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The EMF Researchers and Wireless Forensics Defending Consumers in the Biggest Telecomm Litigation in History

"Thank You for Calling" Documentary Takes You Behind the Curtain

A newly released documentary, Thank You For Calling, offers a unique and exclusive look behind the curtains of the biggest Telecomm litigation in history, a true modern day David against Goliath battle between the cellphone industry and consumers.

The French journalist Klaus Scheidsteger takes you into the forensic labs of the researchers (pictured above) studying cellphone radiation health risks, into the labs of top electromagnetic scientists, into the USA law firms who are representing the individual consumers with a rare form of brain cancer linked to cellphone use (since as far back as George Carlo’s industry funded research in the 1990’s), and onto the steps of the Supreme Court, revealing that the wireless industry is not of a mind to protect consumers or public health as its million-dollar-a-day legal team comprised of over 40 top law firms fights vigorously to protect its 17 Trillion dollar a year global industry – the cell phone industry, which has has developed at incredible speed, to become one of the most powerful industries in the world.

Klaus Scheidsteger and filmmaker Die Schneiderei meet with top scientists around the world and investigate the trials and tribulations they have faced in their research and during their years-long process of deposing evidence for the consumer’s legal defense, including financial retribution and smear campaigns.

Viewers will meet the world’s top cellphone researchers, who have been called “the world’s resolute heroes”, and deposed by the Defense not just for their scientific expertise but also for cellphone safety solutions.

An optimistic high point for the plaintiffs, and all cellphone consumers, in this lawsuit, which has been in process for 20 years, occurred in 2013 when the “courageous Judge” (as he has been called by journalists) ruled that all brain tumor cases related to cellphone usage were to be tried by jury.

The Judge also ruled that new charges applied, in regards to the cases against the cellphone industry:

  • Intentional Fraud
  • Negligent Representation
  • Breach of Express Warranty
  • Breach of Consumer Protection law

SPOILER ALERT: The Telecomm Industry responded to the new rulings with lightning speed, calling for an Appeal. At this time the lawsuit is awaiting the 2020 (or 2021) hearing in the Washington DC Supreme Court.

However, the scientists continue to look for solutions and preventive approaches for cellphone consumers, because as more delaying tactics occur wireless technology has become evermore difficult, if not impossible, to replace today. Today, even George Carlo, the original whistleblower with his 2000 book titled, Cell Phones: Invisible Hazards in the Wireless Age: An Insider’s Alarming Discoveries about Cancer and Genetic Damage, acknowledged in this documentary that at this point the Telecomm Industry is “just to big to fail”.

Meantime, because industry cannot admit to any problem without, in effect, admitting guilt and also admitting to having had this knowledge as far back as early-1990’s when it funded George Carlo’s cellphone research, it defends itself with all its might against critical science and concerned consumers. And as long as it does we all remain part of what the filmmakers call “a global field trial”.

For those who want to know the key researchers to watch as they work towards cellphone safety solutions, and for those who want to follow the legal proceedings of the growing list of cellphone related brain tumor cases …

Watch Thank You for Calling Video on Demand with Trailer

Run-time 1 hr 26 mins, Released May 2020
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