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Worried that’s a 5G Antenna Near You? Find Out with this Free Training by a Trusted Electrical Engineer

Rare Opportunity to Attend a Training on 5G Antennas by Chris Young PE

Free 5G Celltower Locator Tutorial

This 30 minute online public training, is being offer for a short time – only one more week — January 6th through 16th 2021, by EMF Expert Founder, Electrical Engineer Chris Young. It is designed to help you learn where the 5G tower locations are, how to understand what important information they tell you, and what you need to know about them to evaluate your exposure levels and safety.

Attend Immediately or Anytime This Week at Your Convenience

Hurry to Reserve your Spot: Free 5G Training: Registration Page

This free, no-strings training also includes a a download summary sheet with guidelines to enable you locate any celltower you wish to identify or investigate in the future. As well as a Gift Coupon for future training with Chris Young.

A Valuable Opportunity to Attend Training by Trusted Expert, Chris Young

Chris Young, Senior Member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) Founder of and EMF-Experts.News dedicated to EMF Detection and Protection Training and Consultant Certification Chris is a highly experienced EMF (electromagnetic field) professional, who, at various times in his career, has held professional electrical engineering licenses in nearly every state in the United States and headed up organizations serving the utilities, energy and power sectors, both at home and abroad.

Before retiring from corporate America, Chris headed up 30 offices worldwide for an organization whose motto was “making electricity safer for people”, where he was credited with elevating the company status to one of “America’s Top 10 Places to Work.” Chris is dedicated to graduating Certified EMF Expert Consultants and service providers with the highest professional standards.

EMF Experts – Proud Sponsor of the Upcoming EMF Medical Conference 2021

This free training is one of the presentations offered this month in support of the EMF Medical Conference at the end of the month. Subscribe to the EMF Medical Conference 2021 Free eNewsletter (find the subscriber request box at the bottom of the homepage), to learn more about this and other upcoming presentations. The Free eNewsletter will also provide you with news of many other conference freebies being held in the coming weeks leading up to the live online Conference being held Jan 28-31, 2021.

We invite you to learn more about the EMF Medical Conference, and the many free gifts that EMF Experts is donating, including $1,075 Grand Prize of a TF2 Meter and self-guided TF2 training with how-to video library.

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Jini Jones

I'm a proud graduate of EMF Experts Consultant Certification training, and I've volunteered to come on board to help the EMF Experts trainers get trustworthy EMF information in the hands of more people. EMF Detection and Protection info is today's must-have skill in a world of rising EMF exposure caused by burgeoning wireless technology use, and that is why thousands of people worldwide visit every week seeking help for EMF issues and hundreds participate in their training courses. So, as a great start, I hope you enjoy these free news articles! Information is power, and the mission of EMF Experts News is to help us all be more informed and powerful on our own behalf.

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