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As concerned citizens, advocates and EMF action groups are becoming more vocal about questioning the safety issues surrounding 5G wireless networks, many are asking why are the big tech companies and our government dismissing their concerns?

Several well organized action groups like Action Alert!, Stop the Rollout!, Citizens for 5G Awareness, and 5G Space Appeal (for others please refer to the list following this article), alongside numerous ordinary concerned citizens like Stop 5G! and 5G Awareness Now and Stop 5G Encinitas have created online petitions calling for change in a massive 5G Wireless deployment situation that feels like it is out of control and running rough-shod over people’s health, property rights and human rights.

Many other petitions are formed to help local neighborhoods regain legal control over 5G Technology in their communities. Started by homeowners worried about health concerns due to rising EMF exposure levels generated by the 20 ‘access points’ (antennas) that will be needed per square kilometer to facilitate 5G, with its thousand-times-faster -than-4G speeds, and how this will also affect property values, neighborhoods are seeking more local control for their communities.

However (to use the words of one activist advocate) the telecom giants with an assist from the federal government continue to over-ride individual and local autonomy, preventing citizens and neighborhoods from deciding about their 5G wireless exposure levels for themselves, and precluding local governments from managing how the new wireless technologies get installed.

Some communities, like Sacramento, California, have already seen the installation of “small cell” towers near homes.

Noah Davidson, an activist in Sacramento, describes his family’s experience with health problems after Verizon installed a small cell early in 2019 just 45 feet from their home at the same level as their home’s second floor bedrooms. He has done a dedicated job of investigating the impact of this 5G cell, and his research and diagrams can be seen on his site, for those who want to perform a similar investigation.

Since then Davidson has worked to raise awareness about 5G in the community and with telecom companies to try and establish an opt-out program for those who do not want 5G in their neighborhood. He has began a GoFundMe site to raise funds to help Sacramento neighborhoods, with the broader goal of setting a legal precedent for other communities in the nation.

Here is an example of a typical council hearing procedure for hearing concerns of citizens, or for residents of Sacramento who wish to view the nearly 2 hour council meeting, which allotted the Sacramento 5G action group 2 minutes per person to voice their concerns, and shows Telecomm representatives responding with charts showing that they are within the FCC guidelines.

If you are a USA resident and would like to join those calling for change regarding any of the various issues surrounding wireless technology, you can read how neighbors just like you found their voice, and find the EMF Action groups that are active in your state.

ou can also find and contact your Elected Official online, or even The President, stating your concerns or simply urging them to stop the spread of 5G until its safety can be determined.

Or, if 5G is your specific concern, you can search for a 5G petition in your immediate community from among those listed here.

Action Alert!,
Stop the Rollout!,
Citizens for 5G Awareness,
5G Space Appeal,

Additional Wireless Action Networks
Wireless Information Network
5G Crisis
Telecom Power Grab
Americans For Responsible Technology
Telecom Power Grab
Grassroots Environmental Education
What Is 5G?
Zero 5G
My Street, My Choice!
Our Town, Our Choice!
5G Exposed
5G Information
5G Appeal
5G Awareness Now
Last Tree Laws
EMF Recovery

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