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Staying Encouraged in the Face of Rapidly Rising EMF Exposure Levels

What History Tells Us (and Recent Polls) about the EMF Exposure Tipping Point

As the EMF exposure levels rapidly rise around us, we are often asked if we have any suggestions on how to how we deal with discouragement, and even outright anger, in the face of such rampant, rapid and seemingly oblivious acceleration, with 5G being fast tracked and new wireless technologies coming on the market daily to claim their market share of the Internet of Things.

From where we sit encouragement comes in one form or another every day, and before I share with you a few of those that have come this week, I’d like to tell you the first response that trips off our tongues.

This response is that firstly we need to take heart (have confidence) in the knowledge that there is a tremendous amount we can each do as individuals on our own behalf, in a practical sense.  This includes – learning about EMF and its issues, acquiring the skills to deal with it and protect ourselves, voting with our consumer dollars actively and often, being secure enough in ourselves to break from the herd mentality,  educating others (by educated example and sincere caring), and realizing what it means and what it takes to be part of the solution… and all that doesn’t take very much.

It didn’t take much for us to do all this. We have learned what to do, and are willing to do it, and so every night we sleep soundly and healthfully in a zero-EMF environment in our EMF-proofed home in a pretty typical American suburban neighborhood, and every day we work energetically to share the knowledge with others, who then share it with others. Tell two, who tell two, who tell two, and you have fourteen people now smarter about reducing their EMF exposure.

Encouragement is Found in Everyday Situations

EMF Professionals cannot help but be encouraged when realworld metrics (phone calls for help, website traffic, income etc) are all on the increase as public awareness increases. One day this past week, EMF Experts had a record breaking 6,914 visitors to our site looking for help to reduce their EMF exposure levels. Everyday, Concerned Citizen groups are organizing in huge numbers and the internet makes it easier than ever:  https://emf-experts.news/emf-safety/   and  https://emf-experts.news/what-is-5g/

 … and in Historical Fact

It is also encouraging to study history, which informs us that all the most notable the game changers have occurred through the work of a tiny contingent of aware and dedicated people. In social dynamics, critical mass (a term is borrowed from nuclear physics referring to the amount of a substance needed to sustain a chain reaction) is reached when a sufficient number of adopters of an idea in a social system is reached so the rate of adoption becomes self-sustaining and creates further growth. EMF safety awareness is a tipping point we are approaching.

Erica Chenoweth, a political scientist at Harvard University, confirms that what she calls non-cooperation (boycotts, protests, even civil disobedience, etc),  is often not only the moral choice but also the most powerful way of effecting positive change– by a long way.

It Takes Only 3.5% of the Population to Effect Positive Change

Looking at hundreds of campaigns for change (political and otherwise) over the last century, Chenoweth found that nonviolent campaigns are twice as likely to achieve their goals as violent campaigns, and she has shown it takes around 3.5% of the population  to assure serious change. “There weren’t any campaigns that had failed after they had achieved 3.5% participation during a peak event,” says Chenoweth – a phenomenon she has called the “3.5% rule”. In her data set, it was only once the nonviolent protests had achieved that 3.5% threshold of active engagement that success seemed to be guaranteed. 

In the in the USA, it would involve 11 million citizens  actively engaging in a movement – more than the total population of New York City.  In a smaller country like the  UK it’s 2.3 million people.  

Erica Chenoweth’s Book on the topic of how minority numbers have effected major change in society: https://cup.columbia.edu/book/why-civil-resistance-works/9780231156820

And we are seeing the numbers of the EMF-Aware rise daily.

The Groundswell of Concerned Public Opinion Sharply Divided about 5G

A May 29, 2020 article in CPO Magazine (Chief Privacy Officer Magazine) reports that Public Polls of USA Smartphone users feelings about 5G are reporting a shift. Given that about 81% of Americans now own smartphones and that more than half will only access the internet via mobile connections by 2025, we might suppose that the adoption of 5G technology would be strongly embraced in the United States, however new studies of consumer sentiments shows a more conflicted big picture with no shortage of reservations about 5G technology.

Topmost consumer concerns include potential negative impacts of EMF exposure on health, the possibility of its use for espionage, environmental impact and increased collection of personal data, with Baby Boomers (those aged 55 plus) heading the list of those most concerned and less likely to be early adopters.

Though Millennials (those aged 25-34) are the leading demographic in embracing 5G mobile technology, they are also the most concerned about environmental impact. There are serious concerns in this area, mostly the anticipated rise in energy use and manufacturing of new devices contributing to climate change.

There is also speculation that the unique millimeter waves that 5G networks use may disrupt ecosystems; for example an article from University of Washington tell us celltowers have been shown to cause mutations in bird eggs and to contribute to “colony collapse disorder” in beehives, which is particularly concerning since the rollout of 5G would require many more 5G antennae towers with similar output to be built.

Millennials are also the most concerned about possible negative impacts of EMF exposure on our health, and their concerns in this area are all over the map regarding plausible worries.

So, not a day goes by that we do not receive reports such as these and many other awareness-raising endeavors by respected thought leaders, and we see the groundswell that is occurring in EMF awareness, and the growing public concerns that are demanding answers and, what is more, positive change.

I thought I’d take a minute and offer a few of those encouraging signs that came up for us in this particular (average) week. I hasten to add though, in some weeks, such as when the FCC is calling for public comment on its latest proposal, or a key lawsuit gains traction due to growing public awareness, or a public appeal is presented to the powers-that-be, positive encouragement is a virtual fire hose flooding our inbox.

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Patricia Young

Patricia Young is the author of several books that you'd find if you were wandering in the self-help section of your bookstore. Among the far ranging subjects her work has covered the most popular topics with her audiences is health self care. Her writings on biological protection from EMF radiation have been called "a lifeline for today's wireless technology users adrift in the rising sea of Electromagnetic exposure".
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