMF detection and protection training, offering them more than just a frustrated dead end.


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