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Who Are the EMF Experts News Authors?

EMF Experts News is an ever growing collection of authors dedicated to bringing you EMF relevant news, actionable information and insightful firsthand stories from the EMF Consulting front lines.

Our collection of EMF-experienced authors and photographers are Graduates of  our worldwide EMF Experts Consultant Certification training course, as well as other experts in the EMF Safety industry. You’ll find their Professional Bios and Photos included with the articles they have guest-authored in this newsletter.

What is EMF Experts Consultant Certification Training?

EMF Experts is proud to provide the industry’s leading EMF Detection and Protection Training.  We are particularly proud to be the founders of the highly respected EMF Professional Training Certification that sets a new standard of excellence  for the EMF Personal Consulting industry.

We invite you to drop into the EMF Experts Classroom, and enjoy one of the free introductory courses, and learn more about our various inexpensive self-guided classes as well as our live university-style professional online consultant certification training course.

EMF Experts is the only certification and consultant service company founded by a professional Electrical Engineer with over 40 years experience in the power and energy industry, and who is a senior member of IEEE (International Electrical  and Electronics Engineers) actively involved in committee reviews of  hundreds of  EMF studies that create the basis of EMF safety standards.

EMF Experts is also the only EMF Consultant Certification company that is dedicated to graduating students equipped to “hit the ground running” in an EMF Consultant business specializing in EMF knowledge combined with that  student’s individual skills and background in order to meet the demand for EMF expertise in a wider area of EMF specialties than simply measuring EMF.

For example, our graduates are noted EMF specialists generating income streams in non-technical EMF areas as authors, entrepreneurial online bloggers, product inventors, activists, health advocates, legal proponents, political change agents, ES support consultants, childhood development specialists, technology addiction counselors, and more,  in addition to  the more technical areas of consulting  such as EMF Inspection, Evaluation and Remediation. Certification can open many different doors!

Every day, through our EMF Professional Directory, Certified EMF Expert Consultant graduates are contacted by people, both in their local area and around the world, seeking consultations related to a particular EMF specialty.

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